Saturday, February 23, 2013

House of Cards; The Best Show NOT on T.V

Netflix decided to be a bunch of geniuses and release their own TV show, which was the coolest thing for them because they don't have to worry about what they decide to show. Nobody can dictate what they are allowed to feature on the show since they are the ones directing, producing and releasing this amazing show called "House of Cards"

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Kevin Spacey has gone above and beyond to impress me with in this show. I tend to lean against the people that play bad guys in movies, which is his usual role (21,Horrible Bosses) but he really plays a kind of mixed character. He can be a real asshole, but then again be the nicest guy. He has his moments where only you know that he is being fake or two faced, or if he was actually being sincere to a character.
Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood, who is a congressman as well as someone who is trying to do anything he can to rise up the ranks in the U.S government. One thing I really enjoy about this T.V show is the side bar conversations that Frank has with the camera. Its really hard to explain the fact that mid conversation between him and another character he would turn away as if time stopped, and talk to the viewers watching the show. It reminds me of The whole Jay and Silent Bob thing where they say something and then look at the camera obvious making the joke on us. Here is my favorite scene involving this type of sidebar that I find hilarious.
                                                          Go to :42 seconds in to the video

Frank makes a deal with a reporter who shows that she is very interested not only in politics but also doing what she can to bring her self to be better and well known in the news and journalism world. Zoe Barnes, who is played by the wonderful and amazing Kate Mara makes this role a standout. She is a tough girl who knows what she needs to do to for the best of the Washington Harold. Zoe promises to not write about Frank in the paper if he chooses to feed her unreleased news under the table as an anonymous source. These interactions instantly because something to look forward to during the episodes because of how good their chemistry is together.
So amazing.

The last thing I would like to comment that really caught my eye, is something no other T.V show that I watch has ever done. When showing two characters text, its not the typical over the shoulder looking down at the phone type of frame, but instead it shows the text messages popping up from the phone without even seeing the screen. I don't know why but it caught me so off guard and I thought it was a really new and clever way to get passed something that normally is boring and not interesting between two characters.

Overall I have only watched four episodes but as soon as the first scene was over (He kills a dog that got ran over) I was instantly hooked. There are other great actors and actresses who I would have liked to get more into detail with,but these two are my favorites as well as the fact that I am beyond exhausted. In order to watch this show, which I highly recommend  you need to have Netflix streaming and search for it under "New to TV". This is an amazing show that deserves to have everyone watch it. I now suddenly want to become a politician just for fun because of this show.

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