Saturday, February 16, 2013

Green Lantern: Love Is A Battlefield

Don't Get Too Attached To Any Character


My Thoughts:  After last weeks reprieve from the constant sadness and death that the series is known for this week picks right back up on all those great things.  Don't get me wrong I loved last weeks episode, but it's not an episode of Green Lantern until at least 1 to 2 of the supporting cast have seized life functions.  This is the unofficial official Valentine's Day episode and while it isn't on the same level as Loss from a few weeks back it is still a good episode.  It was really interesting to see where Aya is in terms of her "mental" state and inner battle with love and hate. It was also cool to see her question the Star Sapphire's beliefs and making several good points. The best moment of the episode is when Aya and Razer meet up.  The small subtle movements of Anti-Aya's arm just totally confirms she still has emotions.  Seeing Aya in this new state though was great.  The writers really went out of there way several times during the episode to show how powerful she is in this new form.  She teleports Carol when Gi'ata says it is impossible without Carol's loved one present and she does this again when freeing Atrocitus and giving him back his ring (Which was kept charged?!) The B story is also good because it shows that without Aya that the Interceptor Crew can't do several of the things that they could do when she was present.  This includes warping without fear.  In all I have to say this was another solid episode in a string of great, great episodes.

Score: 8.5/10 

Quick Recap:

A Story:

This episode focuses on Aya and her trying to confirm her belief that the emotion of love leads only to pain and sadness.  Naturally she heads to the Star Sapphire's home planet to have a civil discussion on the matter, by civil I mean that she sends down the Manhunters and blitzkriegs the goddamn temple killing several Star Sapphire Gals and injuring the Queen in the progress.

After Aya's swift victory she demands to have a philosophical discussion on love and hate.  During this she talks with Gi'ata, the young Star Sapphire that loves Hal Jordan, and in the process almost gets her to admit that Love does cause pain.  Gi'ata not able to do love justice tells Aya that Carol Ferris of Earth taught them the meaning of Love and would be able to better explain it to Aya.  Gi'ata tells Aya that is impossible to contact Carol because they can't properly teleport her without the presence of her true love.  Aya scoffs calls the Star Sapphires weak and precedes to teleport Carol. This was a pretty cool moment in the show because it shows how strong Anti-Aya is that she can do things that others deem impossible.

Carol pretty much restates what she told Gi'ata and the Star Sapphires in season 1 but Aya is not to pleased with this so Aya sets up a death battle between the Champion Of Love, Carol and Champion Of Hate, Atrocitus.  That's right Aya busted the biggest criminal out of prison for a duel.

Carol and Atrocitus fight and Carol finds herself outmatched by the big red goon.  Remembering the power of the Star Sapphire ring she summons Hal Jordan to help her out.  Hal comes in and he as well gets smoked  as well.  Before Atrocitus can kill Hal with his breath of rage Gi'ata takes the hit for him and dies.

Her death is not in vain however as Hal fueled by that event takes down Atrocitus via bludgeoning then Carol smashes a giant rock on top of him.  Love wins right? Wrong Aya states that Love caused the death of Gi'ata and that it is time to systematically destroy the galaxy.

Before she can start her unholy quest Razer and Kilowog show up and the best moment of the episode happens.  Razer looks at Aya and says "What are you doing?"  Aya drops her anti-arm and pauses for a real brief second just enough time for me to conclude that deep down she still has emotions and can't bring herself to destroy Razer.  She then states that it would be illogical to destroy the system planet by planet and would rather just do it in one fell swoop.  And swooping is bad. The episode ends with Carol keeping her Sapphire ring and Hal and the gang heading back to the interceptor.

B Story: This weeks B story was Hal and Crew's problems with warping without Aya.  Kilowog looks like a big baby but they do it anyway.  This part of the story was used to show how useful and needed Aya is to the crew and how they are kind of lost without her.  Nevertheless they find out how to use the warp properly without Aya and Kilowog mans up.

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