Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Robot Combat League: I Just Want Gundams

        One Day This Will Be Reality
I'll show you some real steal, bub.
This is going to be a short blog, short doesn't mean bad but it does mean that I a quick thought on something that bothered me.  Tonight was the debut of Robot Combat League, it was horrible.  In a world that lacks Giant Fighting Robots or Mechs or whatever you want to call it I thought this show would maybe give me my dream of a Gundam or Knightmare.  Instead I got something that closely resembled that shit movie Real Steel. I am just so disappointed.

Maybe I set my expectations too high, maybe I wasn't being "realistic", and maybe you are right, but quite frankly I don't give a damn.  It has been a dream of mine to live in a world were we have Giant Robots that beat the fuck out of each other in competition, which spawned my short story that I really want to continue,  my first taste of such a concept came in the form of ZOIDS and Mobile Fighter G Gundam.  I would watch ZOIDS at 6:00 AM before school and watch G Gundam on the old Toonami block after I finished my homework.   It was a simpler time, a better time, so when I heard of Robot Combat League I thought we were in for some serious progress in the whole; build a robot to crush Iran game.  I was wrong, instead I got to see two robots with zero coordination try to smack each other for around 7 minutes while I dream of what could of been.

So I hate this show only because my mind has been opened up to what I think should be possible and in due time it will happen, I just need to be patient.  OK so there was my little tirade, filled with hate, in closing I will leave a video (SPOILERS WITHIN) of what will probably be going on in the whole robot scene long after my death, a death that I will try to postpone by freezing myself like Walt Disney.

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