Sunday, February 24, 2013

Podcasts to Listen/Watch

So here is the thing, I really only care about like 5 things in my life. Video games, movies, music, wrestling...and podcasts. I am a very big fan of people who sit in a room and just talk about a random jumble of subjects. I have a few groups of people I actively listen to as often as I can, which is hard because without the use of itunes I have to manually check up on each website on select days hoping that it is posting, forgetting that most of them air live and I missed it. Here are just a few that I listen to, not a ranking of sorts because I am a really big fan of all of them.

1. The Nerdist Podcast.

Now I know that he has been around forever, but I first saw Chris Hardwick on Attack of the Show! back on the old G4, he would update the viewers on new tech toys coming out, or reviewing newly just released products on the cleverly named portion of the show, "Gadget Pr0n" (or Gadget Porn for all you not internetly inclined). His website Nerdist is a very interesting site where everything from Art to tech, to health. The site has multiple subjects for podcasts but the ones that I am personally into are the one on one interviews he has with big names with in the nerd world. He has had on people from Mel Brooks, to Kevin Smith, Tom Hanks, and even CM Punk (My personal favorite episode, due to getting to know CM Punks nerdy side, rather then the wrestling side everyone knows). This is one podcast I have to suggest.

2. Mega64

                                                         Garret, Shawn, Rocco, Derek
The first people I have seen do a video podcast, these people are some of the funniest people on the internet. Rocco (who was voted one of the most influential people in gaming that's not developer) is the head honcho in this quartet of comedic geniuses. From talking about games that they have been playing, promoting their hilarious video game parody videos on youtube, referencing in full detail about a random episode of a tv show back in the 90s, and even breaking out in song, these guys are a major influence on my sense of humor and a lot of my knowledge on video games. Please check these guys out at Mega64

3.Rooster Teeth
                                             Gus, Gavin, Jack, Barbara, Joe the Cat, Burnie
Now everyone should know by now that I am a huge fan of Rooster Teeth, and pretty much everything they released. So much so that if you watched last weeks Walking Dead podcast with us, they criticized me for plugging them all the my retaliation? Talk about them some more. Now I have listen to the first episode the day it came out, and the 2nd episode 3 months later before they started doing it weekly. I think of the 200+ weeks that the podcast has been running, I have missed about 10 episodes, until I had time to listen to it. Burnie Burns who is the creator of Rooster Teeth, does a fantastic job running a company with such interesting, funny and cool people I wish I was friends with. Rooster Teeth does a great job bringing HD live video podcasts and bring up updates on what they are working on, office drama, and nonsense fights on set to keep the views interested. Its a video game/comedy subject that also touches base on horrible misinformation in space and science. It is really something I look forward to on Tuesday nights, enough for me to mute myself on Xbox and still kick ass in Call of Duty while Andrew and Nick get mad at me for not talking.

4. Internet Box Podcast

After a plug from Burnie from RT, I check out the podcast that holds Michael, Ray and Barbara from Rooster Teeths fame, which turned into one of the funnest uncensored podcasts in the world. It won an award for best general podcast from the PCPA , which is pretty cool because it is ran by kids that are between the ages of 17-25. Constant insults, making fun, and weird moments in which it seemed like someone was a psychopathic murderer (Mike). My Little Pony fans, and video game players, their topics range all over the place, but nothing beats a Sunday night and reading Rays "INTERNET BOX, ASSEMBLE" tweet...knowing your in for a hilarious Monday night. This podcast can been the weirdest thing you have ever listened to, or the funniest. I don't know what more to say then to listen to them. it really is great, check it out here.

That's all I have for tonight, check back tomorrow night for a few new posts from Nick and Bryan, Tuesday I will be posting again about something I haven't thought about yet. Follow me on Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

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