Saturday, March 23, 2013

Late 80's and early 90's = the Golden Age of Cartoons... Haters to the left

   Let me start by saying , I am waiting with my chin in my hands waiting for your "challenges" people. I am here , waiting, and don't you worry My greatness will never fade away. I'm good like that.
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  I could sit here and talk over and over again about how great I am. About how much I ooze machismo or stuff like that. I figured I give you a little taste of my childhood in my favorite type of post that I know wont really be duplicated since I saw Matt at work today and basically guilt tripped him into writing a post, because that's what good bosses do.  Since I have no clue on what that kid is thinking about writing. The only people who will be pissed off I wrote this post is Jimmy and Probably Melissa but it's their fault not doing this or something like this earlier. The Motto of Underrated Heroes is " Write what you want to Write about. I honestly do not care. "-Bryan M. 

  So here it is the Top late 80's and Early 90's  best Saturday Morning Cartoons. YEAHHHHHH!. This is actually happening. Look I am just going to throw some words down about it and add the theme song videos. If you were born in the early 80's and had your childhood through this power house of animation then, Cheers lets get a beer and talk about how Transformers were made of metal and every cool cereal was made of sugar coated chex mix and marshmallows. Don't expect a full summary just my quick opinion, maybe a  small tale to let you into the mysterious world of Bryan. 

Voltron - Not my favorite of shows. But I really dug the five staple photos in every episode. Also that was a pretty sick them song. Voltron spelt everything out for you which was super helpful when your older brother gave you a concussion after putting you in a laundry bag in a dark room playing a halloween sounds cassette tape and break out ,run out of your room and fall face first down the stairs. Thus forever souring you  on Halloween and laundry bags forever. This is 90% of the reason why I am doing this post anyway. 

G.I Joe the movie-I didn't remember this movie until my buddy Linke brought it to my house after I had surgery and was on lock down for a month. We hung out ate pizza , played Street fighter V. Capcom 2 and re watched  old school cartoons. Best time ever. Frankly kept me sane until I go the staples out. The theme song on this is down right amazing and should be attached to any G.I Joe product .   

 Ducktales - Ducktales was the first of the Duck based cartoons that owned the late 80's early 90's. I never really go the whole Scrooge McDuck / Donald Duck relations because I always thought Donald was German. Whatever it was the classic tale of Donald's kids Huey Luey and Dewy. They went on adventures , they swam in gold coins which is impossible , they showed a lonely shut in how to love again. Hey wait a minute , I never realized until now. But I totally under stand why he is probably the second most popular but I didn't realize that our very Own Andrew was apart of the DuckTales team. Yeah the Dude was Gyro Gearloose and I never noticed. I am ashamed in my self...… I wish I had photo shop but here is a link to Andrew's Twitter and look at the picture I put on the side. One and the same. 

Chip and Dale : Rescue Rangers - The Super Team of Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack ( Which I just realized he's a mouse named after cheese, brilliant writing ) Gadget ( who was my first crush... I was 3 when it came out so give me a break)  and Zipper the Ballsiest  fly this side of the Mississippi. Chip and Dale started their very own detective agency in the coolest tree base I have ever seen, they had a ballon tied to a soda bottle with wings. It was so cool.  I was 3 . 

Tail spin - I am giving Disney the big send up here listing off three of their power houses in a row. But Tail spin was solid. Basically if you want to compare it to something. Its Star Wars meets Fed Ex with the Jungle Book characters with some liberties taken on the original Jungle Book characters .  Baloo ( the Bear ) was the Han Solo type captain of the Sea Duck, Kit Cloudkicker(<-- You serious Bro)? The rambunctious rapscallion who was Baloo's buddy , and Rebecca Cunningham the uptight boss who didn't know she hired a wild card in a pontoon boat  as they did something with Air pirates and a Tiger in a suit. Look it's been a long time since I watched an episode but how could you not dance when hearing that theme song. 

 Dinosaurs - Holy fuck this show was nut. Dinosaurs,Power struggles, cool  gadgets and the orignal  Black nerd. Donald Glover should be notified. It was a toss up because there was going to be a Dinosaur type show in this post. It was going to be either Denver The last Dinosaur or Dino Riders. Denver was a better kids show but Dino Riders had the best toys. 

  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - This was one of my shows. I loved this show so much. I would dress up in green and tie a red bandana around my eyes and jump off shit. Only problem was I forgot to cut eye holes in the bandana and I would so much jump off shit, it was more like run into it saying " Cowabunga" and falling down with a flourish.  I wanted to be Raphael so bad because he was such a bad ass and me being such a bad ass myself it was only logical. But that was back in the day, now I have to make sure I don't wear a shirt with a pink mid-section so people don't confuse me for Krang. But I am still a bad ass. 

 The Real Ghostbusters - Look we all know the music by now. I am a huge Ghostbuster fan , so when I was a kid you are damn right I was all about this cartoon. This show is what all the toys were based off of because No body wants to play with a Dan Aykroyd toy.  But there were two Ghostbusters shows. The Real Ghostbuster and Ghostbusters. Now if you were born outside of 1992 you are probably thinking " the Fuck is this genius talking about?" . Well, let me tell you,  it was a cartoon retelling of the Ghost Busters ( you see there is a space)  70's T.V Show which was kind of popular but not as uber popular as the one we all know.The One based on the T.V show is absolute shit and if that is the movie they are trying to get made I will feel betrayed. Basically you cast Ryan Gosling and Jack Black as two effeminate idiots. But The Real Ghostbusters was based off Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis movie. Seriously straight trash it's awful.  

 Batman The Animated Series - Probably the best cartoon of the early 90's. The effects of that show are still felt today. There is not much I can say about how crazy good this show was. But It's the main reason why I will buy any Arkham game or watch any Batman Animated movie staring Kevin Conroy , and Mark Hamill . The right blend of dark story lines and good stuff for the kids. Just down right amazing. 

Muppet Babies-  Are you kidding me , Are you kidding me. Who I say who did not love the Muppet Babies? If you hated the Muppet babies you were ether were forced into slave labor as a child or have no soul. If you weren't forced into slave labor then you are no friend of mine. What's not to love : Muppets, Babies, Muppets and Muppets? Just a bunch of your favorite Muppets as tiny babies living in a world where a women is so tall all you can see are her socks. Crazy good times. I think I caught the tail end of the Muppet show but with the movies (Muppets Movie, Muppets take Manhattan and Fraggle rock which is not a movie but its awesome)  I knew and loved the Muppets. I still do , I honestly cannot get enough of the Muppets. It's something you're gonna have to deal with. 

Honorable mentions - Obviously the Smurf, Snorks , Gummie Bears, ThunderCats ,Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers and AHHH Real Monsters. 

Lesser known-King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Pirates on Dark Waters, Tiny Toons,ReBoot, Dark Wing Duck.   And Freak-A-Void... I liked it I don't really care if you do  .... I want to link every theme to all the words here but I know that is super annoying so you can do 50% of the work. So go to youtube and do it your self.

   This seems like a good place to call it a night. Well, I would like to say that It was hard to come up with these ,but really my brain operates on a whole different level then the rest of you.  If you have a show that you might of loved and I might of missed let me know on the Facebook page and if you got any weak ass challenges I am all ears. OOOOHHH also we have a twitter now. So check it out 


  1. Love your line up of shows. Those were the greatest. Kids of today will be messed up for life based on the crappy cartoons they have on the air now. Rescue Rangers...those guys were my heroes.

  2. I must say 80s cartoons were simply awesome. Though I have grown up but even now I never miss a chance to watch 80s and 90s cartoons with my kids when I get a chance. Flinstones are still my favorite ones.