Sunday, March 31, 2013

3DS? I'll try it out

So, In hopes of getting into a handheld that's better then my phone, I borrowed my girlfriends 3DS until I can afford my own. I went out and bought Monster Hunter 3, and I still have two more games I want to pick up...Here are just a few thoughts on the games I want to play, as well as the one I have played.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a fantastic game. I am only about an hour in already and I am impressed. The graphics are beautiful for a DS game, and they really nailed the looks of the 3D aspect. The game doesn't baby you in what needs to be done and how to play. It really makes you feel like you're just getting into hunting and surviving. Right now if things keep playing out the way I will easily consider this a must pick up of the year.It is also great news to hear that the 4th installment will be coming out for the 3DS and Wii U later in the summer. One more quick thing I LOVE about this game, is the 2nd screen features. Instead of just a big map like some games I have seen, you have control of the camera, as well as your item bag. The 2nd screen is fully customization to tabs that you use more often then others, This in my eyes is genius.

Pokemon Black and White 2, is a game that hits my nostalgia nerve. Growing up playing every Pokemon game easily makes me regret not already buying a DS just for this game. From the words of advice from my buddy's that play the 3DS, this is a good game to pick up and play whenever you want, and not really have to worry about missing any of the story line. I am a fan of games with no plot for an on the go console, since I'd mostly be playing it while I'm slow at work and there is nothing to do. The next game however may change that ideology.
Fire Emblem Awakening is something I have not stopped hearing about. Although it is an old series, I still have to get my hands on it. The art looks amazing, and from what I am told it is an amazing story line that instantly gets you hooked. I am a big fan of this art style as well as the whole Anime character design. This is something that already has me waiting patiently for my next paycheck just to play, Unless a friend can lend it to me.

Right now my experience with the 3DS is lacking, but I do like that I see and how it plays. I feel once I get my own I will be more involved with the games I play, so I don't have to start all over again and play far into a game to get it back up to speed on my own SD card.

I think my next big pick up that I am going to buy on Tuesday is going to rekindle my relationship with the PS3. As today is Easter, it is also Opening Day for baseball, and being a big fan of the sport...Bryan would be happy to hear that I may pick up MLB The Show. I loved it on the PSP and Vita when I owned those, but not it is time to step it up to the big screen. ( Get it? Like...stepping up to the big leagues  but instead I put screen?) I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

Well, this was a small post since I kinda have been busy lately, but I am still here. There are a few videos that will be posted within the week, we have the first ever Underrated Heroes Champion crowned in a fatal four way match in WWE 13, but can be challenged in any other game. We also have 2 Grand Theft Auto videos in the works, with Nick, Andrew and myself. As soon as I finish reading Fight Club for school, I will be editing and posting the videos.

Also be on the look out of my gaming highlights video I will be releasing within the next few weeks. For ever game I play and have some cool moments, whether it be a double kill, Shootout save, or touchdown thrown ..I will be adding it to the mix. I hope you all enjoy your holiday, and ignore my grammar fails...I'm tired and stuffed from 3 plates of food.

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