Saturday, March 23, 2013

My love hate relationship with GLEE

Hey bitches!!  I know it's been a while, but I promise to try and do better by posting more; maybe even a video post??  Who knows we shall see.  So, how have you been?  Hope all is well!!  Now onto the good stuff.
    I am going to talk about a show that I'm kinda embarrassed to say that I actual enjoy (used to enjoy), and have not missed a single episode since it first aired.  That would be GLEE, that show about a glee club from Lima, Ohio that was filled with a rag tag group of out casts (key word was).

So for those of you living under a rock, because come on even if you hate it you know what the hell I am talking about, Glee started in 2009 and was an instant hit.  I think it was renewed for three seasons after the first couple of episodes.  As mentioned previously, Glee is the story of this "Spanish teacher" Will Schuester who leads a group of "high school students" express themselves in many different musical numbers.  In the beginning, the musical numbers were only performance related (which I thought made the show much better because the show was supposed to follow their performances not their musical emotions).  Quickly this group of "losers" were joined by the "popular" kids who were trying to sabotage the group, because the "CheeriO's" (cheerleaders) coach could not stand the competition. Yeah I know all of you "gleeks" or glee die hards out there are going to clock me or that description of the premiss, but as I reread it, I was bored with the premiss.  LOL

Well, long story short I used to love this show.  I would be the target demographic, which was tweens mid to late 20's early mid 40's gay men and housewives.  What other show in history had that following.  If any of you know please let me know.  But, as time went on and the show was still on the air my love for the show faded.  Did it stop me from watching every week, and getting pissed when they too breaks or American Idol needed two hours for some reason?  Nope, I still make sure I'm there to watch it as it airs, commercials and all (I don't have a DVR.... OMG RIGHT!!!!!!).  So I feel as a die hard watcher and still maybe a part time lover, I can say WTF has happened to the show???

From the past seasons we followed the original cast go through high school and all the angst that supposedly happened in high school (which I guess is different then when I went to high school).  Cast members came and went but the core group Rachael, Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Brittany, Puck, Mike Chang, Mercedes and my favorite Santana have graduated (except Brittany) and like all high school left, to start their new lives in college.  Or so we thought.  The show is still following them (most of them).  Finn, who never went to college, became the glee club advisor in some weird plot twist, and even though they are in NYC at some fake performing arts school we still see Rachael (who thank God got a new wardrobe, which as a child of two gay men how did they let her out the house like that?? Ok guurrl), Kurt and now Santana (which once again makes everything better).

But the thing that has really gotten under my skin is the fact that the new cast (which the guys are much hotter, Pics to follow) is that they sing and know all of this trivia that none of them were even alive for. Just to for instance, the previous episode had a Small Wonder reference, that show was on from 1985-1989 and they were just like Oh, small wonder.  Umm sure.  Plus, the wedding episode though accurate when it comes to horny teenagers may have been a little to risqué for the younger age group that watches the show (ok I just totally showed my age there, but whatever its my opinion you want to hear, right?!?).

Finally, I hate the fact that I love the show.  Once again Ryan Murphy still has a winner on his hands.  Even though some weeks I watch the show and go holy shit did I actually just sit through that?  Then the next week comes along and I'm amazed at how amazing the show was.  I think the problem stems to the fact that he has two other huge shows out now American Horror and The New Normal.  His creative juices are being spread to thin to keep those shows entertaining, and maybe they are just saying Glee is an instant hit.  But again its still a pretty good show, and those damn songs get stuck in my head for days.

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Later Bitches!!!!

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