Monday, March 18, 2013


Hello there Internet it is I, your glorious leader, Nick Wilhelm.  I know that I haven't contributed much in the past 2 weeks but you'll just have to get the fuck over it.  Moving on, this week was full of sadness for me. GSP beat Nick Diaz and DC Nation officially died with Young Justice and Green Lantern ending their runs.

(Both shows I will keep championing on any podcast or article I do until Bryan or Mike watch them from start to finish.)

But this week also had some bright spots.  One of the biggest bright spots would be Toonami's birthday. Toonami was/is a Anime/Action Adventure block that aired from 1997-2008 and for Americans was probably the only exposure to the Anime genre. Toonami made its big comeback last year when Adult Swim played a old school Toonami block which contained the classics like Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, and YuYu Hakusho.  Originally it was planned as a one night deal but the response from fans was so overwhelming they brought back the whole block. They also added new shows that have never been on Toonami before like Dead Man Wonderland, Soul Eater, and Casshern Sins to name a few.  Now Toonami doesn't have the same budget it once had, it is pretty much a rogue state on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, so for them to acquire new shows is a pretty big deal and right now. Also, Toonami is pumping out more fresh material than they ever had in the past, airing new movies/shows, and generally kicking ass, but I need them to do me a favor and look into a couple shows that I would love to see on the block.  I know I am being selfish, I should be super happy, I AM, that we even have Toonami back with this type of awesome quality, but I live in a generation that needs more stuff! I'm entitled, I deserve more.  So enough with this BS and let us get to the goods of this article.

Claymore is a pretty standard anime affair, but I love it.  The story follows a Claymore named Clare, who goes around bitch slapping monsters called Yoma.  Yoma love to eat humans and a Claymore's job is make sure that crap doesn't happen.  Clare unfortunately is the lowest ranked Claymore in the region and there are some dark secrets that her employers hide from her.  Also her origin story is great.  Just put this show on the damn block. It comes in at 26 episodes long and the anime ends abruptly because at the time I don't think there was enough material to keep it going and instead of pulling a Dragon Ball Z with filler episodes they decided to end things gracefully.

Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon is another show that deserves to be viewed by a larger audience.  The story follows around a group of mercs/pirates known as Lagoon company who smuggle goods in southeast Asia.  This show is really a hit with me because the female lead, Reby, is a foul mouthed, ass kicking version of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.  Black Lagoon has some fun action sequences and I think it is about time we stop seeing reruns of Thunder Cats and start seeing some gun toting action.

Alright I am done here. Pretty sure a surplus of grammatical and spelling errors are in this bad boy, so I will probably edit it later.  I hope you guys are enjoying the resurgence of Toonami like I am and I can't wait to see what shows they put on in the future.

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