Friday, February 22, 2013

The joys of being a single gay man in NY

Hey Bitches, its your favorite friendly neighborhood homo fatty, LOL, and I here today to talk to you about a plague that sweeps across the sexuality lines. (or so people believe) It's being single.  This blog is going to give you some of the view points of the dreaded "single person".

Now, lets get it straight, we are all looking for the ever popular "Mr. Right".  But where the fuck is he??  All of you that have found him, congrat-u- fucking- lations.  For the rest of us we have to go around either to bars, parties, or the ever popular dating web sites and or apps on them damn smart phones.  So, I'm not sure about the straight world, but I don't think you guys are lucky enough to have the joys of the "dating/hook up" apps.  Trust me, you really are not missing out.  hahaha  Even though I am talking crap about them of course, I am a member to a few of them.  Im not mentioning names bc I have enough issues with stalkers as it is.  Thank you social media (and me for putting myself out there).  So these apps, like dating sites, basically have you fill out a profile and ask you all of your stats (lies) a CURRENT picture (lies), and what you are looking for in a possible mate/ bed fellow/ life partner.

So once you have accomplished those steps you can go about it in one of two ways, sit and wait or go on the hunt.  So  I have a feeling a signal goes out that says "Hey look guys its fresh meat!!"  And everyone looks at your profile, but says nothing to you.  You are able to tell this because the ever loving creators of these apps put view histories, so everyone who looks at you pops up on another page.  Plus some of them can tell you how far away someone is from you.

So not only can you see a "current' "picture", you can see how far away they are to go and talk to them right?  Wrong, people using these apps have become so accustomed to just messaging people on it, that they will send a message saying "Hey are you at ______ bar?"  Which to my response is always, "I'm not sure let me see where I checked in!".  This is usually followed by a LOL, which of course just signifies to me that, I'm moving on.  I actually was standing next to a guy who was messaging me on the app, and he never spoke a verbal word to me.  Guys, if your in a bar and you see someone you like, come over and say HI.  You don't need an app to do that, you learned how to speak the language for more than trash talking your friends.

So, now to get off my soap box, being single is not horrible.  Its actually not that bad.  I have been single now for almost a year.  (OMG SPINSTER STATUS)  Am I looking to find "mr. right" of course, but its not my life.  Being single in a city like NY, isn't the worst thing you can do.  There is so much to do here.  Bars, parties, events, and my favorite place on earth Fire Island (to quote one of my favorite queen Porsche "Fire Island, the cruise ship that doesn't move!").  I have a great group of friends.  We have a great time going out and acting a fool.  My friend Christian and I have gone to different areas, and always say "If we lived there we would be married too, did you see them?"  That is probably just our evil bitchy sides coming out to bite us in the ass.

So one of the other joys of being single in NY, is we can get married here.  I know this has been more of a YAY I'm single blog, but in all honesty, eventually, I would like to get married.  So me being single is less about me being unable to find "Mr. Right" in a sea of "Mr. Right nows" and even more "Mr. Wrongs" (you know who you are. LOL).  But for now, I'm gonna live my life for me not some hypothetical guy thats "Just around the corner".  Plus "If you stop looking he will find you!" Or whatever other ploy people in relationships tell their poor single friends.  Seems counter intuitive if I stop looking and he stops looking, how the fuck are we supposed to meet? (Digest that and shit it out!!  Oh I schooled you)

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Later Bitches!!!!


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