Sunday, March 31, 2013

3DS? I'll try it out

So, In hopes of getting into a handheld that's better then my phone, I borrowed my girlfriends 3DS until I can afford my own. I went out and bought Monster Hunter 3, and I still have two more games I want to pick up...Here are just a few thoughts on the games I want to play, as well as the one I have played.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a fantastic game. I am only about an hour in already and I am impressed. The graphics are beautiful for a DS game, and they really nailed the looks of the 3D aspect. The game doesn't baby you in what needs to be done and how to play. It really makes you feel like you're just getting into hunting and surviving. Right now if things keep playing out the way I will easily consider this a must pick up of the year.It is also great news to hear that the 4th installment will be coming out for the 3DS and Wii U later in the summer. One more quick thing I LOVE about this game, is the 2nd screen features. Instead of just a big map like some games I have seen, you have control of the camera, as well as your item bag. The 2nd screen is fully customization to tabs that you use more often then others, This in my eyes is genius.

Pokemon Black and White 2, is a game that hits my nostalgia nerve. Growing up playing every Pokemon game easily makes me regret not already buying a DS just for this game. From the words of advice from my buddy's that play the 3DS, this is a good game to pick up and play whenever you want, and not really have to worry about missing any of the story line. I am a fan of games with no plot for an on the go console, since I'd mostly be playing it while I'm slow at work and there is nothing to do. The next game however may change that ideology.
Fire Emblem Awakening is something I have not stopped hearing about. Although it is an old series, I still have to get my hands on it. The art looks amazing, and from what I am told it is an amazing story line that instantly gets you hooked. I am a big fan of this art style as well as the whole Anime character design. This is something that already has me waiting patiently for my next paycheck just to play, Unless a friend can lend it to me.

Right now my experience with the 3DS is lacking, but I do like that I see and how it plays. I feel once I get my own I will be more involved with the games I play, so I don't have to start all over again and play far into a game to get it back up to speed on my own SD card.

I think my next big pick up that I am going to buy on Tuesday is going to rekindle my relationship with the PS3. As today is Easter, it is also Opening Day for baseball, and being a big fan of the sport...Bryan would be happy to hear that I may pick up MLB The Show. I loved it on the PSP and Vita when I owned those, but not it is time to step it up to the big screen. ( Get it? Like...stepping up to the big leagues  but instead I put screen?) I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

Well, this was a small post since I kinda have been busy lately, but I am still here. There are a few videos that will be posted within the week, we have the first ever Underrated Heroes Champion crowned in a fatal four way match in WWE 13, but can be challenged in any other game. We also have 2 Grand Theft Auto videos in the works, with Nick, Andrew and myself. As soon as I finish reading Fight Club for school, I will be editing and posting the videos.

Also be on the look out of my gaming highlights video I will be releasing within the next few weeks. For ever game I play and have some cool moments, whether it be a double kill, Shootout save, or touchdown thrown ..I will be adding it to the mix. I hope you all enjoy your holiday, and ignore my grammar fails...I'm tired and stuffed from 3 plates of food.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lets Talk about something serious part 2 The search for Curly's gold

   Wow that was a great article by my brother and I stand proudly beside him through this whole deal and what ever is in the future because if I know anything about crazy people who think they know whats best for the country and the people because some outdated piece of paper that Nicholas Cage may or may not have stolen after he drugged the president of Hungary says people can do one thing but not another when clearly it was written at a time that was not to friendly to anyone not rich,white and didn't have wooden teeth. This wont be over because the Supreme Court says it is. There will be Protests, Petitions , demonstrations, Memes and Facebook status about the weather.  But if you want to know what my honest opinion of the whole thing is which I know you all do, thats why you keep coming back. My opinion is , it's got nothing really to do with me. Yes, my brother will one day marry a man and yes they will have a child wether its adoption, have some rando have a baby for them, or they just find one on the street. There will be a little person who will call me Uncle Awesome because I will hit it if it calls me by any other name. But seriously if 2 parties find love with one and other who am I stand in their way? I am fucking no one and so are all of you. I know it sounds mean because your mommy might of told you , "You're someone special" well champ unless you discovered the cure for cancer or created Yoga pants your just another cog in the machine.

   So why fuck shit up for other cogs. Unless they want to fuck kids or dogs, then  fuck their shit up. But not the gays! They are really good people, very welcoming  they love to have fun and they can dance. Which is what life is all about fun? Now To end my semi respectable fully idiotic rant. Just enjoy your own life and let other people enjoy theirs. I think that is in that stupid book everyone is miss quoting and I think Old Tommy Jeff said something about Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness?  Just know that none of this matters in the end. All that matters is being kind to people because you never know who will be in your jury.

   So what I really want to talk to you about is something so serious I think It will trump Jimmy's thing in a heart beat.... Did you know that Arrested Development is coming to Netflix really soon? Did I just blow your mind... No well I don't care? I've known about this for almost a year I think and this bit of gold is maybe 90% of the reason why I started , Yes Me I started it so just letting You all know right now that I am the boss. My word is final and my word is poorly written. I may or may not have had some beers tonight at the bowling alley. But it was a big night for me 1. I bowled 5 games and scored over 100 in all of them, 2. I made the hot bartender( who I thought was really good looking but I think she was bowling alley hot as in there are only gargoyles around me and she looked really good in her black tights which I was  trying to act cool but really I think I was just staring at her ass the whole time) laugh so that had to be worth something since it was a fucking mad house in there and 3. ummm wait what was I talking about ? Oh yeah Arrested Development is coming back!!!!

   Normally I am very weary  about a lot of things like a show coming back after a long time away. Like will it has  the same feel, will the cast still have the same chemistry, and will it be funny again or will it be dumb down for the masses. But with The Bluth Family going to Netflix I feel that the show will be just as smart , witty and just as amazing as it was when it was stuck in behind moron t.v. Granted I dug Family Guy and I love the Simpsons but Arrested Development got buried in that line up and Fox did nothing to showcase how good the show was. Which lead it to be canceled after 3 seasons, do you want me to go into a summary of it? It's probably easier to watch it on Netflix. It's a great show. Will Arrnet , David Cross, Jeffery Tambour, Jessica Walters, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman and a whole bunch have such great chemistry with each other you wonder if they actually had a script of did Mitchell Hurwitz just give them a plot and said " Go for it".  Will Arrnet and David Cross I feel are the best two characters on the show

 I know the show is not for everyone and if you don't like it I am not going to force you into watching it and making you fake liking it because that would not be fair to you and you have to watch what you enjoy.... Oh man I am getting so good at writing it's scary.  I would Love to keep going but as you can see I really shouldn't.
   So in my final words on to you my loyal readers: I don't care what you do just don't be a fucking asshole about it because places like Facebook , Twitter and other Social Media site weren't created for political debate. They were created so you can creep on old high school crushes and update your friends on what tools they are being. I honestly think I have never written a serious Facebook status about shit that actually matters. I have gotten so much shit from my aunts about the horrifying things I write about.


Lets Talk About Marriage Equality

Hey Bitches!!  So today I decided to blog about something a little more serious, compared to my wonderful rants and raves that I have posted before. If you have been watching any kind of TV or have read anything on social media, once again Marriage Equality has been in the fore front of the top stories.  I'm sure a bunch of my readers know what is going on in the Supreme Court, but for those of you who do not, I'm going to give you a brief history and synopsis of what is going on.

Starting March 26th, the United States Supreme Court is starting to hear arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA and Proposition 8 or Prop 8.  Each of these topics discuss the definition of marriage and who can and cannot get married.  So, basically if same sex marriage is legal.

Proposition 8 was placed on the ballots on California in 2008, it was voted on by the people of California, at the same time they voted for the President of the United States.  Prior to November 2008, same sex marriage was legal in the state, then after the election the people voted that same sex marriage was illegal and any further gay marriage would not be allowed.  This in my opinion, was an embarrassment to the state government and the people who were elected to run that state.  The passing of Prop 8 sparked the NOH8 campaign to begin.  The NOH8 campaign aimed to show the demographic that voted fro Prop 8, thats gay families were the same as another family out there.  The add campaign had people with tape over their mouths and the symbol NOH8 on their cheeks.  Homosexuals and their supporters (wether famous or not) took pictures to show that Prop 8 should be over turned.

DOMA was signed into law in 1996 by Bill Clinton.  DOMA is federal law in the United States that restricts federal marriage benefits and required inter-state marriage to only opposite-sex marriage. This means that any same sex marriage will not be recognized by the federal government, and the same sex partners are not eligible for their loved ones social security or any other federal benefits unlike their opposite sex counter parts.  Clinton and his constituents later revoked their support for DOMA, and 8 federal courts (including the first and second courts of the appeals) have found DOMA unconstitutional.

Now the Supreme court is hearing cases on wether or not these laws and propositions are unconstitutional.  This could lead to federal recognition of same sex marriage.  After the current President publicly supported gay marriage, different political groups started following suit.  Who knows maybe in my life time I will be able to marry the man that I love, and he and our children will have the benefits that our straight friends have.  I look at my friends who have gotten married and had children, the struggle that they must go through just to have the same things that our straight friends just are given is crazy.  So, the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) has been asking for people supporting gay rights to wear read, and even changed their logo from blue and yellow to red on red.  I have been wearing my equality bracelet everywhere I go.  Hopefully you will wear red in support of the cause.  And, hopefully gay marriage and gay rights will be passed and HUMAN Rights will be achieved.

So thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes . 
Later Bitches!!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Late 80's and early 90's = the Golden Age of Cartoons... Haters to the left

   Let me start by saying , I am waiting with my chin in my hands waiting for your "challenges" people. I am here , waiting, and don't you worry My greatness will never fade away. I'm good like that.
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  I could sit here and talk over and over again about how great I am. About how much I ooze machismo or stuff like that. I figured I give you a little taste of my childhood in my favorite type of post that I know wont really be duplicated since I saw Matt at work today and basically guilt tripped him into writing a post, because that's what good bosses do.  Since I have no clue on what that kid is thinking about writing. The only people who will be pissed off I wrote this post is Jimmy and Probably Melissa but it's their fault not doing this or something like this earlier. The Motto of Underrated Heroes is " Write what you want to Write about. I honestly do not care. "-Bryan M. 

  So here it is the Top late 80's and Early 90's  best Saturday Morning Cartoons. YEAHHHHHH!. This is actually happening. Look I am just going to throw some words down about it and add the theme song videos. If you were born in the early 80's and had your childhood through this power house of animation then, Cheers lets get a beer and talk about how Transformers were made of metal and every cool cereal was made of sugar coated chex mix and marshmallows. Don't expect a full summary just my quick opinion, maybe a  small tale to let you into the mysterious world of Bryan. 

Voltron - Not my favorite of shows. But I really dug the five staple photos in every episode. Also that was a pretty sick them song. Voltron spelt everything out for you which was super helpful when your older brother gave you a concussion after putting you in a laundry bag in a dark room playing a halloween sounds cassette tape and break out ,run out of your room and fall face first down the stairs. Thus forever souring you  on Halloween and laundry bags forever. This is 90% of the reason why I am doing this post anyway. 

G.I Joe the movie-I didn't remember this movie until my buddy Linke brought it to my house after I had surgery and was on lock down for a month. We hung out ate pizza , played Street fighter V. Capcom 2 and re watched  old school cartoons. Best time ever. Frankly kept me sane until I go the staples out. The theme song on this is down right amazing and should be attached to any G.I Joe product .   

 Ducktales - Ducktales was the first of the Duck based cartoons that owned the late 80's early 90's. I never really go the whole Scrooge McDuck / Donald Duck relations because I always thought Donald was German. Whatever it was the classic tale of Donald's kids Huey Luey and Dewy. They went on adventures , they swam in gold coins which is impossible , they showed a lonely shut in how to love again. Hey wait a minute , I never realized until now. But I totally under stand why he is probably the second most popular but I didn't realize that our very Own Andrew was apart of the DuckTales team. Yeah the Dude was Gyro Gearloose and I never noticed. I am ashamed in my self...… I wish I had photo shop but here is a link to Andrew's Twitter and look at the picture I put on the side. One and the same. 

Chip and Dale : Rescue Rangers - The Super Team of Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack ( Which I just realized he's a mouse named after cheese, brilliant writing ) Gadget ( who was my first crush... I was 3 when it came out so give me a break)  and Zipper the Ballsiest  fly this side of the Mississippi. Chip and Dale started their very own detective agency in the coolest tree base I have ever seen, they had a ballon tied to a soda bottle with wings. It was so cool.  I was 3 . 

Tail spin - I am giving Disney the big send up here listing off three of their power houses in a row. But Tail spin was solid. Basically if you want to compare it to something. Its Star Wars meets Fed Ex with the Jungle Book characters with some liberties taken on the original Jungle Book characters .  Baloo ( the Bear ) was the Han Solo type captain of the Sea Duck, Kit Cloudkicker(<-- You serious Bro)? The rambunctious rapscallion who was Baloo's buddy , and Rebecca Cunningham the uptight boss who didn't know she hired a wild card in a pontoon boat  as they did something with Air pirates and a Tiger in a suit. Look it's been a long time since I watched an episode but how could you not dance when hearing that theme song. 

 Dinosaurs - Holy fuck this show was nut. Dinosaurs,Power struggles, cool  gadgets and the orignal  Black nerd. Donald Glover should be notified. It was a toss up because there was going to be a Dinosaur type show in this post. It was going to be either Denver The last Dinosaur or Dino Riders. Denver was a better kids show but Dino Riders had the best toys. 

  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - This was one of my shows. I loved this show so much. I would dress up in green and tie a red bandana around my eyes and jump off shit. Only problem was I forgot to cut eye holes in the bandana and I would so much jump off shit, it was more like run into it saying " Cowabunga" and falling down with a flourish.  I wanted to be Raphael so bad because he was such a bad ass and me being such a bad ass myself it was only logical. But that was back in the day, now I have to make sure I don't wear a shirt with a pink mid-section so people don't confuse me for Krang. But I am still a bad ass. 

 The Real Ghostbusters - Look we all know the music by now. I am a huge Ghostbuster fan , so when I was a kid you are damn right I was all about this cartoon. This show is what all the toys were based off of because No body wants to play with a Dan Aykroyd toy.  But there were two Ghostbusters shows. The Real Ghostbuster and Ghostbusters. Now if you were born outside of 1992 you are probably thinking " the Fuck is this genius talking about?" . Well, let me tell you,  it was a cartoon retelling of the Ghost Busters ( you see there is a space)  70's T.V Show which was kind of popular but not as uber popular as the one we all know.The One based on the T.V show is absolute shit and if that is the movie they are trying to get made I will feel betrayed. Basically you cast Ryan Gosling and Jack Black as two effeminate idiots. But The Real Ghostbusters was based off Bill Murray , Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis movie. Seriously straight trash it's awful.  

 Batman The Animated Series - Probably the best cartoon of the early 90's. The effects of that show are still felt today. There is not much I can say about how crazy good this show was. But It's the main reason why I will buy any Arkham game or watch any Batman Animated movie staring Kevin Conroy , and Mark Hamill . The right blend of dark story lines and good stuff for the kids. Just down right amazing. 

Muppet Babies-  Are you kidding me , Are you kidding me. Who I say who did not love the Muppet Babies? If you hated the Muppet babies you were ether were forced into slave labor as a child or have no soul. If you weren't forced into slave labor then you are no friend of mine. What's not to love : Muppets, Babies, Muppets and Muppets? Just a bunch of your favorite Muppets as tiny babies living in a world where a women is so tall all you can see are her socks. Crazy good times. I think I caught the tail end of the Muppet show but with the movies (Muppets Movie, Muppets take Manhattan and Fraggle rock which is not a movie but its awesome)  I knew and loved the Muppets. I still do , I honestly cannot get enough of the Muppets. It's something you're gonna have to deal with. 

Honorable mentions - Obviously the Smurf, Snorks , Gummie Bears, ThunderCats ,Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers and AHHH Real Monsters. 

Lesser known-King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Pirates on Dark Waters, Tiny Toons,ReBoot, Dark Wing Duck.   And Freak-A-Void... I liked it I don't really care if you do  .... I want to link every theme to all the words here but I know that is super annoying so you can do 50% of the work. So go to youtube and do it your self.

   This seems like a good place to call it a night. Well, I would like to say that It was hard to come up with these ,but really my brain operates on a whole different level then the rest of you.  If you have a show that you might of loved and I might of missed let me know on the Facebook page and if you got any weak ass challenges I am all ears. OOOOHHH also we have a twitter now. So check it out 

My love hate relationship with GLEE

Hey bitches!!  I know it's been a while, but I promise to try and do better by posting more; maybe even a video post??  Who knows we shall see.  So, how have you been?  Hope all is well!!  Now onto the good stuff.
    I am going to talk about a show that I'm kinda embarrassed to say that I actual enjoy (used to enjoy), and have not missed a single episode since it first aired.  That would be GLEE, that show about a glee club from Lima, Ohio that was filled with a rag tag group of out casts (key word was).

So for those of you living under a rock, because come on even if you hate it you know what the hell I am talking about, Glee started in 2009 and was an instant hit.  I think it was renewed for three seasons after the first couple of episodes.  As mentioned previously, Glee is the story of this "Spanish teacher" Will Schuester who leads a group of "high school students" express themselves in many different musical numbers.  In the beginning, the musical numbers were only performance related (which I thought made the show much better because the show was supposed to follow their performances not their musical emotions).  Quickly this group of "losers" were joined by the "popular" kids who were trying to sabotage the group, because the "CheeriO's" (cheerleaders) coach could not stand the competition. Yeah I know all of you "gleeks" or glee die hards out there are going to clock me or that description of the premiss, but as I reread it, I was bored with the premiss.  LOL

Well, long story short I used to love this show.  I would be the target demographic, which was tweens mid to late 20's early mid 40's gay men and housewives.  What other show in history had that following.  If any of you know please let me know.  But, as time went on and the show was still on the air my love for the show faded.  Did it stop me from watching every week, and getting pissed when they too breaks or American Idol needed two hours for some reason?  Nope, I still make sure I'm there to watch it as it airs, commercials and all (I don't have a DVR.... OMG RIGHT!!!!!!).  So I feel as a die hard watcher and still maybe a part time lover, I can say WTF has happened to the show???

From the past seasons we followed the original cast go through high school and all the angst that supposedly happened in high school (which I guess is different then when I went to high school).  Cast members came and went but the core group Rachael, Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Brittany, Puck, Mike Chang, Mercedes and my favorite Santana have graduated (except Brittany) and like all high school left, to start their new lives in college.  Or so we thought.  The show is still following them (most of them).  Finn, who never went to college, became the glee club advisor in some weird plot twist, and even though they are in NYC at some fake performing arts school we still see Rachael (who thank God got a new wardrobe, which as a child of two gay men how did they let her out the house like that?? Ok guurrl), Kurt and now Santana (which once again makes everything better).

But the thing that has really gotten under my skin is the fact that the new cast (which the guys are much hotter, Pics to follow) is that they sing and know all of this trivia that none of them were even alive for. Just to for instance, the previous episode had a Small Wonder reference, that show was on from 1985-1989 and they were just like Oh, small wonder.  Umm sure.  Plus, the wedding episode though accurate when it comes to horny teenagers may have been a little to risqué for the younger age group that watches the show (ok I just totally showed my age there, but whatever its my opinion you want to hear, right?!?).

Finally, I hate the fact that I love the show.  Once again Ryan Murphy still has a winner on his hands.  Even though some weeks I watch the show and go holy shit did I actually just sit through that?  Then the next week comes along and I'm amazed at how amazing the show was.  I think the problem stems to the fact that he has two other huge shows out now American Horror and The New Normal.  His creative juices are being spread to thin to keep those shows entertaining, and maybe they are just saying Glee is an instant hit.  But again its still a pretty good show, and those damn songs get stuck in my head for days.

So thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes . 
Later Bitches!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

So here is the thing.

There is going to be a new portion to the site, which has gotten me incredibly busy trying to perfect. Now that everything is working as we need, Underrated Heroes will now have use for the Youtube Channel, post videos different from the Podcasts.

I recently got my capture card in the mail, and instantly Andrew, Nick and myself have been testing out cool games that would be fun to play and film. GTA IV videos have already surfaced, but we have more ideas coming. It will be a combination of doing a lets play, and small videos that have no other goal then to make people laugh.

A few ideas we have for this new portion is listed below...If you have any more ideas, please tweet them to me, as I am asking for games to play, that our viewers would like to watch.

WWE 13' - Having an unscripted triple threat match between the three of us to see who comes out on time, with weekly matches building up to a main event type match. (If I'm champion, Nick and Andrew will fight in  a match to see who gets to face me.)

UFC Undisputed - This will be a double camera feature, were we film the game, and also our live reactions while playing. Since Nick loves to stand up and jump up and down while screaming while he plays, it will be a good match up. Who knows, maybe we will get some of Andrews old timey play by play.

NHL 2013 - Andrew wants to buy it, I already own it. If you wish for me to finally kick someones ass in this game, this will be the way to see it. This is by far one of my best games, aside from some shooters.

Montages - You have all seen them, and you all love them. Call of Duty montages. The three of us are really good at CoD, so watching Andrew tomahawk someone across the map, or me sniping two people at once, and Nick just crawling around knifing people...If it looks cool, it will go in there.

GTA IV- We have a few games we have done test recordings for, ones like Getaway, where we have a knife fight to see who wins, and whoever wins has to run away in high speed chases from the other two. There is also talks of games where we mess around with other people online.

Aside from those games, there will be a few clips of just anything I find interesting, funny or awesome, they will be posted.

The longer videos will be posted at our Youtube page, and the shorter smaller ones will most likely be posted on my own page. Here are the two test videos I have released so far with the new capture card.

Above is me trying to kill Nick, while forgetting friendly fire is on. I took his sneaky ideas to make him think I'm trying to find a good place to film, when I try and find a RPG to kill him.

This is my first capture with the capture card, and this video is to warn Andrew, not to fuck with me in the streets of Liberty City, because I will, speed away.

Again, if you have any ideas, or want to follow us, Check us out on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter!
More videos posted very very soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Minimal Challenges for a SuperStar

 I am going to be real with you readers.  I am getting bored with just doing the whole Underrated Heroes thing. You know setting the internet on fire with amazing insightful posts by the whole team. Especially this guy right here. Hey I think I turned off all of reddit with the title of my last post, but you know what people still read it anyway because they are drawn by my charismatic magnetism and couldn't help but reading it. If you think Andrew is the king of this site you are Horribly mistaken. I live life with  popped collars. Are you surprised by the character change of the super excited about almost everything he writes? Are you surprised that they guy who wrote a post detailing how romantic he is in the first week of being up and running is changing the script because he is far superior then everyone? Are you surprised that as I write this I realize that in text form sarcasm is the hardest thing to express  to new readers who haven't watched the podcasts?  And are you  surprised this has gone on three jokes too far? Well, you should be.

   Now what the purpose of this post isn't to talk about anything Underrated Heroes related. No, this is a challenge that I issue to any of the Underrated Heroes writers and fans.  Send me Challenges at our Facebook page and I will take the ones and The other writers will pick the one they think can stump me. The picture of male perfection. I'm a five tool player. I am smart, I am ruggedly handsome, I am Hilarious, I athletic, I  have a full head of hair if you lower your standards on how long you believe hair should be and I am a trend setter.  Because no matter what you can think up I will dominate. And yeah I added this sentence after I was done writing  just for the link.   

  I want to be challenged but I am not a lunatic so I will only accept Challenges in these 4 categories : Movie,Sports,or Tv Trivia, Video games, ether Like current events/or respectable eating challenges( something that wont break the bank or break my colon. Come on kids I am not Man V. Food as much as I want to be) and finally Sports or psychical activity. I realize that I am not opening this up as much as I can because this is the internet and some times the internet is as fucked up as Frank Miller's Sin City. 

 I know there is a chance I could fail at these "obstacles". I mean like a .0000000000000000000000000000000001% chance that I will be unsuccessful in my endeavor.  So I will let you decide what my next post will be about. Yeah I know other sites might give you a t-shirt, some cash, or tickets to an event that we are excited about or putting on but we are not that kind of site because we haven't qualified for Ad-sense and non of us have enough cash to live a normal life and create merch . But I am open to sponsorships (Wink ). So my prize to you is internet infamy without releasing  a naked picture of your self. If you suggest a T.V show that is on Hulu or Netflix I will watch it and write a post about it, If you want me to go to the movies and see the worst looking piece of shit movie that might be out I will do it and write a post about it. That's all I really have come up with so far, or the writers will figure something out, hell you can too  except I am not going to anything really stupid ( like life ruining). But just know that I am very good at everything I do except tucking my shirt into my dress pants. What I live a casual life who am I impressing.     So Bring it on! 

P.S- Just to enforce what I said before I am totally down for some cool challenges and interacting with all of you. As I keep saying you guys are the best for sticking with us. But I will not do anything illegal or life endangering . I would like to keep my jobs and maybe get a better one.    

Monday, March 18, 2013


Hello there Internet it is I, your glorious leader, Nick Wilhelm.  I know that I haven't contributed much in the past 2 weeks but you'll just have to get the fuck over it.  Moving on, this week was full of sadness for me. GSP beat Nick Diaz and DC Nation officially died with Young Justice and Green Lantern ending their runs.

(Both shows I will keep championing on any podcast or article I do until Bryan or Mike watch them from start to finish.)

But this week also had some bright spots.  One of the biggest bright spots would be Toonami's birthday. Toonami was/is a Anime/Action Adventure block that aired from 1997-2008 and for Americans was probably the only exposure to the Anime genre. Toonami made its big comeback last year when Adult Swim played a old school Toonami block which contained the classics like Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, and YuYu Hakusho.  Originally it was planned as a one night deal but the response from fans was so overwhelming they brought back the whole block. They also added new shows that have never been on Toonami before like Dead Man Wonderland, Soul Eater, and Casshern Sins to name a few.  Now Toonami doesn't have the same budget it once had, it is pretty much a rogue state on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, so for them to acquire new shows is a pretty big deal and right now. Also, Toonami is pumping out more fresh material than they ever had in the past, airing new movies/shows, and generally kicking ass, but I need them to do me a favor and look into a couple shows that I would love to see on the block.  I know I am being selfish, I should be super happy, I AM, that we even have Toonami back with this type of awesome quality, but I live in a generation that needs more stuff! I'm entitled, I deserve more.  So enough with this BS and let us get to the goods of this article.

Claymore is a pretty standard anime affair, but I love it.  The story follows a Claymore named Clare, who goes around bitch slapping monsters called Yoma.  Yoma love to eat humans and a Claymore's job is make sure that crap doesn't happen.  Clare unfortunately is the lowest ranked Claymore in the region and there are some dark secrets that her employers hide from her.  Also her origin story is great.  Just put this show on the damn block. It comes in at 26 episodes long and the anime ends abruptly because at the time I don't think there was enough material to keep it going and instead of pulling a Dragon Ball Z with filler episodes they decided to end things gracefully.

Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon is another show that deserves to be viewed by a larger audience.  The story follows around a group of mercs/pirates known as Lagoon company who smuggle goods in southeast Asia.  This show is really a hit with me because the female lead, Reby, is a foul mouthed, ass kicking version of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.  Black Lagoon has some fun action sequences and I think it is about time we stop seeing reruns of Thunder Cats and start seeing some gun toting action.

Alright I am done here. Pretty sure a surplus of grammatical and spelling errors are in this bad boy, so I will probably edit it later.  I hope you guys are enjoying the resurgence of Toonami like I am and I can't wait to see what shows they put on in the future.

If you got this far and want to maybe talk about anime, cartoons, wrestling, or MMA you can follow me on twitter @Nick_Willy .  Stay Golden.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yes another Batman post. But this time I don't go off against the Nolanverse

  On thursday I had a brilliant idea of writing this amazing post about my love of the Ghostbusters movies and what I feel Ghostbusters 3 should be. But then a few things got in the way that will but that post on the back burn ( probably later this week)

      This weekend was St. Patrick's Day or what Mikey calls it " Wah Wah Everybody is drinking and I am a huge wiener " day and I only had one day where I could have respectably celebrate.   And by respectably I of course mean go see Shilelagh Law, get super drunk and have a great time in Mulcahy's out in Wantagh on Long Island. The place is huge and is really cool. They have a bunch of shows that are different in styles. Look I've only been there twice and both times were for Irish things. So the details of the place might escape me. But what I am saying if you're in LI and want to have a good night check it out. 
     I love going to see Shillelagh Law play. They are just regular dudes from New York who have a great time playing great Irish music. You can check out some of their covers on their website. But the night to a very I guess you would say responsible turn for the worse. I planned and getting really roughed up but I started the night waiting for the train I get a phone call from my friend asking me to cover his shift the next morning at 8. Stupid me said yes. Well, that was dumb. I totally forgot that I had to go out east again for my Family's ST.Patrick's dinner, problem being I had to drive. I had to limit my self to 4 beers and finally today I told my boss at my second job if he really needed someone to work, like hail Mary pass type of needing someone to work. I would and with the Luck of the Irish I had to go into work today for 7 hours. No big deal I was with some really cool people as we froze our collective asses off for really no reason. But It's money in the old pocket and I got maybe 6 or 7 days until softball starts and I am pumped. But lets get into it .  

  But the main reason why I changed my post idea is because of this piece of news  and all the credit for this great news belongs to were other I bet but I read this first). It changed my whole  game plan . Which I did not spend 3 days trying to figure out... But Netflix ( Fucking Baller ass move by Netlfix. having Marvel and D.C on instant to lock down the Streaming game) the  instant is going to start streaming The 3 seasons of Batman Beyond , Justice League and the First Season of Batman the Brave and the Bold which  is cool but the first two is what I am psyched for! You know what this means for fans of anything Batman, Justice League and all things DC This could be the door being flung open for D.C to take over the instant game right before they get in the production of the Justice League movie. This will start on March 30 th which is a Saturday. So hit the pause button on your egg hunts and watch Batman and the gang kick some ass. You wont but it's an idea. 

  If you don't know what they are let me give you a quick rundown of what you are about to be dealing with. Batman The Brave and The Bold takes place in the Sliver Age Batman saga. Batman teams up with a different D.C. Superheroes like Superman, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern basically starting the whole whirlwind that will be known as the Justice League of America where it was all puns and punches. The voice talent of the show is pretty solid even though I saw a handful of episodes. Diedrich Bader ( Drew Carey Show, Santa Paws 2 : The Santa Pups) John DiMaggio ( Bender from Futurama, Nuff ced ) and one time NPH. 

   Batman Beyond took place in 2019 which was 40 years after the events in the New Batman adventures. This show followed a young street tough by the name of Terry McGinnis who took the mantle of the bat from the now  in his high 70's, but the old man still got it. This was a new look for Batman because it wasn't this controlled adult, this was a young emotionally charged teenager dealing with the stress of high school drama and being Batman with Bruce Wayne in his ear the whole time. Batman Beyond takes follows and dives into a darker story line then the other Batman cartoons. Also the Batman Beyond animated movie was way better then Batman : Mask of the Phantasm and Sub Zero . The Return of the Joker was this crazy ass tale that was fucking nuts. It was on Netflix when a year ago but they took it off for some reason. It keeps a lot of the Batman animated series voice talent on to give this show so credibility . Kevin Conroy  and Mark Hamill reprise their roles in the show/movie. 

  Of Course the Justice League Unlimited is a flag ship for the D.C cartoon game. This show was able to take so many different characters and story lines. The main team of Batman played by Kevin Conroy, Superman played by George Newborn, The Flash played by Michael Rosenberg, and Green Lantern played by Phil Lamar to name a few. You should check the list of voice actors its crazy. The show it self lasted 3 seasons. But if you put it up against the other animated team shows that where out their like Xmen, Avengers, Teen Titans and Pro Stars it will blow them out of the water. 

   Well, I think I have successfully aged myself and proved how much of a nerd I really am. So with that good night and

Hangover TV

I was super excited to head to NYC for the St. Patty's Day Parade...until I woke up with a massive hangover on Saturday morning. Whoops! So I nursed my hangover with some TV (some of it good, some of it mindless), which brings me to the topic for today's post: mindlessly entertaining TV shows. Maybe I should say "show," because I am only going to talk about one TV show: 1600 Penn

I randomly came across this show on Hulu when I was desperate for something to watch. It's only 30 minutes long and most of the time it's funny. Here's how NBC describes it: 

"The Gilchrists are just the average American family dealing with all the everyday issues, like a grown kid who's forced to move back home, teenagers who are smarter than their teachers and a stepmom desperately trying to win over the kids. They're loving, fun and a little crazy. In other words, just like everyone else - with one exception: they live in a very special house. The White House!"

It's a not-so-great description, but I'm going to give some credit to the writer because there's no way you can describe this show that would make people want to watch it (hence the copy and paste on my part). I actually went and read some reviews (they were mixed) before I decided to watch it, because I was not convinced. After watching the show, all I can say about the plot is that the the First Family is dysfunctional. 

Here's what I like about the show. Warning: there are a few spoilers below, but it doesn't matter since the show doesn't really have a plot. 
  • It's an original idea. There have been a fair amount of shows about the White House recently (Scandal and House of Cards are good), but none of them have been comedies. I like that 1600 Penn is a bit different - the creators have made the First Lady a stepmother and the First Daughter gets knocked up (plot points people!) 
    Check out them guns. 
  • Jenna Elfman is hilarious. I never watched Dharma and Greg, so I wasn't familiar with her acting. She nails it as the neurotic First Lady (she's even got Michelle Obama's famously toned arms). One of the best characters in the show. 
Does this picture annoy you?
Then Skip Gilchrist will
probably annoy you too.
  • The other actors are good too. Josh Gad plays Skip, the bumbling son who gets kicked out of school in the first episode and is brought back to live at the White House. He's the typical bumbling slacker. There are moments when his schtik gets old (I skipped one episode because he was irritating me), and it perpetuates the overweight, sloppy slacker stereotype Hollywood loves, but it works. Bill Pullman is funny as the President who's often stuck in the middle of family disagreements. The kids are whatever, but the Press Secretary is a good character. Basically, the best characters are the First Lady, the President, the guy who knocks up the First Daughter, and the Press Secretary.
  • Becca's one night stand/baby daddy looks just like my first boyfriend. I swear, I dated this guy in high school. He needs to be in the show more often, so I can laugh about it. 
I think he even had the same shirt. 
1600 Penn is by no means a show you want to sit down and watch live. It's not worth the effort. Watch it when you're bored, hungover, sick, or desperate. Hell, you can even skip an episode or two. With that said, I have actually LOLed on more than one occasion, which is good enough for me. 

Have you watched 1600 Penn? Let me know what you think on Twitter @Marb_Reds

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Walking Dead Round Table Episode 5

Jimmy, Bryan, Mike, & Andrew discuss Episode 13 of Season 3 "Arrow On The Doorpost". 

Some of the topics discussed are:
  • Individual thoughts on the episode.
  • How Ricks police background influenced his interaction with the Governor.
  • Was Andrea right to be upset about being removed from the meeting?
  • Zombie kill of the week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get on this right away

  What to write about , what to write about.  It's hard to come up with an idea of a post a tops list. You think it would be really easy. Getting your brain working in different ways, trying to work the rankings so you'd come off a respectable source of counting, making sure that the info you put down sounds smart, and you know all that time put into it that really burns you out at the end. You don't think I am serious try doing a top 5 of your all time favorite of something. It will break you.

  So right now I just want to take it real easy and talk about two T.V  shows that I have been watching non stop for the past few weeks. I really dig these shows because they fit on the spectrum of great t.v in my opinion. So look for them to be canceled in a month. Seriously that's what happens to shows I really get into. Arrested Development  canned, The Good Guys canned, Community canned brought back delayed and NBC will try to can it again , Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and Don't Trust the B .... What that show was pretty funny. But these two shows seem to have the formula to last for at least 3 seasons. But I wish they'd last for 4 , I'm kidding they could go on forever as long as they use original story lines and don't fall for the easy out.   Like So many shows do now. 

  The first show I want to talk about is " The Following". Yes! Kevin Bacon doing work on this show. The Following is a dramatic thriller that, I would like to use a different word then follows but that what Fox was going for when they made this show. Lets use a word that when someone describes it they have to basically say the title at least 25 times in their description. So The Following is centered around former F.B.I Agent Ryan Hardy played by Kevin Bacon and
charismatic and God like Author ,serial killer and Cult Leader Professor Joe Carroll played by James Purify, played King Edward in A Knights
tale( Imdb is the second best tool after Google.).

 He is an amazing british actor who I am surprised isn't playing a redneck in The Walking Dead. But I always mix up the numbers but ,I think he murdered 17 women by himself at the college were he was teaching the works of Edgar Allen Poe.Apparently no one figured out that a whole shit load of girls  were being killed by Joe Carroll until  Agent Hardy was able to figure out the pieces to the puzzle that Carroll left behind as a game. But along the way Hardy totally fucked Carroll's wife who is played by the beautiful Natalie Zea . Holy shit I just realized I have yet to get into the actual story this is all background and I am not done with it yet.
     So Joe is arrested and while he is behind bars a cult is formed by people who are taken in by his by his amazing charisma that appeals to people who are looking for something to believe in  and are looking for a society where they are not considered outcasts. Like a true genius , when Joe's followers go to met him at prison ( which I never really understood how that was allowed but what ever) he manages to use hat followers special skills to help him create his final masterpiece of revenge on the people who have wronged him in the past. If you haven't watched it I think I will stop right now because I don't want to spoil it for you. But the show is creative, captivating and thrilling.
   One of the main writers is horror legend Kevin Williamson who most notably wrote the Scream franchise, the Faculty, and Dawson's creek by far the scariest show that was ever on t.v. How do 20 year olds play Tweens , use SAT words, bang out teachers, wear only J. Crew, and other stuff? There was some shady shit going on at the creek I tell you.  But check out The Following it's on monday night  at 9pm on Fox after Bones which is still on the air and if you can't catch it there its on HULU and it makes Hulu plus worth it. It's kind weird when you talk to someone else who is into the Following because everyone has the same reaction to the question. " Hey, umm, do you watch The Following?" "YEESSSS  ! That show is amazing!". Every time.   * I wanted to get really into this but I like I said I don't want to spoil it for anyone with my ideas on what will happen. But if you want to discuss anything hit me up on Twitter  or on the Facebook page   . I would love to hear what you think. 

  Wow that was a pretty nice send up of The Following to bad I am not getting paid by Fox or Hulu or Kevin Bacon . Though I am not against it ( Hint Fucking Hint ).  I couldn't find The angry dance scene so this will have to do. Besides my obvious Footloose links you should watch this show.

  So this next show is also on a Fox owned channel but it's on cable . Which means it can get away with a much more looser conduct to hold it self to. I don't really need to go into what curses are or how maybe you can have a show about a brothel
  The show I am talking about is Legit staring Australian comic Jim Jefferies . Who you should know. His stand up is fucking amazing. He is probably one of the best offensive comics out there today.  BUt The show is not about him being this offensive at every turn character that is more of a joke to the viewers then the intended story. No his show has a surprising amount of heart for a show that is trying so hard to make Cunt a popular word in the old US of A. The episodes are the visuals   of Jim's stand up routine. It follows the three main characters Jim played by you guessed it Jim Jefferies , Steve played by Dan Bakkendahl who is best known for in my mind as Murray the Ac repairman on Community  and D.J Qualls  plays Billy, Steve's brother who suffers from muscular dystrophy. These two characters are based on real friends of Jim's  back in Australia. Legit might have some really rough edges but down in its center there is a big heart.  How can I word this with out sounding like a huge dick.
  D.J Qualls character Billy suffers from MD  can only get around by wheel chair and can only move his head and fingers. But even though most shows would use a character in this situation as the morale compass and try to make you feel bad for them. Legit makes you almost forget that Billy is in a wheelchair by Billy's  don't pity me and I don't need help attitude. He actually helps Jim and Steve grow up  by being the only mature character in the house because he has nothing to prove to anyone. The show gets better every week and Jim is fucking hysterical I recommend checking out his stand up on Youtube and Netflix. If you're into that type of comedy. Legit is on FX on Thursdays at 10:30pm and is on Hulu. But Hulu doesn't store older episodes so there are three available right now and the "new episodes" come out 8 days after airing. But it should be on Netflix after the season is done. Hopefully there will be more seasons because if Charlie Sheen can lock up 94 episodes of being " Charlie Sheen" way way after being Charlie Sheen was cool. You remember those 6 days where it was funny and the 6 months after where it was really annoying.

   So that is it. I really like both of these shows and I think if you like  or are amused by this blog and the stuff we do I think you would really enjoy these shows.  

Underrated Heroes Video Game Podcast 1

Bryback looks to get back into the world of gaming with the help of Andrew, Mike, and Nick. The gang talks about :

  • How they broke into the gaming world
  • Favorite game genre
  • Do quick time events help or hurt a game?
  • What game was a recent disappointment?
  • Most memorable video game moment 
  • An in depth conversation about Telltale's The Walking Dead

Monday, March 11, 2013

SimCity, Bringing Back Memories One Road at a Time.

Growing up in the 90's I watched my sister play SimCity 2000. Growing up in the 2000's, I played Simcity 4. Nothing helped prepare me for a natural disaster better then this game (granted it wouldn't have helped me at all). I also learned how taxes worked, and the things the governments can do to either make or break a town. I loved sitting and watching other people play and destroy their city with tornadoes and fires. This helped me understand how to react in a panic situation by listening to my father preach about what to do.

Earlier this month, SimCity 5 came out. FINALLY I was able to play the beloved game I had grown up watching and play with new updates and new impressive graphics. Well, at least that is what I thought.
This was an error message that thousands upon thousands of players got within the first week of trying to load up their game. For a video game this age in time, it is a shame that developers and companies have not figured out a way to release a game with no bugs or glitches, and no server problems. It was very frustrating trying to get into my own game and play, since the only way to play is to connect to the EA servers. But once these issues were solved, it was beyond the funnest I have had in such a long time for a video game.
Nothing can swing your mood in a video game faster then thinking your city is perfect,and then seeing a fire erupt on a house and then proceed to wipe the entire block. The way the game simulates what happens is pure genius. Firetrucks cant make it to fires because of the natural flow of traffic cramming up due to poorly placed roads, or not enough of roadway to get from the firehouse to the house on fire. SimCity created something called the glassbox engine, which I could try and explain but they do it better in this video.

By the way the city posted above is the one I am currently working my ass off on. This one is probably the best one I have created so far...but something that I never thought or heard about within the game happened. I got a news alert as if I was watching T.V, saying that a zombie apocalypse is among the town. I didn't have a hospital yet so getting people to the help was difficult since all I had was a few clinics placed within the city. This ended up giving me a message that 78 buildings in my town were devoured by zombies. This game just got a lot more fun for me. I also had a fire spread and burn down an entire block. But the funny thing about this game is the feeling you get in your stomach when you cant do anything but watch the outcome of a fire. Even if you placed a brand new fire department right next door, it would still be closed for a few more house because it needs to hire people to work there.

Once last cool thing I would like to mention is how each person that walks around your city, has their own agenda. You can click on a person, and it will tell you whether he they are going to work, to the store to shop,and it even tells you what household they come with. this system even includes unique names for every single person in the game. The game also shows us the thoughts of the sim, and if they think the taxes are too high, shopping is great in this town, and they can also tell us if they feel unsafe due to the lack of protection due to not enough police patrolling, or firemen on the job putting out fires.

This game is beyond a game I recommend. I say pick it up now since the servers are fixed and play for hours upon hours like I have. I'm 20 years old and I finally realized what a budget is, and how to conserve money for more important things that I would need. The only difference is a few zeroes between my budge and the budget for my city.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Everybody needs a friend

   How does one bounce back after asking some seemingly desperate questions? He writes a tops list, thats how! All right maybe I am not as excited as I should be but I have been trying to think of some good shit to write.
   I have given this idea a good amount of focus and I think it's a little bit different and unexpected from a tops list. It might have been done with different people chosen and ranked differently. Frankly what I am saying is that I might not be original so don't sweat it.

   My list is the top 7 best movie bad guy.... Sidekick. Yes, that evil mother fucker who just annoys you worst then the actual bad guy. This is probably the most underrated character in any movie. I guess they would call him the right hand man, the #1 goon,the second Banana  the Henchman with a name and shit like that. This a true gage on how evil we are supposed to perceive the main villain because the villain has to be extremely evil and just the worst person in the world because how could anyone spend anytime with this person and not constantly punch this asshole in the fucking face every time they open their dumb mouth is a miracle of modern science.This character give the Villain depth and the hero a hard time and when they finally get their due it's just as satisfying as when the main bad guy gets it... Or you can judge a villain on other things, I don't know how you watch movies.

So here we go Top 7 Movie Bad guys sidekicks

7. Bobby from the original Karate Kid. You know who I am talking about. The second best fighter in the Cobra Kai Dojo just light years behind the golden boy Johnny Lawrence. He kind of  looks like a weasel and is laughing like a lunatic throughout the whole movie. But while Johnny is at the cross roads with his morality. Should he sweep the leg or take on Danny like a true karate champion and fight him straight up. As Johnny takes a hack at Danny's wounded knee you hear our candidate from the background scream " Get him a BodyBag!". Then Johnny gets crane kicked in the face. Bobby is a solid pick for the best bad guy side kick because he has zero morals . He is like one of the hyenas for the line king. Just waiting to attack after the alpha takes down his prey... Whoa shit got real there  people.

6. Dr. Janosz  Poha from Ghostbusters 2-Weak Sauce ? Doubtful buddy. There was no one creepier then Janosz  back in the way back. I was terrified of this guy. With the light up eyes walking in the dark , When Vigo shot his essence in his face ( I can't think of the right words so I used ones that sounds like the Ghostbusters gay porn)   and when he was the ghost nanny picking up oscar for the ledge. Holy shit that was some spooky stuff when you're 4 years old. Also it did not help when you mom said to you " If you keep acting up I'm going to get the ghost nanny after you." Yeah my mom used mental warfare on a 4 year old. That's why I grew up so good... Minus the grammar and I don't tan well but I have come to terms with that. But Janosz was a good goon for Vigo but he stood zero chance against the Ghost Busters

5. Major Arnold Toht  from Raiders of the Lost Ark  - Don't know who that is? Well It's the fella in the Hat. Yeah This Nazi fuck tried messing with my girl Marion Ravenwood(1980's). This evil prick always seemed to pop up in the randomness of spots during the film. And In the end Spoiler Alert his face fucking melts off because he looked in the Ark. Like a prick.

4. Theo from Die Hard-Look he might have been the first person in the movie. What I didn't like his cocky attitude. He brought nothing to the team the Hans Gruber put together except a knowledge of computers and even that he didn't know  that when the FBI cut the power it would make the safe easier to crack. But when Argyle crashed his limo in to the get away van and socked him in the jaw I felt closure. The reason I hate this character so much is because during the attack on the Swat team. He was giving up their locations and the whole " And the QuarterBack is Toast!" really rubbed me the wrong way because the police are the good guys... Look when I saw this movie as a child for the first time I couldn't get it through my thick Irish skull that someone would try to hurt the police. And Yes I saw this movie when I was a kid. It was on TBS around christmas and I was 8. Then I saw it for the first time uncensored with all of the blood and cussing when I was home form school after throwing up everywhere when I was 12. I watched it with my mom who said " I thought this movie was going to be real gory but it's cute" after the scene when McClain blew out the guys knees from under the table.

3. Walter Peck from Ghostbusters 1-What made this guy a bad guy? He wasn't working for Gozer , he didn't kill anyone, and He was just doing his job. But he wanted to save the environment... jerk. If you don't remember Walter Peck he was also in Die Hard 1&2 as Richard Thornburg. Peck was a bad guy because he wanted to shut the Ghostbusters down. He will be forever evil because of that. And if you look at the movie objectively he might be the only "Good Guy" in the movie. He was working for the EPA and all he wanted to know is what was the deal with the storage container. But That prick did it the wrong way. Growing up and watching that movie every time I feel sick or down in the dumps I keep seeing how Peck wasn't as bad of a guy as he is portrayed to be. But Look it was Ronald Reagan America that time and the fact that Winston wasn't a crack head should be counted as a victory.

2. Bob the Goon from Batman-Who didn't love Bob the goon? Everybody loved Bob the Goon because his action figure coast like $2 less then Batman and the Joker. Bob the goon or goon with the fedora was more of a glorified extra and not really meant to be popular because I think Burton wanted everyone to like Jokers disfigured girlfriend more . But Acid burned blondes don't sell too well at Kay-bee toys. He didn't really fight he was more of a confidant to the Joker. A guy he would bounce his ideas off of and take constructive criticism from. Psych . Bob the Goon is the only one of the Jokers sidekicks to be in film. I honestly don't think he was in the comics but  Burton's Batman wasn't really based on the comics. I'll prove it in three points : 1. Harvey Dent play by Billy Dee Williams. Harvey wasn't African American, Batman killed like 10 goons, and Batman would never use Prince in his soundtrack.

1. Col. Hans Landa  From Inglorious Basterds - Look if you made it this far you will trust me enough to explain this. This movie takes place in WW2, The Basterds where taking on the Germany Army in Europe, and Hitler was leader of the German Army at that time so in the long run Hans Landa is not the main villain in this movie even though it might seem that he is taking up a lot of the screen time. Landa is probably the most villainous villain in all of villainy ... Yeah I'm sorry  for that it. If you've seen this movie you'd understand why that sentence is the way it is. He was down right amazing and he stole the show from Brad Pitt who is funnier then we all expected. This the second time I mention Nazis in a post. I must think they are the worst or something.

   So that was 3 days worth of typing. Not continuos because  it would be unrealistically long and bordering on the insane. So much thought went into actually looking up movies that had this special character that I ripped out all of what hair I had remaining.