Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yes another Batman post. But this time I don't go off against the Nolanverse

  On thursday I had a brilliant idea of writing this amazing post about my love of the Ghostbusters movies and what I feel Ghostbusters 3 should be. But then a few things got in the way that will but that post on the back burn ( probably later this week)

      This weekend was St. Patrick's Day or what Mikey calls it " Wah Wah Everybody is drinking and I am a huge wiener " day and I only had one day where I could have respectably celebrate.   And by respectably I of course mean go see Shilelagh Law, get super drunk and have a great time in Mulcahy's out in Wantagh on Long Island. The place is huge and is really cool. They have a bunch of shows that are different in styles. Look I've only been there twice and both times were for Irish things. So the details of the place might escape me. But what I am saying if you're in LI and want to have a good night check it out. 
     I love going to see Shillelagh Law play. They are just regular dudes from New York who have a great time playing great Irish music. You can check out some of their covers on their website. But the night to a very I guess you would say responsible turn for the worse. I planned and getting really roughed up but I started the night waiting for the train I get a phone call from my friend asking me to cover his shift the next morning at 8. Stupid me said yes. Well, that was dumb. I totally forgot that I had to go out east again for my Family's ST.Patrick's dinner, problem being I had to drive. I had to limit my self to 4 beers and finally today I told my boss at my second job if he really needed someone to work, like hail Mary pass type of needing someone to work. I would and with the Luck of the Irish I had to go into work today for 7 hours. No big deal I was with some really cool people as we froze our collective asses off for really no reason. But It's money in the old pocket and I got maybe 6 or 7 days until softball starts and I am pumped. But lets get into it .  

  But the main reason why I changed my post idea is because of this piece of news  and all the credit for this great news belongs to were other I bet but I read this first). It changed my whole  game plan . Which I did not spend 3 days trying to figure out... But Netflix ( Fucking Baller ass move by Netlfix. having Marvel and D.C on instant to lock down the Streaming game) the  instant is going to start streaming The 3 seasons of Batman Beyond , Justice League and the First Season of Batman the Brave and the Bold which  is cool but the first two is what I am psyched for! You know what this means for fans of anything Batman, Justice League and all things DC This could be the door being flung open for D.C to take over the instant game right before they get in the production of the Justice League movie. This will start on March 30 th which is a Saturday. So hit the pause button on your egg hunts and watch Batman and the gang kick some ass. You wont but it's an idea. 

  If you don't know what they are let me give you a quick rundown of what you are about to be dealing with. Batman The Brave and The Bold takes place in the Sliver Age Batman saga. Batman teams up with a different D.C. Superheroes like Superman, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern basically starting the whole whirlwind that will be known as the Justice League of America where it was all puns and punches. The voice talent of the show is pretty solid even though I saw a handful of episodes. Diedrich Bader ( Drew Carey Show, Santa Paws 2 : The Santa Pups) John DiMaggio ( Bender from Futurama, Nuff ced ) and one time NPH. 

   Batman Beyond took place in 2019 which was 40 years after the events in the New Batman adventures. This show followed a young street tough by the name of Terry McGinnis who took the mantle of the bat from the now  in his high 70's, but the old man still got it. This was a new look for Batman because it wasn't this controlled adult, this was a young emotionally charged teenager dealing with the stress of high school drama and being Batman with Bruce Wayne in his ear the whole time. Batman Beyond takes follows and dives into a darker story line then the other Batman cartoons. Also the Batman Beyond animated movie was way better then Batman : Mask of the Phantasm and Sub Zero . The Return of the Joker was this crazy ass tale that was fucking nuts. It was on Netflix when a year ago but they took it off for some reason. It keeps a lot of the Batman animated series voice talent on to give this show so credibility . Kevin Conroy  and Mark Hamill reprise their roles in the show/movie. 

  Of Course the Justice League Unlimited is a flag ship for the D.C cartoon game. This show was able to take so many different characters and story lines. The main team of Batman played by Kevin Conroy, Superman played by George Newborn, The Flash played by Michael Rosenberg, and Green Lantern played by Phil Lamar to name a few. You should check the list of voice actors its crazy. The show it self lasted 3 seasons. But if you put it up against the other animated team shows that where out their like Xmen, Avengers, Teen Titans and Pro Stars it will blow them out of the water. 

   Well, I think I have successfully aged myself and proved how much of a nerd I really am. So with that good night and

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