Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get on this right away

  What to write about , what to write about.  It's hard to come up with an idea of a post a tops list. You think it would be really easy. Getting your brain working in different ways, trying to work the rankings so you'd come off a respectable source of counting, making sure that the info you put down sounds smart, and you know all that time put into it that really burns you out at the end. You don't think I am serious try doing a top 5 of your all time favorite of something. It will break you.

  So right now I just want to take it real easy and talk about two T.V  shows that I have been watching non stop for the past few weeks. I really dig these shows because they fit on the spectrum of great t.v in my opinion. So look for them to be canceled in a month. Seriously that's what happens to shows I really get into. Arrested Development  canned, The Good Guys canned, Community canned brought back delayed and NBC will try to can it again , Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and Don't Trust the B .... What that show was pretty funny. But these two shows seem to have the formula to last for at least 3 seasons. But I wish they'd last for 4 , I'm kidding they could go on forever as long as they use original story lines and don't fall for the easy out.   Like So many shows do now. 

  The first show I want to talk about is " The Following". Yes! Kevin Bacon doing work on this show. The Following is a dramatic thriller that, I would like to use a different word then follows but that what Fox was going for when they made this show. Lets use a word that when someone describes it they have to basically say the title at least 25 times in their description. So The Following is centered around former F.B.I Agent Ryan Hardy played by Kevin Bacon and
charismatic and God like Author ,serial killer and Cult Leader Professor Joe Carroll played by James Purify, played King Edward in A Knights
tale( Imdb is the second best tool after Google.).

 He is an amazing british actor who I am surprised isn't playing a redneck in The Walking Dead. But I always mix up the numbers but ,I think he murdered 17 women by himself at the college were he was teaching the works of Edgar Allen Poe.Apparently no one figured out that a whole shit load of girls  were being killed by Joe Carroll until  Agent Hardy was able to figure out the pieces to the puzzle that Carroll left behind as a game. But along the way Hardy totally fucked Carroll's wife who is played by the beautiful Natalie Zea . Holy shit I just realized I have yet to get into the actual story this is all background and I am not done with it yet.
     So Joe is arrested and while he is behind bars a cult is formed by people who are taken in by his by his amazing charisma that appeals to people who are looking for something to believe in  and are looking for a society where they are not considered outcasts. Like a true genius , when Joe's followers go to met him at prison ( which I never really understood how that was allowed but what ever) he manages to use hat followers special skills to help him create his final masterpiece of revenge on the people who have wronged him in the past. If you haven't watched it I think I will stop right now because I don't want to spoil it for you. But the show is creative, captivating and thrilling.
   One of the main writers is horror legend Kevin Williamson who most notably wrote the Scream franchise, the Faculty, and Dawson's creek by far the scariest show that was ever on t.v. How do 20 year olds play Tweens , use SAT words, bang out teachers, wear only J. Crew, and other stuff? There was some shady shit going on at the creek I tell you.  But check out The Following it's on monday night  at 9pm on Fox after Bones which is still on the air and if you can't catch it there its on HULU and it makes Hulu plus worth it. It's kind weird when you talk to someone else who is into the Following because everyone has the same reaction to the question. " Hey, umm, do you watch The Following?" "YEESSSS  ! That show is amazing!". Every time.   * I wanted to get really into this but I like I said I don't want to spoil it for anyone with my ideas on what will happen. But if you want to discuss anything hit me up on Twitter  or on the Facebook page   . I would love to hear what you think. 

  Wow that was a pretty nice send up of The Following to bad I am not getting paid by Fox or Hulu or Kevin Bacon . Though I am not against it ( Hint Fucking Hint ).  I couldn't find The angry dance scene so this will have to do. Besides my obvious Footloose links you should watch this show.

  So this next show is also on a Fox owned channel but it's on cable . Which means it can get away with a much more looser conduct to hold it self to. I don't really need to go into what curses are or how maybe you can have a show about a brothel
  The show I am talking about is Legit staring Australian comic Jim Jefferies . Who you should know. His stand up is fucking amazing. He is probably one of the best offensive comics out there today.  BUt The show is not about him being this offensive at every turn character that is more of a joke to the viewers then the intended story. No his show has a surprising amount of heart for a show that is trying so hard to make Cunt a popular word in the old US of A. The episodes are the visuals   of Jim's stand up routine. It follows the three main characters Jim played by you guessed it Jim Jefferies , Steve played by Dan Bakkendahl who is best known for in my mind as Murray the Ac repairman on Community  and D.J Qualls  plays Billy, Steve's brother who suffers from muscular dystrophy. These two characters are based on real friends of Jim's  back in Australia. Legit might have some really rough edges but down in its center there is a big heart.  How can I word this with out sounding like a huge dick.
  D.J Qualls character Billy suffers from MD  can only get around by wheel chair and can only move his head and fingers. But even though most shows would use a character in this situation as the morale compass and try to make you feel bad for them. Legit makes you almost forget that Billy is in a wheelchair by Billy's  don't pity me and I don't need help attitude. He actually helps Jim and Steve grow up  by being the only mature character in the house because he has nothing to prove to anyone. The show gets better every week and Jim is fucking hysterical I recommend checking out his stand up on Youtube and Netflix. If you're into that type of comedy. Legit is on FX on Thursdays at 10:30pm and is on Hulu. But Hulu doesn't store older episodes so there are three available right now and the "new episodes" come out 8 days after airing. But it should be on Netflix after the season is done. Hopefully there will be more seasons because if Charlie Sheen can lock up 94 episodes of being " Charlie Sheen" way way after being Charlie Sheen was cool. You remember those 6 days where it was funny and the 6 months after where it was really annoying.

   So that is it. I really like both of these shows and I think if you like  or are amused by this blog and the stuff we do I think you would really enjoy these shows.  

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