Monday, March 4, 2013

Back again with another set of questions... This week Cosplay and myplan for the Marshmallow man

 I have been thinking about writing this post for the entire week I took  had off to clear the old mind of stupid thoughts. Well, It didn't really work. My head is still full of ridiculous Ideas. That's not the point I want to make. Maybe like 2 weeks ago I wrote a post asking my readers if they would give me a helping hand finding out what video games I should check. With a surprising 0 responses I have turned my attention to another topic that I just want to know whats up. I believe in 2 things in this world, 1 is never stop asking question not matter how dumb they might be and 2 If the Stay Puff Marshmallow man was a real thing I would save the world because I would eat that bastard to its stupid hat. Come on like its even a question. I would get some grahams, some chocolate bars, and some sticks. I'll make smor's for the entire 1980's Manhattan. It would be great we'd get hopped up on sugar and probably bones because there has to be a skeleton type structure for him to galavant down Central Park West. Trying to act all tough like he owns the place, stepping on churches, smiling like some sort of mascot. Not in my town and not five years before I was born and the few amount of months I didn't have any teeth.... Anyway.

  But the question I want to ask is .... What's the deal with Cosplay ?

More people then at a Jets game
   Look by no means I do not want to insult anyone who might partake in Cosplay, I have the up most respect for the commitment to the craft. I understand getting into something with everything you have .But basically I just want to know: who what where why and how. I mean everything has to start somewhere. Like I am a huge baseball fan and the reason why I watch , play and lose my shit every year during baseball season is because way back in the day when R.C cola was a player in the soft drink wars. I went to a Mets game and I was taken up by the whole thing.

Ok so lets start . Who? Who inspired you got get this deep into it. Was it a real person, a character that you related to and this is a way of showing your admiration ?

I feel this would have been a better movie 
What? What inspires you to actually go forward with it? It seems like such an undertaking that would consume so much time and effort that is something to behold on its own. Well, unless you throw on a Superman shirt from Tees me. I'm talking about the people who make their own costumes with tremendous detail. Oh Also I head that there are groups of Cosplayers who don't like other groups of Cosplayers. If that's a real thing what's up with that? This probably should have been its own question but I added this in my re-read. And if you pick up on run on sentences, dangling participles, and misspellings. Well, I can't write too good. So don't rub it in with your fancy understanding of the english language.


 Where ? I know there are the big events like San Diego  Comic Con and New York Comic Con. But Where else do Cosplayers  congregate ? Because It's such a small community of  people who commit to it that there has to be more then just 2 events every year. I know I sound like the worst nerd ever but look I just am out of the loop on 95% of things .

Why? Basically why do you do it? It's hard to ask that question because it might not make total sense to anyone else but that person. If you are going to answer this question just only focus on yourself. It's not fair for one person to give a general reason because everyone is different in their own way. I think the Underrated Heroes Staff can relate to that.

I think he was featured in a LI paper
How? All right this is the question I really want to ask.How much does this cost ? Some of the cosplayers  go all out and just blow up the scene with some legit  costumes that are made of like PVC piping,custom made fabric and crazy ass guns that I think have to be checked to make sure they're not real. Seriously that has to cost some mega ched. Sorry for the bro moment kids . It's two Am and I'm watching the MLB network.

   So that is it. I find what Cosplayers do extremely interesting and I am kind of excited not to hear back from anyone. You could see this as a quest for enlightenment or you could see this a guy who wants to understand why hot girls dress up like Harley Quinn and dominate convention centers. Either or I just want to know.
There is something about a girl with mental health issues that I dig

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