Saturday, February 23, 2013

Readers Help me get my game up .


    Readers I have a confession that I believe I already made like 40 posts ago. I am not a big video gamer  , is that the proper term ? Or is it Gamer ? Whatever I am not that big into video games , I mainly stick to games like Madden or Mlb the show because I can turn my brain off and watch a movie without missing any real story lines.  But I am very tempted to get a subscription to Gamefly and play some games that I normally wouldn't even think of because of the whole having to shell out $60 for something that might suck ( Amazing Spiderman). I just don't know what I should  look for. So I am asking those of you who are into the video game scene.

   It's not like I am totally oblivious to the video game scene. I just don't know what to buy. Frankly when I walk into Gamestop and there isn't a game that I am keyed up on I am shopping blind and thats why I go to Gamestop once a year. Here is a list of games I have played and liked.

I rocked the O.G NES
Games like excite bike, Duck hunt, SuperMario 3 , Battle Toads & Double Dragons, Master Blaster and Metroid. I would say all the Mario's but I had more fun with Mario 3 because of you got to do more.  I shared it with my brother because we only had one t.v in the house. But I would go over to my friends houses to play sega games like NHL 94, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2 and Streets of Rage 2.  I went as Ryu for 3 consecutive Halloweens. Now I can go a E Honda but that's not the point.

I long hauled with a PS-1 from 7th grade until 12th. This was the first system that was all mine. We just got the house extended so Jimmy and I got our own rooms and this was all mine.
Games like WWF WarZone,Attitude, SmackDown, SmackDown: Know your role, Resident Evil 2 , WarHawk, Army Men 3d ( yes I played that game. I am the only one), Nuclear Strike,Star Wars :Rebel Assault 2 , Masters of Teras Kasi, Tekken 2  and all the Twisted Metals. It brought me into a gamer mode that I held on because back when I was a young kid the internet was still going through the phone lines and the family computer was being used

I held on to my PS2 until I got some real money. My brother Jimmy got me a PS2 for my high school graduation. I held on to that work horse of a machine until maybe 3 years ago.
Games like GTA 3, Vice City, Marvel V Capcom2 , Marvel Ultimate  alliance, Punisher , Resident Evil OutBreak  Street Fighter and Tekken 4. Besides Sports games I kinda fell out of the gamer scene because I was working , going to school full time, playing baseball on the weekends and I managed to fool people and make them think I was really great to be around.  I remember when I first got the PS2 the next day we had my grad party the next day. I had it set up on the big t.v  in the living room and I had a Marvel V Capcom 2 tournament going on for hours. Needless to say the girl I was crushing on who came to the party was super pissed at me because I wasn't fawning all over her. I am sorry but When my team of Captain America, Jill Valentine, and Megaman is challenged in my house I must defend my family name.

  Then I got a very nice tax return and broke down ,turned in the work horse and bought a PS3.
Like I've said embarrassingly before I love the Arkham series. But other games I have enjoy. Sadly I really liked the Ghostbusters game only because I still want to be a ghostbuster. Also I enjoyed Uncharted 2 which was the first game I got into on the new system. So I wasn't used to the incredible detail that was put into this game. There was a cut scene that was so fluid that I got so invested on to what was going on I didn't realize the gameplay started and died because I still thought it was the cut scent.I actually said out loud " Well how does this play into the story ?"  I tried to play games like InFamous and Crysis 2 but I got them during the summer which is busy time for me with both my jobs picking up steam and Softball shit going on I basically used my Ps3 to watch movies.

I do have an Ipad so I can check out the tablet games. Right now I playing Simpsons Tap out, Middle Manager of Justice, Ghostbusters, and Temple Runner.

   So help me readers! I love to hear  your suggestions. Because I am one of these guys who wants to understand why people are into these games, movies, or whatever. I am a curious fella when it comes media formats. Let me know what I should look into video game wise , because in a few weeks I will probably ask what T.V show on Netflix or HULU plus I should check out. You can hit me up at the Facebook page or you can get at me on Twitter.

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