Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Minimal Challenges for a SuperStar

 I am going to be real with you readers.  I am getting bored with just doing the whole Underrated Heroes thing. You know setting the internet on fire with amazing insightful posts by the whole team. Especially this guy right here. Hey I think I turned off all of reddit with the title of my last post, but you know what people still read it anyway because they are drawn by my charismatic magnetism and couldn't help but reading it. If you think Andrew is the king of this site you are Horribly mistaken. I live life with  popped collars. Are you surprised by the character change of the super excited about almost everything he writes? Are you surprised that they guy who wrote a post detailing how romantic he is in the first week of being up and running is changing the script because he is far superior then everyone? Are you surprised that as I write this I realize that in text form sarcasm is the hardest thing to express  to new readers who haven't watched the podcasts?  And are you  surprised this has gone on three jokes too far? Well, you should be.

   Now what the purpose of this post isn't to talk about anything Underrated Heroes related. No, this is a challenge that I issue to any of the Underrated Heroes writers and fans.  Send me Challenges at our Facebook page and I will take the ones and The other writers will pick the one they think can stump me. The picture of male perfection. I'm a five tool player. I am smart, I am ruggedly handsome, I am Hilarious, I athletic, I  have a full head of hair if you lower your standards on how long you believe hair should be and I am a trend setter.  Because no matter what you can think up I will dominate. And yeah I added this sentence after I was done writing  just for the link.   

  I want to be challenged but I am not a lunatic so I will only accept Challenges in these 4 categories : Movie,Sports,or Tv Trivia, Video games, ether Like current events/or respectable eating challenges( something that wont break the bank or break my colon. Come on kids I am not Man V. Food as much as I want to be) and finally Sports or psychical activity. I realize that I am not opening this up as much as I can because this is the internet and some times the internet is as fucked up as Frank Miller's Sin City. 

 I know there is a chance I could fail at these "obstacles". I mean like a .0000000000000000000000000000000001% chance that I will be unsuccessful in my endeavor.  So I will let you decide what my next post will be about. Yeah I know other sites might give you a t-shirt, some cash, or tickets to an event that we are excited about or putting on but we are not that kind of site because we haven't qualified for Ad-sense and non of us have enough cash to live a normal life and create merch . But I am open to sponsorships (Wink ). So my prize to you is internet infamy without releasing  a naked picture of your self. If you suggest a T.V show that is on Hulu or Netflix I will watch it and write a post about it, If you want me to go to the movies and see the worst looking piece of shit movie that might be out I will do it and write a post about it. That's all I really have come up with so far, or the writers will figure something out, hell you can too  except I am not going to anything really stupid ( like life ruining). But just know that I am very good at everything I do except tucking my shirt into my dress pants. What I live a casual life who am I impressing.     So Bring it on! 

P.S- Just to enforce what I said before I am totally down for some cool challenges and interacting with all of you. As I keep saying you guys are the best for sticking with us. But I will not do anything illegal or life endangering . I would like to keep my jobs and maybe get a better one.    

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