Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lets Talk about something serious part 2 The search for Curly's gold

   Wow that was a great article by my brother and I stand proudly beside him through this whole deal and what ever is in the future because if I know anything about crazy people who think they know whats best for the country and the people because some outdated piece of paper that Nicholas Cage may or may not have stolen after he drugged the president of Hungary says people can do one thing but not another when clearly it was written at a time that was not to friendly to anyone not rich,white and didn't have wooden teeth. This wont be over because the Supreme Court says it is. There will be Protests, Petitions , demonstrations, Memes and Facebook status about the weather.  But if you want to know what my honest opinion of the whole thing is which I know you all do, thats why you keep coming back. My opinion is , it's got nothing really to do with me. Yes, my brother will one day marry a man and yes they will have a child wether its adoption, have some rando have a baby for them, or they just find one on the street. There will be a little person who will call me Uncle Awesome because I will hit it if it calls me by any other name. But seriously if 2 parties find love with one and other who am I stand in their way? I am fucking no one and so are all of you. I know it sounds mean because your mommy might of told you , "You're someone special" well champ unless you discovered the cure for cancer or created Yoga pants your just another cog in the machine.

   So why fuck shit up for other cogs. Unless they want to fuck kids or dogs, then  fuck their shit up. But not the gays! They are really good people, very welcoming  they love to have fun and they can dance. Which is what life is all about fun? Now To end my semi respectable fully idiotic rant. Just enjoy your own life and let other people enjoy theirs. I think that is in that stupid book everyone is miss quoting and I think Old Tommy Jeff said something about Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness?  Just know that none of this matters in the end. All that matters is being kind to people because you never know who will be in your jury.

   So what I really want to talk to you about is something so serious I think It will trump Jimmy's thing in a heart beat.... Did you know that Arrested Development is coming to Netflix really soon? Did I just blow your mind... No well I don't care? I've known about this for almost a year I think and this bit of gold is maybe 90% of the reason why I started , Yes Me I started it so just letting You all know right now that I am the boss. My word is final and my word is poorly written. I may or may not have had some beers tonight at the bowling alley. But it was a big night for me 1. I bowled 5 games and scored over 100 in all of them, 2. I made the hot bartender( who I thought was really good looking but I think she was bowling alley hot as in there are only gargoyles around me and she looked really good in her black tights which I was  trying to act cool but really I think I was just staring at her ass the whole time) laugh so that had to be worth something since it was a fucking mad house in there and 3. ummm wait what was I talking about ? Oh yeah Arrested Development is coming back!!!!

   Normally I am very weary  about a lot of things like a show coming back after a long time away. Like will it has  the same feel, will the cast still have the same chemistry, and will it be funny again or will it be dumb down for the masses. But with The Bluth Family going to Netflix I feel that the show will be just as smart , witty and just as amazing as it was when it was stuck in behind moron t.v. Granted I dug Family Guy and I love the Simpsons but Arrested Development got buried in that line up and Fox did nothing to showcase how good the show was. Which lead it to be canceled after 3 seasons, do you want me to go into a summary of it? It's probably easier to watch it on Netflix. It's a great show. Will Arrnet , David Cross, Jeffery Tambour, Jessica Walters, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman and a whole bunch have such great chemistry with each other you wonder if they actually had a script of did Mitchell Hurwitz just give them a plot and said " Go for it".  Will Arrnet and David Cross I feel are the best two characters on the show

 I know the show is not for everyone and if you don't like it I am not going to force you into watching it and making you fake liking it because that would not be fair to you and you have to watch what you enjoy.... Oh man I am getting so good at writing it's scary.  I would Love to keep going but as you can see I really shouldn't.
   So in my final words on to you my loyal readers: I don't care what you do just don't be a fucking asshole about it because places like Facebook , Twitter and other Social Media site weren't created for political debate. They were created so you can creep on old high school crushes and update your friends on what tools they are being. I honestly think I have never written a serious Facebook status about shit that actually matters. I have gotten so much shit from my aunts about the horrifying things I write about.


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