Saturday, February 9, 2013

Small Vent,Showoff, and Demo Session

WWE 11' is one of the greatest games I have ever played...why? THEY HAVE A FREE PLAY MODE WERE YOU DON'T NEED TO START UP A GAME TO PLAY WHILE YOU WAIT FOR A FRIEND! Once your start up the game you are placed in a squared circle with any character you want, against a poor motherfucker who is about to feel  your wrath.

Now every game you play for some reason got rid of this. If your waiting for your friend (if you have any) on Call of Duty, you have to either make a new emblem or check out your horrible K/D a hundred times just to kill time. Why not have a little mode where there is no load up time, and just straight into killing random bots, and not have to start a game to play? WWE 13' even got rid of it! I really just don't understand.
                                            These are my stats, think they are bad? Watch this.

Also, The Crisis 3 multiplayer demo just came out, I just played my first game and man was it impressive. The multiplayer mode I played is Hunter, in which one or two people are invisible, and pretty much go bow hunting against the opposing team, in which if you killed someone they would turn into a hunter as well. The game started off really interesting because you start off staring at your own teammates in an airship that is falling out of the sky, and then boom..crash landing and your into the action. Pretty sweet, I'm not even going to lie. Overall I'm really excited for this game, the multiplayer in one and two really were awesome so I am not going to sleep on this game like everyone else really did over the last few years unfortunately, especially for a game with such amazing graphics.

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