Monday, February 25, 2013

My favorite YouTubers

Hey bitches! So as some of you may have (I doubt it, ya'll got taste) read in a previous post on this site by my dear sweet, pain in my ass cousin Mike (@desquatro); he posted a blog on what podcasts or vlogs you should be watching. And I'm here to say, umm really??? Now, to get to things I know my classy readers (who should read what those guys and girl posts, its some good shit) would actually watch. So I'm here to tell you about three of the vloggers on YouTube that I am obessed with and just cannot get enough of.

The first YouTuber that I just can not get enough of is DailyGrace. Grace Helbig vlogs Monday-Friday (ya' know daily), each day giving you something different to digest in that fabulous brain of yours. So she has names for each day; Monday has no name (love that), Tuesday is Commenting on Comments, where she hazes the crap put of new users screen names (one day she will pick me!!), Wednesday she reviews something for you; which can be anything from a music video(with hysterical puns) to some event going on in pop culture. Thursday DailyGrace is gonna teach you how to do something, in her own special and funny way. Once she taught you how to make bacon vodka (which is funny bc she vegetarian) to her most recent thursday a One Direction nail tutorial (where she wraps a pair of panties around her fingers in honor of one of the members). Then there is friday, Sexy Friday, Sexy Friday, Seexxxyyy Friday, where she talks sex in an almost completely none sexual way. I'm totally not doing her justice, you need to check her out.

Next, is the extremely famous and popular Jenna Marbles. Jenna is the first YouTuber I started following, back when I discovered that you can follow people on YouTube Jenna basically gives you her brand of advice in her own way. She has done many different vlogs on topics that effect people in their mid twenties to thirties. She has videos basically making fun of the way men and women think about the same topic. You will laugh your ass off, but in the end they have a moral and you learn something you really had no idea you were learning. She also ends every video with her two cute ass dogs and a picture or cut out of Spiderman, which is so cute and I am guilty of missing it when she doesn't do it. LOL

The finally vloggers I want to talk about is Will and RJ of Shep689. This inspirational gay couple are daily vloggers as well, and they vlog Monday-Sunday. I found this vlog by chance when it popped up on one of the side menus on YouTube, while watching another video while I was home sick for a week with the flu. I then procedded to watch every single vlog they have ever made. The reason I love this vlog so much is the fact that they show their viewers that even though they are gay men, who are crazy in love with each other, they have normal lives and live like everyother straight couple in the world, only fabulous. Showing people that Gay people are the same as everyone else (OMG TOTALLY SHOCKING RIGHT!!) Plus, they have an addiction that I share as well, (no its not the dick) CHIPOTLE. They pretty much go there every day.  And to top it off one of my tweets was mentioned in RJ's videos!!!

So that is truly just a small sampling of YouTubers I follow. I hope to one day be as famous as they are on the Youtube. One of these days I'm going to start vlogging, maybe as part of this team?? Hey you never know!

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Later Bitches!!!!

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