Thursday, February 21, 2013

Be My Princess .. Or Else

I know you don't know me very well. That'z ok. Come a little closer and I'll tell you a little secret. Sometimes I am an angry feminist. Hey...where are you going?! I just want to talk about Facebook ads.

I was at work today, working hard and innocently skimming my Facebook page, when I came across this sponsored ad.

Me and a prince? No thanks. Me and Prince? Maybe.

Now, I'd like to believe that EVERYONE saw this ad on their timelines. Is this true? Please do let me know. Because I had my WTF face on. Do you think I want to be a princess because I have a vagina? Who downloads this bullshit? What is wrong with Japanese people? Why do these princes have purple hair? I decided to investigate....

The BE MY PRINCESS plot goes a little something like this...

"You, a young fashion designer looking to break into the industry, and a prince. Normally, the two would never meet. But what if you not only met, but fell in love with a prince? Experience an unexpected, forbidden romance that crosses class boundaries."

I'm not even going to comment on that, I won't wonder why I have to be fashion designer instead of a teacher or doctor or garbage-person, I'll just skip right to the user complaints....
  • I don't know if this just applies to me, but whenever I go to the beauty shop I can't buy anything other than what's already being displayed. For example, the first items I see when I go to the beauty shop are the event clothes. I click on hairstyles and it loads the exact same page I was just on. I try to click on hairstyles again, but Nothing happens. IT SUCKS CAUSE I CAN'T WIN ANY ROYAL PARTIES!!! MY CHARM IS SOO LOW !!!! Please fix!
  • The love letters that I'd receive previously didn't showed up in the collection sheet...please fix..:(
  •  I cant accept mates at the new event. I also cant see other categories of clothes in beauty shop. PLEASE FIX
  • when i want to buy different clothin or iteam i cannt cause it wont switch the thing in beauty shop 
  • This game is my new obsession I love it but it sucks that I can't see my room and now my closet is not working
  • The game has a great story line but you cant see where to put your things and the outfits and hair styles are tooo high i haven't whent any futher with the love passes due to saving up and thier is no red hair styles and im a natural red head so not fair to have black brown and blond but no red
  • I can't seem to see my's all white n even when I am decorating I can't see the furniture
So the ladies are mad because they can't decorate their love chambers, or fit their Sim clothes in their Sim closets, or buy new outfits or get their hair did so they can make a 'love pass' at the ball? Ok. 

Here's my favorite user complaint: i love it but i am scared that it will happen to me in real life.

Me too. I am scared that a purple haired prince will demand that I be his personal fashion designer.
 Demands are sexxxy.
 [Sidenote: is my Sim trapped in the castle? Why am I there for an extended amount of time? What happened to my fashion career? Doesn't my family miss me? Do I get to bang all six princes? I sure hope so, but not all at once =X ]

Whatever. I get the appeal of the game. It's like a love story in anime/game form. Let's come up with something a little more original than the 'princess' idea though. And let's let the Sim ladies do something else than do their hair and fill their virtual closets #SEXISM #WTF. I've never played the game, so if you have, let me know.
I'll close with this argument....
Me talk romance real good.

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