Monday, April 29, 2013

Movie Mayhem #2 : Pain and Gain ... and Voice overs


    Hey everyone I am back and this time before 3 am. So on Saturday after work and with mutual boredom, Mikey and I agreed on seeing "Pain and Gain " aka Transformers 3.5 . Now I used the words agreed on seeing because there  was nothing really to do and I just worked 6 days in a row and it was the only idea we came up with.

 Pain and Gain is the True story of body builder Daniel Lugo and his band of Body building rocket scientist as they go around 1995 Miami pumping iron, kidnapping people, stealing cash, giving their back story over multiple voice overs and pumping iron. Daniel who is the leader and thinks of himself to be the smartest guy in the room played by the multi talented Mark Walhberg( He can lift, run, jump,shout,and talk really fast all in slow motion better then anyone in the game)  . He is tired of being kicked around by those he sees as lazy and those who took the easy way to the American dream. Along with lift bro Adrian played by the suitor to the Will Smith mantle Anthony Mackie  and new employee, cocaine fan and Jesus t-shirt enthusiast Paul played by the Rock who has grown as an actor since Doom.  Come up with a "fool" proof plan to kidnap and rob blind  the lovable and just downright nicest character ever created. Victor Kershaw played by the incomparable Tony Shalhoub, I think 95% of his dialogue was "Fuck ".

    Now before I get into it I just want to give you my history with Michael Bay movies. I only like 3 of them and find the rest of them garbage. Bad Boys 1, Bad Boys 2, and Armageddon. Those are his best movies in my opinion. But I feel that he just makes action porn and is dumbing down his all ready dumbed down movies so he can jam as many car flips, broken windows, fireballs , fake tits, Slow motion screaming and John Turturro into a 2 hour time frame. Granted Michael Bay know how to make his actresses 10x hotter with  the right amount of "sweat and dirt". But his movies feel soulless and so sterile that it's predictable. But he  sets a standard for American Action movies that we have to deal with and it makes British action movies look like oscar gold in comparison. So Me and Michael Bay are not on good terms.

   The story goes that Daniel is a trainer at a world class gym that he helped turn around with some savvy  business moves like free waxing for fat people and strippers. But that's not what's important. Daniel has the idea that he is the smartest mother fucker because he is following the advice of Johnny Wu played by Ken Jeong for a solid chunk of time. Give or take 3 minutes. At the same time  Daniel's buddy Adrian is trying to get yoked up by using the roids but like all roid stories we find out A. He likes big girls and B. his dick don't work. So we have to watch him get some sort of shot into the head of his dick. Daniel and Adrian come up with a plan to kidnap Daniel's new client, the charismatic Victor Kershaw. They realize they are one guy short of an A-team of sorts. Then like it was written in a weekend, here comes the former cocaine indulger,  born again christian, ass kicking machine and all around nice guy Paul. Who after having a bit of an awkward run in with Pastor Randy who you might know better as Carl from Billy Madison or for that one female who reads this Mr. Heckles from Friends, joins the crew and we are ready to go after 3 different narrated flash backs. We are finally ready to see a kidnapping.... Nope psych , The Comedy genius Michael Bay has Daniel , Adrian, and Paul become the 3 stooges for 2 non successful attempts. Now we are gifted with some amazing accent work by Marky Mark. (Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!) Even though his Columbian accent was near perfect, his identity was blown by the cologne that his nephew or niece bought him. Now we are all like " Holy shit. How did Kershaw  figure it out! Since his eyes were duck taped !" said no one at all. Frankly we were all wondering why it took so long. Now before I ruin the whole movie for you I just have to say that the Rock was the only character that you could "care" for and the Russian stripper was super fucking hot.

    So after that lengthy plot summary I guess it's time for my opinion of the movie. if you put everything about on paper this sounds like the worst movie ever made. Michael Bay in a 2 explosion movie, Marky Mark being  Marky Mark  Tony Shalhoub being the right amount of Jewish ,Columbian ,and asshole, The Rock wearing some kick ass Jesus t-shirts that I actually want to buy despite how I personally feel about shirts like that, a scene that I can only call it the tits and under using Rob Corddry and Anthony Mackie.  Is a lot to take in for the average movie fan not to mention the last 4 Michael Bay movies have needless to say have been fucking awful. But this one wasn't that bad. Wahlbreg is at his best when he doesn't have to try hard at being someone else.

   This wasn't the Fighter or the Departed which he was great in and this wasn't Max Payne or The Happening which he was terrible in. He was ok and that is fine. The real star of this movie was The Rock. He played off of Shalhoub and they had a good thing going, and he played the role of the hard luck and non charismatic guy very well.  Which if you know who The Rock is you'd understand why this was his show. When ever he was on the screen it was the best parts of the movie. The Rock is turning into the new Face of Action movies. Anthony Mackie is going to be a star in the picture business but this movie wasn't a great showcase for him.
    The Movie was 130 minutes but it really should of been 80 and just like this review it went on for too long.You'll get a few chuckles in so if you got nothing to do and you are locked out of Iron Man 3 check it out but  if you have the option just get your pump in instead because even though there are some good parts it oozes doughiness and has way too much slow-mo yelling.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Litte bit of this. Little bit of That... Little bit of talking out of my ass

   So what am I going to talk about? Should I talk about how I the leader of the Underrated Heroes staff just added a new voice? Yes, besides myself , Nick, and Parker I added another mind that is so cunning , so original , so captivating , so full of ideas of sandwiches that if I didn't add him to the mix I would be you the fans, the Underrated Heroes staff, and America a tremendous  disservice. Welcome to the winning team Tom Shortall.  Now that is out of the way let's get down to brass tacts here folks.

  My original idea for this post was actually going to be this whole spiel about how Social media site like Twitter and Reedit just absolutely dominated the tragic events up in Boston and lead it into this wild and crazy ride that puts Facebook on blast for now just becoming a MEME sharing waste land being battled out by people who hate mondays and fucking love fridays against people who love guns and fucking hate Obama/the government. In other words it sucks. Look I know Facebook always had hot chicks posting pictures of them doing stuff. It's what save this country and I am pretty sure it is delaying World War 3. But the whole e-card that has some saying on it that is an inside joke which I guess is funny. Then there is the other side, there are the people who got really into the election and the whole process and have not let go of the fact they hate everything the government does. It's basically being at a bar where the  super intense dude is trying to buy the really shallow and  vapid girl a drink while explaining how Obama fooled the American people by doing something that isn't racist but the way they said it kinda made you feel like you watched the whole dog scene in Django again.  But nonetheless I don't want to get into it because shit will get real.

 I guess I should talk about how awful I think the Great Gatsby movie looks.... It looks dumb. But I guess I should explain myself .
   Like most Americans I read the Great Gatsby in high school and I was in 100% to it. What's not to like Dude having killer parties trying to get noticed by his neighbor / former lover? Just crushing life after facing some personal tragedies early on , gaining a fortune that he'd give away in a second and just being in love with the perfect girl. All shit that I felt because in the 9th grade when I first read the novel I had feelings for a girl who didn't know I existed even though I sat right next to her in class, but I blame that on the last ever bowl haircuts in the late 90's. Rocked that doo until 2000. I got to see the Robert Redford adaptation which I liked because I think I look like Redford so it was easy to replace Roy Hobbs with my self.
  I think around Thanksgiving the original trailer hit for the new Baz Lurhmann.  Obvious CG and No Church in the Wild made me get a little worried. But that was the first trailer the one to get your interest. Then they go 3-d and release more of the sound track. Not feeling it.
  It looks to be casted poorly. I get the Leo move because that is a solid Gatsby . He is the true leading man and really besides a young Alex Baldwin who do you go with? Ryan Mumbles Gosling or Channing "possibly retarded" Tatum ? No way, just throw your money in the garbage right there. Now them you go with Peter Parker , Joel Edgerton who's best role is 5 minutes, and Isla Fisher who makes her return to the big screen only to have her be scene ruined by the genius people who make trailers these days. Oh I totally forgot the Girl that Gatsby fell in love with when he was a young buck. Daisy is being played by Carey Mulligan who is 12 years old. When Leo was Eating Gilbert Grape she was 8 years old. It's not like she can play old. Her acting style is speaking really low and  making people think she is the girl on that show about revenge I think it's called Revenge.  Poor choice.
  I am not psyched for this and I might avoid it. The only way I am seeing this movie is if I go with select company and they really want to see it. But it could be good. How could a movie that takes place in the 1920s , being played by  2 actors who have been in movies that took place pre 1960, more CGI and shitty 3-d tricks then Jurassic Park 3-d, Avengers and Avatar combined and ISLA FISHER? FUCK IT, I might just see it for her.  She is still hot even though she has been Borated.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TV Review: Teen Titans Go!

Not The Teen Titans That You Love.

Teen Titans returned last night, but not in the way you think.  Teen Titans Go! is a show definitely geared towards a younger audience, the same audience that enjoys Johnny Test and other CN comedy shows.  So for me this was a huge disappointment even if it wasn't that surprising.

The episode was split into two 11 minute stories the first story was Legendary Sandwich and it focused on you guessed it a Legendary Sandwich.  The episode starts with Raven trying to watch a My Little Pony like show, but she keeps getting interrupted by Robin, Cyborg, and BB who keep eating food right above her.  After Robin claims he makes the best sandwiches Raven comes up with a plan to get them all out of the Titan Tower so she can watch her show in piece.  The plan is to send them on a scavenger hunt for ingredients to make the legendary sandwich.  I found this half of the show to be the lesser of the two, but that's not saying much when i didn't really enjoy either story.  There was some good lines with Robin at the Super Market waiting for Pretzel Bread and the part with his staff did get a chuckle out of me.

The second half of the episode was titled Pie Bros and focused on what Beast Boy would get Cyborg for his birthday.  Beast Boy originally was going to give his best bud a drawing of the two, but Cyborg drops some heavy hints that he would really want a new video game that is coming out.  Beast Boy gets a job to acquire currency to buy said game.  The initial job hunt with BB doing his dream jobs was cute fun with it ending with BB getting a job at the pie shop that Cyborg is having his party at.  Cyborg is hurt though when BB says he has to work on Cyborg's birthday and Cyborg's line that his quivering lip should be a fine sign of disapproval of this decision got the biggest rise out of me in the entire 23 minutes.  On Cyborg's birthday a pie fight breaks out and ends with BB showing Cyborg his original gift with Cyborg saying, angrily, that he liked it and that it was a good gift.

Should You Watch This Show?  No, probably not.  It isn't The Titan show that I loved when I was a Teen and I find it a bit of a slap in the face of old Teen Titan Fans.  When I first heard of Teen Titans returning I thought we would finally get season 6 and more of the great story that we already had.  I didn't get that and in it's place that snuffs out any hope I had of seeing a return of the original.  The comedy in the show isn't bad it just isn't meant for me or my demo. I can accept that.  The animation is meant to be over the top wacky due to the demo they want to grab with this show as well.  I can accept that.  What I can't accept is Cartoon Network using characters that are clearly defined and in my opinion shunning long time fans of the original show.  I will continue to watch the show out of my nostalgia and hope that good ratings could lead to a Old Teen Titans return.  To close I will leave a video of a Original Titans episode that was a comedy and I enjoyed just yesterday.

If you stayed long enough to read this entire POS I congratulate you.  If you want to talk about Teen Titans or anything at all you can reach me on twitter @Nick_Willy

Monday, April 22, 2013

Super Hero Podcast # 2 : DC, Justice League , Injustice and some other stuff all rolled into this

Just incase that wasn't enough for you. Ray, Mike, Nick and my self stayed up just little longer on the same day and try to talk about the D.C Univerese. As we spent an hour trying to sell Marvel only Mike on the D.C universe. Watch and let us know if we did a decent job, because we did a lot of talking. Also you get to watch Mike and Nick play the new D.C fighting game Injustice : Gods among us. As Ray and I basically try to figure out whats going on. It runs about an hour and ten I think

   Here is some inside info. We did this no more then 20 minutes after the last one. So we are all gassed and are holding it together.



Vid-Jha-ma game podcast # 2

  Hey sorry about the delay everyone I know you have been dying to see our faces / hear our wonderful voices talking about all things video gamey and what  not but. With all of our crazy schedules we kinda forgot to post this shizz.  So here it is our second video game podcast. This one is a little different we tried a more free flow no host type pod cast where everyone could just talk about whatever. Strangely enough this is probably one of the shortest ones we ever did. It's about one hour and eleven minutes of pure madness. Or relatively calm chaotic discussion.  Matt, Ray, Nick, Mike and myself showcase our gift of gab in : UNDERRATED HEROES PODCAST#2 - THE SEARCH FOR MORE FACAIL HAIR... What I thought it was funny at the time.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Movie Mayhem Honest review #1 :42

     So on Saturday night I hit up the movie theaters to see 42. Now I would like to say right now that their might be some baseball puns and I will try really hard to keep them to a minimum because this story deserves the up most respect and I will do my best.

  I think I have said this before that going into 42 I was extremely skeptical. Since  Legendary studios had a hand in it and they are really known for is having a hand in the Batman movies and with the way the t.v spots were lining up it was looking like Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey were just going to do ridiculous voices through out the whole movie. If you watch interviews of Jackie or Branch they didn't have these dramatically deep voices aka Batman Voice. And I am always iffy on hollywoods take on true stories.  With the Jackie Robinson story it was easy for studios to not go 100% authentic and more of a cookie cutter underdog story. Which this story is the furtherest thing from. The adversity,racism, and just overall bullshit  that Jackie Robinson faced to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers would crush a normal human. But he stood his ground , put together a hall of fame career, and be the only player to have his number retired through out baseball. Along with being a pillar of the community and a civil rights advocate. Look the story is deep and I was worried they'd swim in the shallow end.
   Quick recap. Dodgers general manager / team president  Branch Rickey played by Harrison Ford who actually looked like he woke up to play this role instead of the last few movies he slept walked through. It's also stars Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson, Lucas Black as Pee Wee Reese, Nicole Behave as Rachel Robinson who played this role perfectly, she captured Rachel Robinson's grace and unwavering support tremendously, Alan Tidy as Ben " make you hate white people' Chapman, five minutes of Christopher Meloni and a bunch of no namers who filled out the rest of the Dodgers and other teams.  Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson with full on knowledge that Jackie would be instantly hated but he also knew that Jackie possessed the ability to be an outstanding ball player who will be able to change the game by showing the black ball players would make the game better.

  Jackie worked his way up through the minor leagues for the Montreal Royals. The movie show cased some of the racism he faced but mostly it showcased his base running ability and his relationship with Rachel, Wendall Smith who was a black baseball writer whose has been hired to be Jackie's all around guy  to get him ready for the pros. Teammates, coach and Branch Rickey. Until he Spoiler alert made the Brooklyn Dodgers the next year. Where we learned that most to all his white teammates signed a petition to not have Jackie on the team, How Pee Wee Resse received one letter of hate while Jackie had 3 manilla folders full and a bunch of other stuff that was lost do to the pretty pretty baseball scenes.
  The movie ends after his rookie season. Which is a good point to stop a film at if you want to show that Jackie did everything in his power to hold back so that he could lead the way for more African American ball players? But I was left wanting more. Since the story just stops after the Dodgers clinch the  1947  National League Pennate the movie never gets into his Military service, Negro League career, Jackie's involvement  with the Civil Rights movement, his interactions with other black ballplayers, and just the rest of his life with all the good he had done. But there is only so much 2 hours can afford you and I think the film makers only wanted to show the start of his  MLB career.
  The biggest issue I have with the movie is that at the end it feels too story book. The movie makes it feel that after 2 games Jackie over comes hatred. Pee Wee Reese puts his arm over his shoulder because  the Reds fans were not the most welcoming and after 3 minutes racism is over in Cincy. Then Last game of the year He hits a home run and that's it everyone loves him. It just felt like they were out of time and didn't really have an out .

  The Movie was a baseball epic giving its fair share to the game that Jackie played. By that I don't mean baseball as a game but Jackie's style of play. How he played defense, how he hit and whenever he was on first he stole 3rd base... every time. Not going to lie but there were some funny parts to this movie. But overall it's a good movie. If you love baseball you'll be in to this movie, If you know the story you'll feel rushed and a bit short handed but still like the movie , if you're into history I'd guess you'd like the movie, and if you just want to catch a movie because there is nothing to do... maybe.

My recommendation is go see it.  If we are grading it I give it a 3.5 out of 5 only because I wanted to see more of Jackie's life.

I think I like this show....

Update: minor revisions were mind while in a clearer state of mind ;) hey, sh*t happens

Hello all. I have been a bad blogger and neglected my #BuckarooBonazai picture review. It's coming, I swear(?). Full disclaimer: I am writing this post while wearing silky faux pajama pants and drinking (more than a few) Blue Moons. Don't worry, I hate myself too. Sidenote: I hated myself so much more when I woke up for work the next day. Ouch. 

Butttttt, I just had to write about "How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)." Nothing better than a correctly capitalized TV show title and funky young fonts! Just kidding, but I do believe that it's the frontrunner for my Hangover TV series.

As you may remember (or not), I don't have cable. I watch this show on Hulu Plus, but you can watch it on ABC. In typical "Hangover TV" fashion, I wouldn't recommend watching it live, but as the frontrunner, it would be the show I most recommend watching live (which doesn't say much, just watch it online). 

Here's the premise per ABC

Polly is a single mom who has recently divorced. The transition hasn't been easy for her, especially in this economy. So, like a lot of young people living in this reality, she and her daughter have moved back home with her eccentric parents, Elaine and Max. But Polly and her parents look at life through different generational lenses. Polly (in contrast to how she was raised) aspires to be organized and together, while Max and Elaine live a more free-flowing, improvisational life-style.  

Holy hell ABC, way to suck all the fun of this show. Because it's a funny show. And it seems fairly original, which is good enough for me. BUT clearly ABC is trying to make a play for the millennials, which OK, but no need to depress us any further with this copywriting. Or maybe ABC is targeting the parents of millennials, because they're in this mess too. Either way, take it easy. 

In typical Hangover TV fashion, here's what I think:

    Nobody actually wears their hair like this. 
  • It's funny. This show is funny....have I said that before? Maybe, but you should totes still watch it. Sarah Chalke's character is funny. Sarah is probably best known for her character on Scrubs, but I don't really remember that show so you'll have to let me know if her acting is better here. Polly's hair is mad annoying (like we get it, she doesn't have her shit together). 
  • I like those grandparents. Well, we already know that the actors playing the grandparents are funny, since ABC subtly gave us the awardz drop on their website. But either either way, I love those kooky grandparents, even if I can't relate (because whose grandparents act like that, seriously). 
  • It's short. Who really needs longer than 30 minutes of this? I sure don't, because I've got things to do. It makes it easy to stack procrastinating. I can dip my toe in the procrastination pool for a half hour and then decide if I'd like to get in a little deeper. 
Anyways, I am only two episodes into the show - and I think at this point that's all the episodes that have aired. The pilot was a bit over the top, but the second episode toned it down, which is always a good sign. So think about adding it to your Hangover TV roster, because I know I already have. Mindless entertainment, what more can you ask for? 

Going Paleo

Hey Bitches!!  How y'all doing??  Hope you guys had a great spring holiday season!!  LOL.  I did, thanks for asking!  So, after Lent which is something Catholics participate in before Easter, where one gives up something that they do or use in everyday life to make themselves worthy for Jesus' sacrifice on Easter.  (wow who knew I knew that much about religion!)  Well I gave up all types of soda; and it felt so good not having it, that I decided not to start drinking it again once Easter came and went.  Plus, bonus score of not drinking soda and all of those empty calories I lost 10 pounds.

 So, with that jump start I decided to look around to find out what else out there I could do to keep this weight thing going in the right direction.  Being overweight my whole life I have tried every diet and diet pill there has been out there.  All of which I have rationalized my way out of, but I recently have been making some major life changes and I made the decision that I needed to once again make diet style change.  Not drinking soda lead me to not eating fast food, which I must say its amazing how simply cutting that out of your life makes a huge difference.  In sticking with that motion I looked around and was looking at carb free or carb moderate diets.  Of course, the standards popped up again Atkins and South Beach, but then I found this whole other community Paleo.  On further research, b/c I become a cyber stalker on things I am interested in, I felt that this could be a possible life style choice for me.  After going through everything I asked my brother  Bryan if he would try this with me, b/c everything is easier when you have someone to go through it with.  He said yes, and we were on our way to a Paleo lifestyle.

I know most of you are like what the fuck is the Paleo life style.  To quote the most reputable site out there Wikipedia, Paleo is "The paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet), also popularly referred to as the caveman diet,Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various hominid species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic era—a period of about 2.5 million years which ended around 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture and grain-based diets. In common usage, such terms as the "Paleolithic diet" also refer to the actual ancestral human diet"  Now to break that down into someone who is looking at what food they can or cannot eat, Paleo at its most basic form is "The Paleolithic diet consists of foods that can be hunted and fished, such as meat, offal and seafood, and can be gathered, such as eggs, insects, fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices. Some sources advise eating only lean cuts of meat, free of food additives, preferably wild game meats and grass-fed beef since they contain higher levels of omega-3 fats compared with grain-produced domestic meats.  Food groups that advocates claim were rarely or never consumed by humans before the Neolithic (agricultural) revolution are excluded from the diet, mainly grains, legumes (e.g. beans and peanuts), dairy products, salt, refined sugar and processed oils,although some advocates consider the use of oils with low omega-6/omega-3 ratios, such as olive oil and canola oil, to be healthy and advisable"  Sorry for all the quoting but sometimes when you read it some where and it sounds just how you want it to you run with it.  (So get off my ass!! LOL).  

Starting this life style wasn't as hard as I thought it was.  Mostly, it was just shopping with a different mind set.  My normal shopping just involved a lot of frozen food, and of course shit foods, which changed to fresh fruit and veggies.  Cutting the gluten (which is the "glue" that holds starches together like in flour) and moderating the carbs was not that bad.  There are so many options out there that are not just salads.  Cutting out the dairy, which I thought was going to be the hardest thing to do; honestly I don't even miss it.  Sure, I miss cheese and putting milk in my coffee (which coffee is allowed THANK GOD, bc try getting up at 5 am and working a 12 hour shift as a Pediatric ICU nurse without coffee YIKES)  but, I have discovered the wonder of almond milk, (unsweetened vanilla if you were wondering).  To be completely honest the hardest part was cutting peanut butter out of my life.  Almond butter is good but just is not the same.  I have officially been doing the diet for about 2 weeks now, and in general I feel a lot better, so it's true eating better foods make you feel better!!  Well now that was shocking.  The other fun part of the diet is it allows for some alcohol, so it makes it the perfect diet!!!.  LOL.  I know there are a couple of you going "Oh, look another gay guy going off carbs!!"  And to that I say fuck yeah bitch, and I'm one upping you No dairy!!!  Humans are the only animals that after infancy consume diary, to top that off diary from another species.  You don't feed your dog breast milk do you??  Why are we all drinking cow's breast milk??  (Enter dairy lovers shocked faces!)

Well, Im gonna keep you updated throughout my journey of Paleo, maybe make it a sounding board for any of you that want to try, or already are following.  Would love to trade recipes, and trails and tribulations through the conversion!!!

 So thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes . Later Bitches!!!!

Thank you Wikipedia for the quotes!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Movie Mayhem

  I am going to be real honest friends . Today got a little weird. It first started out I was at work doing my normal repetitive  , monotonous shit when all of a sudden my boss starts hysterically laughing. Not like a simple chuckle I am talking Mark Hamill Joker end of the capper type laugh . You know when he just fucking loses it. So that happened, then I get home my brother tells me he is going to a concert and I have the house to my self. Which is great except there is nothing to do at all.  Nothing At All! Seriously  after Community, Parks and Rec. and before Legit started I spent the night jumping over a couch just to see if I got it and I put two on their sides and watched the end of Hangover 2. Why ? I don't know because it was something to do.

   But I just want to post real quick about something that the team here is going to do over the for seeable future  we are going to review movies that come out to the theaters. Now I am not speaking for everyone , just my self but I am going to list a few of the Movies that I plan to be  checking out and reviewing for the site.

1.) 42 - I love baseball and I love the Jackie Robinson story a true American Underdog story. I just hope that they show that his struggle was not easy and I hope they don't trivialize it to soften it up for the audience. People treated Jackie horribly pressure and hatred that anyone else would of crumbled. But he stood strong against it and had a Hall of Fame Career. In theaters 4/12

2.) Oblivion- You know Tom Crusie walks around a blowed up Earth while trying not to trick you that it's not the first Scientology movie of the year. But my dude Morgan Freeman is in it and it wouldn't kill me if I missed it.

3.) Iron Man 3- This is where we draw our line in the sand folks. This is what we have been waiting for. You guys watched the first Superhero Podcast, don't lie. So we are ready for it. Plus we will stay through out all the credits. In theaters 5/3

4. )Star Trek Into Darkness - I am even about it but the nerds who write for me are looking forward to it so I guess we can check it out. Also anytime you crash a ship into water in your trailer it gets me interested.  Such a Pro move. In theaters 5/17

5.)The  Hangover 3 - Just because it has to end. In theaters 5/24. 2 was just 1 in Bangkok so high expectations for 3.

6.) The Purge - There isn't too much press on it but I saw the trailer and it looks like a cool idea. The guy who wrote it also wrote the movie Jack starring Robin Williams ( That movies was creepy ). It's has an interesting concept in an alternate reality where there is no crime. Watch the Trailer it  explains it better. Real 1984  type shit. In theaters 5/24

7.) After Earth - The Second of the years Scientology series but the first of the tremendously disappointing trailers series. I saw this one during the Super Bowl and it held my interest for a good 95 % of it and then I saw who was directing it and I lost all faith in zero seconds. Fucking M.Night Shyamalan.  So this movie obviously  has a  twist in it that is so stupid you'll want your money back. Or it's the Happening 2.  In Theaters 6/7... I have my own theory about Will Smith and his movies and what they mean to the World in general. That will be a post probably when this time bomb comes out.

8.) Wedding Crashers 2... The Internship - Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson speaking a million words a second. Doing there thing , being bros. How could this movie not be good. Or the same thing as wedding crashers. Just replace Weddings with Google and one Rachel McAdams with Rose Byrne. All you need is a memorable cameo from Will Ferrell and Boom comedy gold.  In theaters 6/7  I'd probably see this instead of After Earth. in theaters 6/7

9.) Man Of Steel - It's a bird , It's a plane, It's a movie that everyone is going to go batshit crazy for because it has Christ-opher  Nolan's hands all over it. It's Superman's turn to take the torch from Big Bat.  All I have to say this if Superman doesn't hit anyone in the face in this movie I am calling it a failure. You can't build to a Justice League movie with out showing  Superman fighting. In theaters 6/14

10. This is the End- Just a bunch of "comedians" dealing with the end of the world one curse word after another. The Apt group comes together for an epic movie that just sounds like a good time.
I feel this one I will do a throw back. Sneak in a few 24 oz's and drink up. In theaters 6/14

11. World War Z- The second one of the most disappointing trailers. How low is everyone's expectations on this thing? Right, from the gate it looks like shit and I highly doubt the acting is what is going to drive us to the theaters. I haven't read the book but I've heard that it's nothing like the movie at all. You pumped?  In theaters 7/21

12.  Pacific Rim - Sounds like a high class porn but P-Rim is a Guillermo Del Toro picture about Aliens from the ocean and giant fighting Robots.... This movie is going to be fucking awesome! Seriously the way I see it, is that the acting will be crap but the effects will be crazy awesome. I see this movie as a building block to another movie. Like How the Returner lead to Transformers. I think Pacific Rim will lead to a Voltron movie. 8/12

13.Red 2- Just like the Hangover 3. I saw the first one I might as well finish it off. But I saw Red like 2 weeks after it came out because there was nothing interesting out. So I might do the same here. In theaters 7/19 and out of theaters 7/20

14. The Wolverine - I don't know man this movie was going to be directed by the dude who did Black Swan and the Wrestler but he saw the first one and backed out super fast. There should be some cool tie ins to the next Xmen disaster. In theaters 7/26

15. 2 Guns - I know very little about it but it looks cool. in Theaters 8/2

16. Elysium - From the same people who did District 9 which was a solid movie.  Basically the Rich live on some space craft while the poor suffer down on earth. Then he gets some mecha suit and blows some shit up.

17. The World's End- Basically the English version of  This is the end. The Shaun of the Dead guys take on the end of the world in this comedy. It's going to be funny, It's not going to do well in the American Box office but the Dvd sales will crush it. In theaters 8/23.

  So that is it. This list is not set in stone there will probably be movies that didn't make the sexy 17 ( did not sound that great) here and I will probably miss a few of these but I will see a good number plus there are 9 writers on this site. A good number will be covered

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just doing what we do best : Talking about Batman... and other things

 Hey everyone, what's up? This is our first in a probably long line in Super Hero podcasts.. This is just our first one so we chose a hero that the three of us all find to be on the next level of awesome. Batman.  Now it is a 94 minute podcast so if you have nothing to do and you really love the sound of our voices then enjoy . There will be more to come so come back. Or whatever it's a big internet.

**- If you like this check out our new podcast here                                      

Links to shit we talked about

Nick's Injustice post 

Front Page Films Badman 

Injustice Battlefield Brackets

Arkham : Origins screen shots

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Buckaroo Bonzai : Drinking Game : I know I've done it already so shut up and drink

     I am back once again for post # 3 this week. Hashtag unstoppable. Right. So once again my cousin Melissa and I collaborated again on our second live tweet. The First one if you don't remember was " Surf Nazis must Die" which was a Troma masterpiece where people got stabbed in the dick and Big Momma strutted her way into my life. Well we kept it in the 80's but to be more specific 1984 with the, Cult Classic ? The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension .  Look I am going to be honest , Melissa is gonna have to bring it on her next pick because this movie was pretty awesome. Oh yeah and if you want to check out our tweets you can follow @blueandorange17 and @marbs_red on twitter or check out the hashtags = #BuckarooBonzai , #Underratedheroes, #Badmovies

We Need more of the HongKong CCavs 
   Quick back story. So Buckaroo Bonzai is the son of a Japanese Nuclear Brain Surgeon Father  and Some sort of Rock and roll American mother . You know that old story.  Buckaroo is an Adventure? Surgeon?Rock-star?Demi-God? Community College Dean? Possible Child Molester? Bail Bondsmen ? Cult Leader ? or all of the above. He fights intergalactic crime with his band of individually minded and named Hong Kong Cavaliers ... None of them are from Hong Kong.  They travel  around in Tour bus/ Battle station/ sex dungeon and science lab. Trying to thwart the evil Aliens known as John. That's really all I can tell you this movie didn't really have a foot on the ground. It took 15 minutes before there was actual dialogue. The movie stars the Peter "RoboCop" Weller who's emotional range is out of this world, Ellen Barkin burst on the scene as Penny or Peggy , John Lithgow as Lord John Whorfin ( who is like Hitler and Super Mario Combined) Christopher Lyon as John BigBoote ( Te not tay ) , and Jeff Goldblum as New Jersey the rottenest tootinest Cowboy in the whole temple. Seriously Glodblum dressed as a Cowboy. There are some actors in it that you'll be surprised to see but overall the cast is the tits.

    It's a solid hour and 42 minutes and if you have Netflix you will understand why they charge $8 a month. So since I am not too good with words and Since there are no words to give it the honor it deserves. I will just do another drinking game because my brain is zapped.  It is on Netflix Streaming which means it makes the internet Legit.

So here we go the Buckaroo Bonzai drinking game
Take one drink when...
1. When Buckaroo rocks red framed glasses
He also Played Batman 
2. When someone says Buckaroo
3. When  Rawhide is giving expedition (Plot)
4. When a "Team Bonzai " Shirt is on screen
5. When It starts to look like Back To the Future ( it came out the year before)
6. When there is an unexplained voice off screen
7. motorcycles and Two belts
8. Blue Blazer Regular Pinky Caruthers
9. Someone Says New Jersey
10. Red Glasses , Bow tie

Take 2 drinks
1. When the Band enters the room/ When Buckaroo sings
2. When Lithgow starts his magic
3. When you realize his orderly is Mike from Breaking Bad
Let the Magic Begin 

4. When the Johns are Aliens then Humans then Aliens then Humans with very little explanation
5. When the Buckaroo mess up Penny's name / When the band doesn't understand being a rock star
6. When Penny overreacts
7.  More then 3 members of Hong Kong Cavaliers are on the screen
8.  " So What Big deal "
9. When you feel a weird sexual tension between Buckaroo and any member of the Hong Kong Cavilers

Take 3 drinks
1.  When Perfect Tommy has a costume change or looks bored
Awesome in picture Form
2.  The First time You see Goldblum in Cowboy get up
3.  When you realize thats Christopher Lyon and he says prof
4. When Goldblum goes Full  Goldblum
5. When the Little guy comes out of no where
6. Bubble wrap glasses
7. Lithgow Magic
8. Dick Shocking

Take 4 Drinks
1. The Declaration of War... The Short Form
Keep it in you Pants ladies 
2. When you realize that the Black kid is way cooler then you
3. When they get John BigBoote wrong
4. When there is sexual innuendos
5. Random Buckaroo electricity
6.  Lithgow Magic
7. When you realize you want to see " Buckaroo Bonzai versus the World Crime League
8. When they should of cut that take in post

Drink until you drown * This means finish your drink
1. Lithgow Magic
2. Random Parachute
3. End Credits

   Should you watch this movie... Only if you want to see Jeff Goldblum be super cool

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hangover TV: The Neighbors

Back again, with another "Hangover TV" review. Only this time I am hungover on tears and Nashville (no connection). Oh and maybe a few brews, but who's counting? I hope that sounded melodramatic, because The Neighbors is being "reviewed" today. 

For those of us who didn't read the original post, here's a recap: 

Hangover TV (noun): a TV show that requires minimal thought and/or concentration; it's only to be watched intermittently in moments of physical recovery or mental boredom. See also: "filler"

Let's use in a sentence, spelling bee style (ZOMG episode reference):"I watched everything in my Hulu queue and I refuse to get enough rest for work tomorrow or go to the gym; I will watch some Hangover TV." 

Everyone got it? OK, let's get down to it. I like this show. I remember seeing the adverts before it aired and thinking "wow, what an original concept for TV" (translation: who greenlight this show).  I thought it looked hilarious and made a mental note to watch it. Then I completely forgot. Oh and also I moved and refuse to pay for cable, which brings me to how I found this show on Hulu Plus. I was browsing popular shows in a desperate attempt to find something to watch one Sunday, and I remembered the logo. Thrilling? Definitely. Nice work ABC marketing team.

Here's the premise: a NJ family moves to the suburbs and their neighbors are a group of clueless aliens named after famous athletes. Naturally, miscommunications and earthly hijinks ensue (it's a comedy after all). The critics hated the show, but luckily I didn't discover that until after I'd watched it (and LAUGHED - though not at everything). 

Watch it for the matching outfits!
Here's what I like about the show: 

  • It's a little cheesy. Or a cheesier than a Wisconsin wine tasting, depending on who you ask. Sometimes the acting/plot/dialogue is a bit much, but the show is improving as it goes along. The acting is a little over the top, but I think that it works well within the "weekly, semi-no plot comedy series" genre. (Sidenote: I actually just wondered if sometimes the director makes everybody re-shoot their scenes because they're not forced enough.) 
  • The lady-actors are bringing it. While basically all the actors deserve some props - I mean, who can deliver some of these lines with a straight face - I have to call out a few ladies. Specifically, Debbie Weaver (Jami Gertz) and definitely Jackie Joyner-Kerse (Toks Olagundoye). Well acted, ladies, bravo. Although maybe I'm just calling out Toks for those fabulously toned arms, amiright? I also really like Tim Jo as Reggie Jackson, but he's not a lady and only gets a brief mention. Actually, no one is supremely annoying on the show, except for Max Weaver. Man, I don't know what it is, but sometimes I just cannot stand that kid. Not a bad actor though, just the stereotypical overly-mature kid character. 
  • It makes me laugh. What else can you really ask for? I have definitely LOLed on more than once occasion while watching this show. Does that say something about my level of kla$s and taste? PROBABLY but idc (that's cool textspeak for "I don't care"). Oh and speaking of texting, there's a hilarious joke about paper-texts (aka letters per Amber Weaver) in the last episode I watched. That's right, I watched 1.5 hours of The Neighbors tonight in order to drown my sorrows/convince you to watch it #WorthIt. This show is fresh and FUNNY. If you don't laugh, you'll definitely smirk at least once. Or ABC will give you a full refund. 
Like I said about 1600 Penn, you don't need to watch The Neighbors live - or even regularly. Watch it when you procrastinate or when you babysit terrible children you want to punish. Whatevs, it's Hangover TV. It's like reading a tabloid mag at the nail salon. 

Have you watched the show? What'd you think? Let me know in the comments. 

I'm pumped for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Hey guys, I am back once again from another hiatus.  I know all 12 of you have missed me because without my presence this site has lost all credibility.  We have one guy with a split personality disorder/Messiah Complex and another guy hoarding his Girlfriend's 3DS or buying absurd amounts of girl scout cookies depending on his mood.  Obviously this place has hit rock bottom without me.

*Clears Throat*

"How does that feel you pale freak?"
Quick Plot Summary

OK, with that out of the way I can finally talk about a game that I am pumped about.  That game being Injustice.  Injustice's plot focuses on Joker blowing up Metropolis killing both Lois Lane, their own born child, and Jimmy Olsen. This little event causes Superman to cross the line and kill Joker by casually shoving his whole arm through Joker's chest.  What follows, from what I have seen of the comics, is a story similar to Justice Lords from the old Justice League cartoon show.  Essentially Superman becomes God dishing out his own brand of justice because he feels that by giving these ruffians a free pass he lets them rack up a higher kill count.  Sound logic.


If the plot doesn't tickle your fancy maybe the stellar gameplay and roster can.  The game is made by the superb team over at NetherRealm Studios, who most recently successfully rebooted the Mortal Kombat franchise.  NetherRealm has shown in the past and now that they are highly competent when it comes to fighters and I had a great time playing the demo that got released today on XBOX and PS3.  I am not the best at fighting games and was expecting to get my ass whooped pretty hard, but that didn't happen.  I first played through the demo on medium and found myself besting the CPU pretty easily, it's accessible.  After a couple of rounds to get my bearings I started to take in how crisp the game play and graphics are.  I played through the demo twice, once as Wonder Woman and once as Batman, and both characters played differently.  Wonder Woman would pick up the air conditioner vent and smash it on her opponent, Batman would place a bomb on it. Little things like that make a game and the fine folks at NetherRealm obviously now the characters.  The stages themselves are intractable which offers several ways to play the game.  Kick Lex off the roof into a helicopter, punch Batman through a wall, throw Wonder Woman into a tanker full of acid, all of these options are available for you and can help you turn the battle in your favor.  Also shipping with the game is a S.T.A.R. Labs mode.  This mode is according to NetherRealm fan service in it's purest form.  All the characters will have 15 S.T.A.R. Labs missions that will offer up fan service as well as flesh out the story a bit. So the game looks to have stellar plot and will have a load of content that's good, but a game/story is only as good as the characters in it.


The roster of Injustice is filled with both iconic DC heroes and some faces that I did not expect to see in the game.  You have your obvious choices such as Batman and Superman and the not so obvious inclusions, like Raven and Killer Frost.  All these characters will play a huge part in the story I am sure, so I will be posting a picture and a link to a character biography to help you get acquainted with them.





Black Adam





The Flash

Green Arrow

Green Lantern

Harley Quinn


The Joker

Killer Frost

Lex Luthor





Solomon Grundy


Wonder Woman


There you have it ladies and gentlemen, most likely just gentlemen, I hope that I helped you guys with your purchase of the game whether that is you going to the midnight launch or saving the 60 dollars.  Injustice should be a fun game to play for fighting game and DC comic fanatics alike.

If you want to hear the rantings of a sociopath you can follow me on twitter @Nick_Willy  .  Also feel free to add me to PSN: Nick_Nasty_49  or XBOX: DirtyTubeSock4.  When the game comes out you guys can show me how to play it properly. Stay Frosty.