Monday, February 11, 2013

My dude Bill Murray


 When I was younger I never really accepted the fact I wasn't a metal clawed mutant with sweet sweet mutton chops, a sai  wielding turtle who lived in a kick ass sewer,  a wise cracking scientist  with a proton  pack on his back taking over as the king of New York or Batman. But I particularly felt closer to the wise cracking scientist because I think of my self as kind of a character and I may or not have been called funny. In fact thats how I kept my face so pretty over all these years.... Well half that statement was true. But since my mom took me and a few kids from my I guess it would be kindergarten  class to see GhostBusters 2 . I knew right there that I am a Bill Murray fan for the rest of my life. So here is the time stamp before you go off and say " You're not a real Bill Murray fan " I was 4 years old when I saw GhostBusters 2 in the theaters. And you know what it took me until I was 15 to realize that seeing GhostBusters 2 at 4 years old and then watching movies like  Meatballs, Stripes, Scrooged  and What about Bob , might not of been the best move. So with my warped mind going forward   it looks like a post about Bill Murray.
   I'll be honest I don't enjoy some of the stuff he puts out. Some of it is out of my league as a movie watcher . Is that the right term , whatever. Also some of his movie are awful ( Garfield 2. What needed to be answered after the first one? ).But as this extremely descriptive paragraph goes on. Besides the huge misses Murray hasn't done  project he didn't believe in. Ok Ok if you read some of the interviews he did about the whole Garfield thing he thought that it was the Cohen brothers ( Fargo, Big Labowski ,  Raising Arizona, Barton Fink and Miller's crossing) so he signed on. So I forgive him for that and so should you  come on he was in Space Jam. He is my favorite actor and it pains me because I know for a fact that I can not write a proper post. Like I said before I became a fan when I was younger then 6. Before the internet game, before he got popular with the t-shirt crowd and I know I haven't seen a lot of his more dramatic movies but it doesn't mean I don't understand the ora of Bill Murray. My favorite line and this is probably most of the reason why Ghostbusters 1 is in my top 1 favorite movies is when they get up to Dana's apartment and Ray say " Hey where does these stairs go?" and ever so calmly Venkman replies " They go up" I break out laughing everytime. that's over two decades of me almost pissing my pants.

   Did you know that he as considered for the role of Han Solo ,John Kimble, and Bruce Wayne before the roles were given to Harrison Ford ,Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Keaton respectively .Could you imagine each of those movies with  him staring in each role? Cinematic gold! I want to keep this short. I've never met Bill Murray but I pretty much know what would happen if I did. I would finally understand why those tweens  cry when they see that guy... Brian Williams.  He just seems like a cool dude. He hung out with people at a karaoke bar , jumped in on a kickball game and has been killing it on the celeb pro/am golf circuit for years. Plus he was in Space Jam.

Here are my top 10 Bill Murray Roles
10. Frank Cross - Scrooged. It's not for everyone and it took me a long time to come around on the movie. David Johansson scared me.
9. Bunny Breckinridge- Ed Wood. An all around underrated role and underrated movie
8.Raleigh St. Clair- Royal Tenenbaums. steals the show when he is on
7. Herman - Rushmore. Just a solid film all around
6. Ernie McCraken- Kingpin. " You're on a gravy train with Biscuit wheels"
5. Arthur Denton- Little Shop of horrors. A role originally played by Jack Nicholson
4B. Bill Murray - Zombieland  - It's Bill Fucking Murray
4. John- Stripes - That's the Facts Jack.
3. Carl Sparkler - Caddyshack  - Come on do I have to explain
2. Steve Zissou  - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou  - It took me 2 viewings to see in full because I kept missing the start of the movie .

1. Peter Venkman -  Ghostbusters- It's my all time favorite movie . I watch both of them when I am feeling down and I perk right back up.

 So I raise a glass to you Mr. Murray for your greatness. Also if you are in the Nassau side of Long Island let's hang out. If that's not too creepy .

P.S- I support your call of not wanting to do Ghostbusters 3. As much as I want to see another Ghostbusters. I don't want  to see it  go the same as Indiana Jones, Die Hard and Star Wars.  

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