Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time to enlight the NERDS on BRAVO TV

Hey Bitches its Jimmy here again to give you that touch of color and class this blog team is kinda missing.  (except of course Melissa)  So this blog is dedicated to the wonder that is BRAVO TV.  And its driving forces, and maybe the love of my life Mr. Andy Cohen.  So let the schooling begin.

So Bravo is a network that I'm sure all of you have passed over many times, but really you should stop and watch some of the greatest, drama filled reality TV that has ever been produced on the small screen.  (Who am I kidding, better than some of the stuff one the Big screen.  So I'm really only going to talk about a few of the shows that fill up a large portion of my TV watching time, mostly because they run marathons of all of their shows throughout the week, so in no time you can watch an entire season of a show in an afternoon.  

First up,

The wonderful women of The Real Housewives of New York.  This is quite possibly my favorite of the series.  Which there are a bunch of cities, for those who do not know it all started in Orange County (which I don't watch, to much botox and bad face lifts). Then came New York, followed by Atlanta (my second favorite), D.C. (which only made it one season) New Jersey (of course a must see), Then came Miami (Just learned to love those latina bitches), and of Course Beverly Hills.  
But for you all I am going to just talk about my ladies in the big NYC.  NYC just finished its sixth season, with brand new cast members.  Which in the beginning of the season I was skeptical of these new ladies, but grew to love them.  So we have original cast members Ramona, who know has her own line of wine (which is actually lovely), And The C*ntess I mean Countess Luann, who as my dear friend Christian would say "Shes not a true countess anymore".  These two have been with the show since the beginning and quite possibly are the craziest of the cast.  Then there was last seasons new edition Sonja Morgan, now that bitch is a good time, but damn she thinks who she is (ok I mean they all do).  Now the "new girls" replacing Alex Kelly and Jill Zarin (my favorite of all times)  Is Heather (your tummy is so yummy) Aviva (The on legged wonder that doesn't let a grudge go) and the one that I felt stole the cast (Princess) Carole.  Carole Radziwill stole the show for me,  I even read her memoirs, follow her on twitter and have tweeted her numerous times.  I LOVE CAROLE!!!!!

Second up is,

Tabathas Salon take over, to now Tabatha's just fucking taking over all your shit.  This show stars Tabatha Coffey, an Aussie Hair magician who now lives in New Jersey with her very attractive girlfriend (thats right score another one for the power lesbians).  So The premise of this show is these people have a failing hair salon or gay bar or anything and Tabatha comes in with all her Aussie wonder and turns their shit out.  Takes a failing business and revitalizes it.  This show is my favorite in marathons; I love the way she turns on the owners who think the problem is their staff but its actually their inability to basically function.  

Next Up is,

The Rachel Zoe Project.  Lets just say my heart skips a beat when it comes to Rachel.  For those of you who live under a rock, Rachel Zoe is a world famous stylist and now has her own fashion line.  Rachel Is on her third or fourth season on Bravo, this last season our Rachel had a lil baby boy with her husband.  This grounded dear Rachel and has made me love her more.  She is one of the most loving mothers I have seen on reality TV.  Rachel used to have a style assistant Brad.  He left her (like they all do) and went on to open his own styling firm, and of course get his own show...

Its a Brad Brad world.  (Umm who knew he was hiding that under his clothes, HELLO!!!!!).  So Brad's show was about him starting up his firm and trying to get clients.  Which of course being connected to Rachel, didn't make it that tough.  You meet his long time boyfriend Garry in the series.  Brad has taught us all the everyone needs to have a pop of color in your outfit.  So for instance, if you have a a grey suit, put on a pair of royal blue socks.  Words to live by.  Plus holy hell he is sexy!!!!  Stalk you later.  j/k (not really)  (ok yes I'm just kidding)

And to the man that brings this all to us....

MR SEXIEST MAN THAT DOESN'T WEAR SOCKS (pet peeve) Andy Cohen.  This St. Louis native, Susan Lucci loving man, brings us these plus a boat load of other wonderful shows.  He wrote a book and of course I read that cover to cover.  Learn so much about Mr. Cohen.  Love him more for it. LOL.

So thats a brief little write up about some of the shows that are on the channel.  It will also help some of you straight guys that read this blog talk to our girl friends that may watch these shows to talk to them about other than sports and things no one really cares about.  

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Later Bitches!!!!

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