Friday, March 22, 2013

So here is the thing.

There is going to be a new portion to the site, which has gotten me incredibly busy trying to perfect. Now that everything is working as we need, Underrated Heroes will now have use for the Youtube Channel, post videos different from the Podcasts.

I recently got my capture card in the mail, and instantly Andrew, Nick and myself have been testing out cool games that would be fun to play and film. GTA IV videos have already surfaced, but we have more ideas coming. It will be a combination of doing a lets play, and small videos that have no other goal then to make people laugh.

A few ideas we have for this new portion is listed below...If you have any more ideas, please tweet them to me, as I am asking for games to play, that our viewers would like to watch.

WWE 13' - Having an unscripted triple threat match between the three of us to see who comes out on time, with weekly matches building up to a main event type match. (If I'm champion, Nick and Andrew will fight in  a match to see who gets to face me.)

UFC Undisputed - This will be a double camera feature, were we film the game, and also our live reactions while playing. Since Nick loves to stand up and jump up and down while screaming while he plays, it will be a good match up. Who knows, maybe we will get some of Andrews old timey play by play.

NHL 2013 - Andrew wants to buy it, I already own it. If you wish for me to finally kick someones ass in this game, this will be the way to see it. This is by far one of my best games, aside from some shooters.

Montages - You have all seen them, and you all love them. Call of Duty montages. The three of us are really good at CoD, so watching Andrew tomahawk someone across the map, or me sniping two people at once, and Nick just crawling around knifing people...If it looks cool, it will go in there.

GTA IV- We have a few games we have done test recordings for, ones like Getaway, where we have a knife fight to see who wins, and whoever wins has to run away in high speed chases from the other two. There is also talks of games where we mess around with other people online.

Aside from those games, there will be a few clips of just anything I find interesting, funny or awesome, they will be posted.

The longer videos will be posted at our Youtube page, and the shorter smaller ones will most likely be posted on my own page. Here are the two test videos I have released so far with the new capture card.

Above is me trying to kill Nick, while forgetting friendly fire is on. I took his sneaky ideas to make him think I'm trying to find a good place to film, when I try and find a RPG to kill him.

This is my first capture with the capture card, and this video is to warn Andrew, not to fuck with me in the streets of Liberty City, because I will, speed away.

Again, if you have any ideas, or want to follow us, Check us out on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter!
More videos posted very very soon.

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