Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So here is the thing, Due to me subconsciously always bringing it up on podcasts, I figured I'd finally talk about it. On September 22nd 2004, I was sleeping over my uncles house waiting all day for the premier of this new show that me and my dad agreed to watch. Lost was a show that from the previews and advertising  just seemed to be a show about survivors of a plane crash that were trying to figure out how to live on an island. This completely threw me off of what the actual plot was. In the first episode I was hooked not only from the intense scenes of Jack trying to save everyone he could, but the end of the first night got me fully in, when the trees start coming down from the mysterious "monster" that everyone expected to be some sort of dinosaur or something along the lines of that.
Due to the steady accidental coincidences I have with comparing shows and movies to Lost, I decided to re-watch the series I grew up watching and loving. Right now I am on episode 8 from the first season, and it is really weird and cool to see questions that  played out within the first season, that you don't even remember happening come season 6, so its a nice "oh so that's what happened" moment in your head. To this day, watching these last episodes help me remember the fact of why I sit and  defend this show the the grave.
 Character development, and plot development over the course of 6 seasons, was just as good, POSSIBLY a little less then Sopranos. The whole outline of the series was explained in the first episode, and people some how forgot about it as the show continued (Locke teaching Walt how to play backgammon using the LIGHT vs DARK pieces  J.J Abrams and Carlton Cuse hit a gold mine with the cast, simply because every character the was a survivor of the plane, or even people who came on later in that show easily had a chance to become a favorite character. They all have baggage that comes with them, that instead of leaving it alone to let the viewer assume what happened to them...They gave each character multiple episodes where the flash backs/flash forwards/flash sideways were dedicated to that one specific character.

In my own personal opinion, I have 2 Favorite characters in this series (some spoilers (even though its been 4 years, I'm still being nice) ahead as I talk about the characters.)

This is who I instantly connected to in the first season. Dressed weird, longer scruffy hair, and into rock music. Although I wasn't, nor am a drug addict...I have had some addictions that I overcome to become stronger, much like Charlie. Because his bother turning him to drugs, and screaming calling him that he is useless, hit me hard. I am not even upset to admit that I cried when he sacrificed himself to help save everyone else.

2. Hurley
Big, fat, and loves food. This lay backed character who never seemed to lose weight was always the comedic person I couldn't wait to come back on screen. He was charming and always found a way to lighten the mood. He even nailed the perfect scenes he needed to make the episodes point and plot move on in a serious tone. Not to mention the fact that he says dude every sentence.

The ending of the show, was one were if you understood it, it was one of the endings were you could have hated it, or could have loved it. I personally loved it and thought it was perfect for the show, although it bothers me to have a conversation with someone and when I asked how they liked it...They explain that they hated it, just because they didn't understand it. The show was a crazy and very spontaneous in the fact that you never know what twists and turns were going to happen, so this finale ended it perfectly.

Please, before you sit and talk about how stupid it is, or how you couldn't watch it because you saw one episode and couldn't follow it...Please just try and watch it from episode 1. Its on netflix streaming, every episode. It is certainly something you need to watch in order, and its not smart to miss an episode, as well as a show you need to keep an open mind to. Its a mysterious island, in a different reality..Not our own, so anything can happen.

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