Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How Rooster Teeth Saved My Life.

April 1st of 2003 was a day that has forever changed my life. I had seen a trailer for what seemed to be a fake movie using the video game Halo, and it was insane...something I have never seen before. On April fools day the first season of Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles started up, and ten years later it is still going strong. The main story line of the show is between the Red Team, and the Blue Team along with neutral characters that end up helping both sides some time or another. They are fighting a war in which both teams don't have any motivation to fight the civil war they are apart of because..well, here..watch this video.
The Red Team is made up of Simmons, Grif, Donut and Sarge. Simmons is the intelligent member of the team even when he is commanded by Sarge, Their leader and hungry for blood. Interestingly enough he is more willing to kill the least liked, and the (supposed) fatter and lazier member, Grif. Donut is the overwhelmingly annoying to everyone based off of his "fabulous" sense of fashion.

Church, who is voiced by the creator of the show, Burnie Burns is the ghostly leader of the Blue Team, while  having the sidekick of the ever so horny Tucker, whose main goal is to look cool to pick up chicks. Caboose  is the surprisingly stupid member of the group,with coming up with crazy nonsensical one liners...and the amount of his moments getting made fun of brings back bad memories of my life with these fuckers in the blog. Tex (Churches girlfriend who before the war got paired up with a very aggressive AI) is a freelancer who later joins forces with the blues because of a cry for help when things got heated.

 I'm not going to spoil anything or say anything more of the show because I would hope everyone gets a chance to watch this. This show from the day it aired, until today has inconstantly made me laugh so loud at 3 o'clock in the morning that i wake up my grandmother upstairs. I could sit here and ramble on for hours about how great the show is, I can list memorable quotes and I can post every episode, and it will not do the show any justice to how great it is. (Put it this way, I made my sister get me the $175 blu-ray edition of the 10 year anniversary boxset just for one live action short)

Red vs Blue was such a hit, that the company (Rooster Teeth) came out with a whole production company based off of it. Even the name Rooster Teeth comes from a common insult in the show, "Cock Bite". Live action shorts, 204 (as they record 205 right now) podcasts recorded, and even a whole other part of the company dedicated to daily video game updates, lets plays and mini series ( Achievement Hunter ). With the amount of content they produce weekly, it is very hard to be bored on the community website.

Growing up, I wasn't popular...I wasn't "cool" and i certainly didn't have many friends. I looked towards RT to cheer up and help me get through my day. I would download the multiple podcasts at once and listen to then during work, and if I finished the 4 or 5, I would just play them again. The people of Rooster Teeth have done a ton of things to push me through some of the hardest and upsetting days of my life, and I have and always will give them credit for doing such great work and things to keep me in an upbeat spirit. Ask Nick, or ask Andrew if I will talk on Xbox playing CoD or WWE while the podcast is on. Their answer will be no. Back in October a dream came true for me, I was able to meet a few of the creators and staff members of Rooster Teeth. I met Matt Hullem, who is the voice of Sarge in RvB aswell as being one of the founders of Rooster Teeth, and I met Kathleen Zuelch, who had to be one of the nicest person i have ever ment, not to mention one of my biggest crushes in the world. While I was waiting for a while at the RT booth to get an autograph from Matt, I spent most of the time just talking and hanging out with Kathleen, who is the voice of Freelancer Tex in RvB. I had the most kick ass character in a web series, hold a pocket knife I bought to which I carry on me every day.

 In July I am taking a week long vacation by myself to Austin, Texas for RTX, The Rooster Teeth Expo. While the Penny Arcade Expo is such a big hit, RT knew what they had with their community. Every year there were multiple meet ups in various cities in the U.S, Canada and even other continents, so one big expo was a genius idea for them. Last year they had the first playable demo for Halo 4, as well as other really cool things premiering (like the first episode of the RvB season 10). I got accepted to work for Rooster Teeth during the expo helping out with the convention as what they call a Guardian. I am beyond excited for this event I will be reviewing everything I see and hear as soon as I get back on July 10th. That will be the best week of my life.

I really hope everyone who reads this post will atleast check out Rooster Teeth and all of their content. I promise you that you will not regret it. Follow them on Twitter, and become a sponsor on their site for awesome bonus content. Until next time, you can message me on Facebook, or follow and Tweet me. Thanks everyone!

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