Friday, February 8, 2013

Because this had to happen

 To clear things up from my last post I am a huge Batman fan and I liked the Nolan adaptations. But it took me  a while to like the Dark Knight Rises. I left the theater feeling robbed and cheated by some of the huge plot holes.  I actually battled with my self not to make this an ode to Batman type post.

 Just a quick review. Since we are being slapped around by Nemo ( Nice name, was Gill taken. Get it Finding Nemo reference). Since I really don't like going out in the snow any more because I am not a small child anymore. Ohh  hold on did you hear the story about the 6 or 7 year old who got suspended for chucking imaginary hand grenades to save the day? What kind of world are we coming to. Don't you remember when you we a tot and you were drafted to your specific platoon  and you toed the line between good and evil for the roughest 4 years of your life. Just no stop battles in after Math, P.E and before spelling. I lost a lot  of elastic band zooba pants out there on the battle field.

 Instead of having a life I decided to watch on Netflix the Stone Cold Steve Austin epic " Tactical Force" where Stone Cold leads an elite group of BadAss S.W.A.T officers in a training mission where they run into two gangs and they are out manned and out gunned in a thrill a second ride. I have to get this out there for a tactical force they never used one tactic to subdue any of the bad guys in the 4 action scenes. Look I get it this was a straight to the internet type of movie and I really shouldn't hold it to any real standard. But If I am watching a movie staring Stone Cold Steve Austin  and I mean he is the #1 guy I better see at least 2 Stone Cold Stunners. They could of worked it into the   choreography. Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia did a great job mapping out the moves in all the fight scenes. I do have to say who ever the Russian bad guy was he did bring his A game. He killed it especially with the line " Let's be Facebook friends!" in the middle of a gun fight.

     If you like Stone Cold and turning you brain off for 86 minutes then go nuts. But if you can't stand    movies no Stone cold Stunners then find another movie.  I give it a 8 out of 20 . Minus 4 points for lack of Stone Cold Stunners.  Tons of stunners in this post . This is how history is made.

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