Monday, February 25, 2013

PS4: Pros and Cons

As you are all well aware on Wednesday Sony announced the Playstation 4.  I do not say reveal because the system itself was not shown at the press conference.  I also noted the lack of female developers, the conference was a total sausage fest.  With a new console generation on the way Sony decided to be the first ones out of the gate with a big reveal.  For the most part they did a pretty great job, but as always there are somethings to love and hate about the debut of a new system.  I will give my opinion on several of the new features for the PS4 both good and bad.


Gaikai Cloud Gaming

Time to go the way of Barbaro
This is probably one of the smartest things Sony could of done for their next console.  In my opinion it almost future proofs it.  With the inclusion of the GCG system you can watch your friends play, jump right into a demo of any game in the PS Store, and eventually, if Sony is to be believed, PS1-3 games will be streamed and available.  You can also continue playing a game on your PSP if you have to go mobile but, of course this requires for you to own a PSP, Sony won't just give it to you.  This is however some real ground breaking stuff. It would be great to be able to play all my favorite childhood games like Crash Bandicoot and Destruction Derby Arenas on my PS4, it would also allow me to finally bury my PS2 which at this point has about 10+ years of service.

Downloading Games While Playing A Game

Something as simple as downloading a games while playing a game should of been on the last Playstation, it is just something that should not of been overlooked and this was a common complaint for most people with a PS3.

Cross Game Chat

Hell this is a big addition for me personally because nothing pained me more than not be able to talk to just my friends in a game like Red Dead Redemption or a Call Of Duty Team Death Match.  I also hate having to communicate with fellow members of a community that can at times be downright awful. Not as bad as the garbage that is spread by people on the XBOX but it is bad at times.  Granted I feel Sony dun' goofed by not putting Cross Game Chat in PS3 I will say it is better late than never.

Video Sharing

This is part of the Gaikai system but it deserves its own section.  We all have those bad ass moments in games that we tell our friends about it, now though we will be able to show them.  PS4 will have an easy to use video sharing system so the next time you get a no scope headshot or have an epic battle with a dragon that includes bandits helping you bring it down you don't have to painstakingly describe it you can just show them the video.  Also if you have any hopes of being famous on the internet this is a huge addition that can move some units

Visual Graphics

The PS4 makes some good looking games but that should be a given in this day and age.  Obviously no next gen system is going to look like hot garbage but I loved the things that I saw at the press conference even if some of the stuff was Pre-rendered.


New Controller Design
Seems About Right

I am a big fan of the if it ain't broke don't fix it saying. The new Playstation controller looks like a mess.  A light bar identification and a track pad are simply not needed.  The share button and it being a little bit bigger however in my eyes is not a problem.  The old controller was a bit small and you would need child like hands to not feel like Andre The Giant when holding a PS3 controller.  Maybe I find this to be a mixed bag but, I just hate the gimmicky track pad.  It is possibly the worst feature on the PS Vita and to see it implemented again but this time on a controller makes me think they are just pushing this down our throats.

Friends Can Beat A Game For You

Needless is the only word that comes to mind.  If you can't beat the game by yourself either lower the difficulty or keep playing till you beat the boss/level.  I feel like with this feature some new generation gamers will never feel that sense of accomplishment that I had when I beat a incredibly difficult boss/level.  I failed a lot in a game like Dark Souls but never did I give up on myself.  I grinded, got better at dodging, got new weapons, got better timing, and would defeat the opponent that was set in front of me.  This new addition would let people skimp out on something like that.  Part of gaming is having that frustration and then overcoming it, it's a great feeling and to think that some people would rather take the easy way out rubs me the wrong way.

Not Backwards Compatible

Self explanatory.  It is going to be a real shame if my PS3 dies and I have about 20 games collecting dust on my shelf.  Fact is Sony will not have a system for you to reclaim and download a PS3 game for your PS4 you would have to buy it all over again.  I am no Warren Buffett and can't afford to do that and keep up my double life which for legal reasons I can't discuss here.

Launch Titles

I was expecting a lot more fresh Intellectual Properties to be shown at this press conference and that wasn't the case. While it is great to hear about Watch Dogs being available at launch I am sick and tired of Space Marine games and whatever number Final Fantasy is being released.  They are great games but this could of been a huge chance to show 5 new IPs at this conference to get people talking instead of the same old faces.

Can't Wait For This Game
So those were my thoughts on the PS4 and its big reveal.  I hope you enjoyed reading and could sympathize with some of my silly cons.  If you want to talk about Video Games, MMA, Anime/Cartoons, Wrestling, Music, ways to skin a human,and more you can contact me at my twitter @Nick_Willy , Good Day Sirs.


  1. on top the cons with the messed controller is not the real PS4 controller, the one you looking at is a fake.