Thursday, February 7, 2013

This took 2 days. Just setting the bar really high

    Well look at this. We are about to get some traction. Is this the start the World domination I made mention to  last week?   Yo , probably. We got some writers on this site that will make you react in a way that is your own personal way of reacting to a site like this...  I started out hot then fizzled out by the end. Just like this post. I started writing a post about how I think if D.C keeps  on the path through the Nolan-Verse their movies will still suck. Then I wanted to chart the Rise and Fall of Pam Beasley from the office and compare it to the rise of Ann Perkins from Parks and Rec. , then I wanted to write about the recent Disney news ( Marvel and Star Wars have owned this week ). But none of it has really lit a fire under my ass. Like Mikey said in his intro post which apparently there is a form I had to follow which I guess I missed that at our staff meeting, but I write for PhantomBallplayer which is a sports site that I've been writing for the past 2 years this march. And what I would do when I faced a wall I'd throw out a Top 10 or a combo post that would sever as a brain buster . Do you know how hard it is keeping people who look up things like Alison Brie hot, Vegas Sluts, and Derek Jeter Fat   happy? It's not that hard , in google we trust right? But I want to try to not do the same stuff but really it's like Darius Rucker saying his not Hootie . Which let me tell you his version of The Old Crow Medicine Show's Wagon Wheel is the tied for first place in Wagon Wheel covers and #1 cover done by  Hootie and the Hootie mythos. It's to the wire between Hottie and Shillelagh Law. What I am Irish from New York. That's how I say it so shut up english.  That's exactly how I wanted that sentence to end

  Right so back to something of relevance I guess. Look I am not perfect and I am in such a rut trying to think of some new shit, so forgive I am going to go on some old habits. I'm like a meth addict except with out the whole meth addicticy  thing. It's a Mother Fucking combo post!!!! four exclamation points , this shits real.

 I do think the Nolan-verse is the worst place to host the Justice League. Why you might ask if you cared , well I'll tell you but give me a minute I am cursing in jam city. This Bruno Mars song is fire. So yeah Nolan-verse.  I think that for a movie that will is such a large idea in theory that his "grounded in realism" would kill the movie right off the bat, plus it's depressing as shit. Can you imagine some witty banter between Green Lantern and Flash? " Jay Garrick or Barry Allen or Wally West but most likely Wally West I got my power from a dead alien ! The right chose me and now I am burdened with this power!"  " You think you've got it bad Hal Jordan or John Stewart and or  Kyle Rayner but most likely John Stewart. I have to constantly eat highly fatty food to keep my body from eating it self. Plus I can run faster then time!" Just say it in a Batman voice and it will make more sense. The JLA will be going up against Avengers 2 which will make billions of dollars and they will probably use Thanos and it's been rumored that Darkside will be the main foil for the league. Rookie movie D.C I get Darkside is big and bad and has an army that can fuck shit up but they look an awfully a lot alike. I think what the Justice League should do is go do what the Avengers did to them and go with Brainiac. Boom Avengers can't use Ulitron which make the whole Ant man tie in harder to do. Hire me D.C I am a master at one upsmenship.

  This may The Office U.S version will  punch out for the last time. Sad. No the show is 2 seasons past it's prime and is no longer funny. But since people love bobble heads it has managed to stay on. I barely watched season 8 because No Michael Scott No Bryan McCormick. But I pretty much got the gist of that season and this season thanks to Hulu plus.  It's dumb and I know why the characters have hit their growth limit. Jim and Pam are the perfect couple  but now they are facing a rough patch with Moe from the 3 Stooges movie moving in on the Halberts because Jim is out in Philly trying to make something of himself. But Pam feels left out but I guess she forgot the whole beginning of  season 5 when he was hanging out in Scranton when you Pam were in New York. Which is a 2 minutes longer drive. Yes I seriously went and google searched the  travel time between Scranton to Philly and Scranton to NYC because I am committed to bringing you excellence. So this has put Pam my former # 4 tav crush down a few spots. Now my new #4 is Ann Perkins or Rashida Jones. She has been on a hot streak lately. She pretty much locked up the 4 seed with her appearance in the Muppets . But Ann has been getting cooler and Pam has been getting lamer. And that's pretty much all I have to say about that. Ann Perkins #4  right behind #1 Annie Edison Community, #2 Early seasons Robin Scherbatsky How I met your mother, # Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory , I don't really care for the show but something about 5 foot nothing girls are in my wheel house.

  Finally, Disney has been a loud mouth mother fucker lately. First they piss off Star Trek fans by locking down J.J Abrams as the director of Star Wars episode 7 " Weekend at Greedo's " , then they say their will be "stand alone" movies centered around Han Solo, Boba Fett, Yoda and Red 6... we can only hope they tell the story of the fattest  rebel pilot, and then they throw out that the led of the Next Marvel epic or the end of phase 2 The Guardians of the Galaxy lead role will be played by the one and only Andy Bert Maklin Dwyer. Chris Pratt is going to take his first real leading role in a little known Marvel ultra team epic movie.Is it an odd choice but  Pratt is a better choice the Zachary Levy and unknowns.I gotta say the mouse is not fucking around. They are giving the people what they want. Boba Fett a real shot at being a bad ass , a look into the future of Marvel movies and a bunch of lens flares along with light saber noises. Win-Win-Win . I'm glad a young start up company like Disney could catch a big break like this. Only in America. good luck in future adventures.

  So like the other two I guess I have to give you a list of my favorite things right? Well fuck that it's too late . Just know I know what I am talking about with movies and t.v . Also Arkham City is the best video game ever.

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