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Time for the NERDS to learn about...

Hey Bitches!!  How have all you fabulous readers been?  This week I'm going to talk about a topic that some may say I am obsessed with.  Thats right, you have all been waiting for this!!  This guy is gonna teach you about DRAG QUEENS!!!!!!! (mainly the queens from RuPaul's Drag Race)  Them sisters that got the parts of misters.  Them ladies that gain fame by lip syncing for their lives (and boy do they do a good job).

So one February night in 2009 I discovered this small little show called Rupaul's Drag Race.  This little show would go on and change my life, and the lives of many other people.  Gay, Straight, bisexual it didn't matter who you were into, people fell in love with this show.  So the first season of Rupaul's Drag Race(RPDR) had nine of the fiercest queens (at the time) competing to show their Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent (extra points if you figure out what she was going for there, took me 3 seasons, but I'm a lil dumb).  One by one Ru picked those bitches apart until she was left with her top 3 queens; Rebecca Glasscock, Nia Flowers, and the winner (no clue why) Bebe Zahara Benet (camarooon).  The winner of the challenge head lines Absolute vodkas Pride tour, and still (not sure why) Bebe did that.  Bebe was a pretty queen, but for a cast of nine I had no idea who she was until she was up for elimination one night.  So when Ru picks her "Top" girls and her "bottom" girls (hehe dirty Ru), the two bottom girls have to "Lip Sync for Their Lives!"  What that means is, they must have a lip sync battle between one another and the results of which allows Ru to pick a girl that will return to the line up.  Season one, while ground breaking, has been out shined by every other season (as a show should do in progression).

A year later, Ru graced us with season 2.  This season Ru brought in 12 queens, and introduced us to the tragic mess that was Shangela.  Shangela had only started doing drag right before the show started, and it showed.  She was quickly booted off episode one (Halleloo).  Season two had some fishy (female like) bitches, and also some major drama ensued.  Ru also introduced us to Untucked, which was what goes on as the judges deliberate over which queen is going to win; which is basically just queens screaming at each other (love it).  Season 2 also introduced us to the Snatch game.  The snatch game is a play on the match game, and this is the only time the queens get to do celebrity impersonations.  The snatch game is what I have dubbed the great equalizer.  So season 2 went along and we lost some amazing queens and some not so amazing queens, to end up with the top three once again.  Season 2's top three were Jujubee (who's boy name is Airline, gotta love that), Raven (who should have won) and Tyra Sanchez (I don't understand why she won either).  As in the previous season the girls had to perform in a music video for Ru, to one of the songs Ru recorded.  Season 2 also had a queen named Sahara Davenport.  Sahara passed away recently, and is greatly missed in the drag queen community.

Now on to my favorite season to date.  Season 3.  It might be my favorite season simply because all of the queens have some amazing talent, or because it is the first season that me and Christian started watching the show together over the phone and making comments about all of the queens.  So, season 3 started off with the return of Shangela, who later we lovingly renamed Shangablah.  Season 3 gave such memorable house hold names like Mimi Imfurst, Carmen Carrera, and Yara Sofia.  This season had so many great up's and down's, literally, from a queen picking up another queen over her head while lip syncing to the Heather's and the Boogers.  The Heathers and the Boogers were the two alliances that steamed from 8 of the queens.  The Heathers were Delta Work, Manila Luzon, Carmen Carrera, and The winner of the season Raja (finally a queen I thought should win).  The Boogers were Yara Sofia, Shangablah, and Alexis Mateo, all amazing queens but someone has to be the winner, and that was Raja, the gender bending superstar with a strut that can challenge any runway bitch.  Stomp mama!!!

Quickly following season 3 was season 4.  This season, had us all on the edge of our seats. Season 4 had a good amount of queens you liked but you were ok with them going home.  From Lashawn Beyond to Madame Laqueer.  But in that mix you had queens like William (who was already famous in her own right, and always with that damn 5 o'clock shadow hahaha) to LAAAAA TRIICCEE MOTHER FUCKING ROYALE!!!!  Latrice was the fiercest big queen that there has been to this date, and also the one that made it the furtherest, enough said there.  LOL  So the final three girls for this season was Phi Phi O'hara, Chad Micheals, and The reining queen Sharon Needles.  Ru played us for a fool by not telling us the winner till the reunion show this time, milking us for every last view of her master piece of a show!!

So what could make RPDR better??  How about an Allstars season!  And mama Ru came through once again with what she knew her fans wanted.  This mini season had 12 queens compete for the title of Drag Queen all star.  The twist with this season was Ru had them work in teams.  Each queen was given pictures of the other queens and they had to pick the queen they wanted to work with.  If both queens picked the other one they were a team.  This worked out great for everyone but poor Pandora Boxx.  She was stuck with Mimi Imfurst, and then was sent home first because she could not get over that fact and barely participated in the challenge.  So this season went quick, and being in teams, when they were in the bottom 2 the team had to pick one of the 2 queens to lip sync for the teams life.  So short story short, we ended up with the final 4 queens.  Shannel, Jujubee, Raven (my all time favorite) and Chad Michaels (who won grand supreme, for all you pageant queens out there)

So that brings us to the current season.  This season has been dubbed the "Fishyest" season yet, and I'm going to have to agree.  These bitches know how to beat a mug and paint for the gods.  (Put make up on in queen lingo)  I don't have much to say about this season since it is currently in progress.  But I will make some predictions.  Right now we have Alaska( who is Sharon Needles boyfriend) who I'm not super impressed by, but she is still fierce.  There is a great deal of drama between Coco and Alyssa (the "Vanessa Willams of drag") who hate each other over a previous pageant that they both were in.  The love of my life Roxy Andrews, and the probable winner Detox.  But we will have to see when that time comes..

I hope you enjoyed, this is only a small bit of the iceberg that is Drag Queens, I could write for days on them.  They are a guilty pleasure of mine. I will probably blog again about my favorite NY Queens, because like I said I'm obsessed!!

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Later Bitches!!!!

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