Monday, March 11, 2013

SimCity, Bringing Back Memories One Road at a Time.

Growing up in the 90's I watched my sister play SimCity 2000. Growing up in the 2000's, I played Simcity 4. Nothing helped prepare me for a natural disaster better then this game (granted it wouldn't have helped me at all). I also learned how taxes worked, and the things the governments can do to either make or break a town. I loved sitting and watching other people play and destroy their city with tornadoes and fires. This helped me understand how to react in a panic situation by listening to my father preach about what to do.

Earlier this month, SimCity 5 came out. FINALLY I was able to play the beloved game I had grown up watching and play with new updates and new impressive graphics. Well, at least that is what I thought.
This was an error message that thousands upon thousands of players got within the first week of trying to load up their game. For a video game this age in time, it is a shame that developers and companies have not figured out a way to release a game with no bugs or glitches, and no server problems. It was very frustrating trying to get into my own game and play, since the only way to play is to connect to the EA servers. But once these issues were solved, it was beyond the funnest I have had in such a long time for a video game.
Nothing can swing your mood in a video game faster then thinking your city is perfect,and then seeing a fire erupt on a house and then proceed to wipe the entire block. The way the game simulates what happens is pure genius. Firetrucks cant make it to fires because of the natural flow of traffic cramming up due to poorly placed roads, or not enough of roadway to get from the firehouse to the house on fire. SimCity created something called the glassbox engine, which I could try and explain but they do it better in this video.

By the way the city posted above is the one I am currently working my ass off on. This one is probably the best one I have created so far...but something that I never thought or heard about within the game happened. I got a news alert as if I was watching T.V, saying that a zombie apocalypse is among the town. I didn't have a hospital yet so getting people to the help was difficult since all I had was a few clinics placed within the city. This ended up giving me a message that 78 buildings in my town were devoured by zombies. This game just got a lot more fun for me. I also had a fire spread and burn down an entire block. But the funny thing about this game is the feeling you get in your stomach when you cant do anything but watch the outcome of a fire. Even if you placed a brand new fire department right next door, it would still be closed for a few more house because it needs to hire people to work there.

Once last cool thing I would like to mention is how each person that walks around your city, has their own agenda. You can click on a person, and it will tell you whether he they are going to work, to the store to shop,and it even tells you what household they come with. this system even includes unique names for every single person in the game. The game also shows us the thoughts of the sim, and if they think the taxes are too high, shopping is great in this town, and they can also tell us if they feel unsafe due to the lack of protection due to not enough police patrolling, or firemen on the job putting out fires.

This game is beyond a game I recommend. I say pick it up now since the servers are fixed and play for hours upon hours like I have. I'm 20 years old and I finally realized what a budget is, and how to conserve money for more important things that I would need. The only difference is a few zeroes between my budge and the budget for my city.

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  1. Very well done! Could look through for grammer but well done!

  2. if you ONLY KNEW how many hours I spent playing The Sims