Monday, February 4, 2013

Here we go


  This is going to be the first real post. Not like the whole " Hey guys , Whats up "  run down post that I all ready did and knocked it out of the park... So there is a lot of pressure because this post sets the tone.  Which is making me think " Why didn't I wait until someone else wrote." But whatever lets have some fun with it.

  I want to keep this post a little short because I don't really have that solid of an idea. Just to put it out there I am not the video game guy. I like some video games but I never got really into it for plenty of reasons but mainly it came down to these top there 1. I don't want to spend $60  for a game that I might not like,but with the invention of  GameFly whats my excuse. I guess another 8 dollars a month might be too much .B I work a lot of inconsistent  hours so I can't really get into a flow of games.  and trace when I get some money in the ol  ' wallet I like to spend on things like food, going to the movies and buying drinks for women who want nothing to do with me.... That sounds sad

  No, I am a big time movie and t.v guy. I like going to the movies or how civilized people  call it the cinema. This past summer I went to  a lot of midnight releases and I of course browse  the new release and recently added movies. I honestly enjoy those shitty B-movies that are being generated .Long Live instant streaming on NetFlix and Hulu a source of pure joy with just terrible movies that make me . Like I watched " Nazi at the center of the earth" from opening to closing credits  and I enjoyed it. Even though I called bullshit on a ton of things. But I wont get into it now because I said I want to keep it short.  I'll write reviews of movies , Tv shows , maybe I'll write somethings that I don't even know what they are yet. I am trying to be a wild card here . Just let me have it.  

   So in closing, was this the best first post a site could have... No, not at all. But there in lies the rub. Once the rest of the team get going it's going to get  better. I have no clue what they are going to do but we all have great ideas to make this site something to be seen.  I guess this would be the time someone with real charisma would so " Well buckle up butter cup your in for one hell of a ride.". Sadly I am not that cool and I feel kinda dirty calling you buttercup. 

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