Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lets Talk About Marriage Equality

Hey Bitches!!  So today I decided to blog about something a little more serious, compared to my wonderful rants and raves that I have posted before. If you have been watching any kind of TV or have read anything on social media, once again Marriage Equality has been in the fore front of the top stories.  I'm sure a bunch of my readers know what is going on in the Supreme Court, but for those of you who do not, I'm going to give you a brief history and synopsis of what is going on.

Starting March 26th, the United States Supreme Court is starting to hear arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA and Proposition 8 or Prop 8.  Each of these topics discuss the definition of marriage and who can and cannot get married.  So, basically if same sex marriage is legal.

Proposition 8 was placed on the ballots on California in 2008, it was voted on by the people of California, at the same time they voted for the President of the United States.  Prior to November 2008, same sex marriage was legal in the state, then after the election the people voted that same sex marriage was illegal and any further gay marriage would not be allowed.  This in my opinion, was an embarrassment to the state government and the people who were elected to run that state.  The passing of Prop 8 sparked the NOH8 campaign to begin.  The NOH8 campaign aimed to show the demographic that voted fro Prop 8, thats gay families were the same as another family out there.  The add campaign had people with tape over their mouths and the symbol NOH8 on their cheeks.  Homosexuals and their supporters (wether famous or not) took pictures to show that Prop 8 should be over turned.

DOMA was signed into law in 1996 by Bill Clinton.  DOMA is federal law in the United States that restricts federal marriage benefits and required inter-state marriage to only opposite-sex marriage. This means that any same sex marriage will not be recognized by the federal government, and the same sex partners are not eligible for their loved ones social security or any other federal benefits unlike their opposite sex counter parts.  Clinton and his constituents later revoked their support for DOMA, and 8 federal courts (including the first and second courts of the appeals) have found DOMA unconstitutional.

Now the Supreme court is hearing cases on wether or not these laws and propositions are unconstitutional.  This could lead to federal recognition of same sex marriage.  After the current President publicly supported gay marriage, different political groups started following suit.  Who knows maybe in my life time I will be able to marry the man that I love, and he and our children will have the benefits that our straight friends have.  I look at my friends who have gotten married and had children, the struggle that they must go through just to have the same things that our straight friends just are given is crazy.  So, the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) has been asking for people supporting gay rights to wear read, and even changed their logo from blue and yellow to red on red.  I have been wearing my equality bracelet everywhere I go.  Hopefully you will wear red in support of the cause.  And, hopefully gay marriage and gay rights will be passed and HUMAN Rights will be achieved.

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