Friday, February 8, 2013

Zombie Super Team?

So as I'm looking through the Warped Tour lineup for this year, and blasting Big D and the Kids Table to get pumped up that I will finally be seeing them, it made me think. How shitty is life going to be when during a zombie apocalypse our phones and our Ipods die and we cant charge it? How could we listen to music?

A zombie invasion is the one situation that has been talked about, turned into movies and shows, and even video games, and the core subject of most guys throughout the past few years for me. Nothing breaks ice during silence and even people meeting each other for the first time better then "whats your zombie plan?". Sitting at a table with friends eating dominoes, or the group of co workers who are on break with you..the conversation always comes up sometime or another.

Instead of sitting here and telling all of you readers what my zombie plan is (so you guys cant steal my ideas and all) I am going to tell you who I would LOVE to have on my team of survivors. Now, this has some real people (mostly my friends), people I would love to have with me but I don't know, and also characters from maybe a movie or a show, who knows? will, just keep reading.

Nick is my number one guy. He is small, fast, and can beat the shit out of somebody by doing some weird kung-fu move or whatever he practices. He is easily the Glen (Walking Dead) of my group, and who I would send to find me a stash of woods porn or something.

Bryan, man I would have no clue what I would do without him. Besides being able to punch a hole in a zombies face, he would be the guy that knows how to get around the area by not taking the main roads. He would be able to fit car problems like peeing to cool an overheated car, or change the tires because my dad decided to teach him instead of me. Also he can swing a baseball bat like a motherfucker.

Vaas from Farcry 3 is crazy fucking dude. Hes obviously a psychopath  and it would be funny watching him be sick and demented while killing zombies. He will be the guy I would want interrogating someone who fucks with the group..I mean, did you guys even see what he did to McLovin? This guy is somehow a comedic and fucked up genius.

Chuck Green from Dead Rising 2 is who I want if I am ever in a mall. Who the fuck knows where every store in the mall is, let alone all of the vents, storage rooms and all of that jazz? By the way, do you see how handy he is with making some weird weapon combos? I could use a guy like that.

Andrew (ParksxCore) ..with a name that has something to do with need him. His moshing skills will tear zombies limb from limb while beating them to a pulp. Well to be honest, hes a smart kid who know what hes doing. No other person I would like to be in charge of whats going on then him.

Jack, AKA Suge knight is who I would like to be in charge of bartering and selling stuff to people we run into...hes street smart knowledge is what makes me think hes the guy to help make us money.

And last but not least, Simon Pegg..we need experiance, and we need hilarity..He can even bring Nick Frost and Edger Wright.

Thats it for tonight folks, I'm exhausted and I have a big day filled with driving through snow to New Jersey to play some paintball with Bryan...We may upload a video, who knows?..oh right..we do.

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