Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The best blog you might not be reading

  Did you guys watch the first round table? Well, if not pick your game up, bro. I think I stumbled on a catch phrase. I smell a marketing gold mine.  T-shirts, cartoons, maybe a full length movie staring Brendan Fraser and Marion Cotillard where she comes to America and clumsy Brendan Fraser is mistaken for her tour guide but he's on the run after witnessing three high ranking members of what every city is kind enough to have the film... so Omaha. AS they overcome obstacles and the toughest one of all love. Wait what am I talking about?

  I just want to give you readers a quick heads up on what's on the horizon for the little site that can. 

For the foreseeable future we will be doing an "AMC The Walking Dead" roundtable podcast with a few of the writers . Once we get our shit together we will ask you the fans to write us questions and we will do our best to answer them with charming banter. 

   Next on the docket. Like my cousin said in her first post she is going to make me watch a movie or tv  show and we are going to discuss what we just watched. Normally don't get involved with an idea unless I know whats going to happen and  truth be told I have no clue what's going to happen at all. The first movie up is " Surf Nazi Must Die" . What can go wrong ? Made in 88, at the beach and there are Nazi's the go to bad guy when you have no budget for aliens. 

  I've heard some grumblings about a wrestling podcast or something to that effect. 

I am pretty sure my brother will add some content wether it's in text form or video style. 

  Hopefully and I mean hopefully we will start a superhero movie round table. That's where I think I will shine.  I have plenty of ideas and I know who would be great for it too. 

The future is bright right now for us. Just keep coming back for different content. Because yes I did list a few things that will happen. These kids always surprise me with their posts. 

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