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Buckaroo Bonzai : Drinking Game : I know I've done it already so shut up and drink

     I am back once again for post # 3 this week. Hashtag unstoppable. Right. So once again my cousin Melissa and I collaborated again on our second live tweet. The First one if you don't remember was " Surf Nazis must Die" which was a Troma masterpiece where people got stabbed in the dick and Big Momma strutted her way into my life. Well we kept it in the 80's but to be more specific 1984 with the, Cult Classic ? The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension .  Look I am going to be honest , Melissa is gonna have to bring it on her next pick because this movie was pretty awesome. Oh yeah and if you want to check out our tweets you can follow @blueandorange17 and @marbs_red on twitter or check out the hashtags = #BuckarooBonzai , #Underratedheroes, #Badmovies

We Need more of the HongKong CCavs 
   Quick back story. So Buckaroo Bonzai is the son of a Japanese Nuclear Brain Surgeon Father  and Some sort of Rock and roll American mother . You know that old story.  Buckaroo is an Adventure? Surgeon?Rock-star?Demi-God? Community College Dean? Possible Child Molester? Bail Bondsmen ? Cult Leader ? or all of the above. He fights intergalactic crime with his band of individually minded and named Hong Kong Cavaliers ... None of them are from Hong Kong.  They travel  around in Tour bus/ Battle station/ sex dungeon and science lab. Trying to thwart the evil Aliens known as John. That's really all I can tell you this movie didn't really have a foot on the ground. It took 15 minutes before there was actual dialogue. The movie stars the Peter "RoboCop" Weller who's emotional range is out of this world, Ellen Barkin burst on the scene as Penny or Peggy , John Lithgow as Lord John Whorfin ( who is like Hitler and Super Mario Combined) Christopher Lyon as John BigBoote ( Te not tay ) , and Jeff Goldblum as New Jersey the rottenest tootinest Cowboy in the whole temple. Seriously Glodblum dressed as a Cowboy. There are some actors in it that you'll be surprised to see but overall the cast is the tits.

    It's a solid hour and 42 minutes and if you have Netflix you will understand why they charge $8 a month. So since I am not too good with words and Since there are no words to give it the honor it deserves. I will just do another drinking game because my brain is zapped.  It is on Netflix Streaming which means it makes the internet Legit.

So here we go the Buckaroo Bonzai drinking game
Take one drink when...
1. When Buckaroo rocks red framed glasses
He also Played Batman 
2. When someone says Buckaroo
3. When  Rawhide is giving expedition (Plot)
4. When a "Team Bonzai " Shirt is on screen
5. When It starts to look like Back To the Future ( it came out the year before)
6. When there is an unexplained voice off screen
7. motorcycles and Two belts
8. Blue Blazer Regular Pinky Caruthers
9. Someone Says New Jersey
10. Red Glasses , Bow tie

Take 2 drinks
1. When the Band enters the room/ When Buckaroo sings
2. When Lithgow starts his magic
3. When you realize his orderly is Mike from Breaking Bad
Let the Magic Begin 

4. When the Johns are Aliens then Humans then Aliens then Humans with very little explanation
5. When the Buckaroo mess up Penny's name / When the band doesn't understand being a rock star
6. When Penny overreacts
7.  More then 3 members of Hong Kong Cavaliers are on the screen
8.  " So What Big deal "
9. When you feel a weird sexual tension between Buckaroo and any member of the Hong Kong Cavilers

Take 3 drinks
1.  When Perfect Tommy has a costume change or looks bored
Awesome in picture Form
2.  The First time You see Goldblum in Cowboy get up
3.  When you realize thats Christopher Lyon and he says prof
4. When Goldblum goes Full  Goldblum
5. When the Little guy comes out of no where
6. Bubble wrap glasses
7. Lithgow Magic
8. Dick Shocking

Take 4 Drinks
1. The Declaration of War... The Short Form
Keep it in you Pants ladies 
2. When you realize that the Black kid is way cooler then you
3. When they get John BigBoote wrong
4. When there is sexual innuendos
5. Random Buckaroo electricity
6.  Lithgow Magic
7. When you realize you want to see " Buckaroo Bonzai versus the World Crime League
8. When they should of cut that take in post

Drink until you drown * This means finish your drink
1. Lithgow Magic
2. Random Parachute
3. End Credits

   Should you watch this movie... Only if you want to see Jeff Goldblum be super cool

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