Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Batman is my Homeboy.... Or another title


    I know people are all sad that there will not be a Batman movie franchise as good as the Nolan helmed Batman Begins , The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises aka The Dark Knight two Electric Boogalou  aka The Dark Knight 2 : The best we can do , now give us your money ! Movies aka the Dark Knight and those two other movies that's not the Dark Knight.  But like I said before I think this could be a blessing for D.C. Comics movies from the Future.

    I get everyone loved the grounded in realism and gritty world of Gotham but the Batman that  watched the streets was kind of a wimp. Come on you know its true. Look at the facts: He only got into like 3 fights with henchmen at one time, he wasn't that great of a detective, and quit for a weak ass reason. So what your girl friend died. Its like he forgot the reason why he became Batman in the first place. And I dug the whole  based  in the "Real world"feel  to it but Batman's a D.C. Character and nothing about D.C is "real world". 

  With all the hubbub about a Justice League movie coming out and what "world are they going to put it in. Also since money still works and America  uses capitalism instead of those other isms there is also talks about rebooting a new Batman series of movies. Early grumblings have Joseph Gordon Levitt dawning the cape and cowl and there are rumors but  basically prayers that Christian Bale takes up the mantle once again for  the Justice League movie. To that I say fuck'em both and toss the Nolan Bummer Batman to the curb and bring in the Batman we all love. Not Michael Keaton ( You realize his Batman killed people?) , Not Val Kilmer or George Clooney for the worst Batmen ever and even though I would love to of seen Bill Murray do his best Adam west. Nah  Kids I am talking Batman T.A.S and the Arkham video games.  

 How fucking bad ass would those movies be? Soooo  bad ass. When the original Batman the Animated Series debuted way back, over 21 years ago!   It changed the cartoon game because they were doing stuff that was way more mature then 7 year old Bryan should have been watching.  The ( Though I think this link is from the New Adventures of Batman and Robin, which is just another go at T.A.S but harsher )Joker killing people with nerve gas, Poison Ivy and Catwoman being way to sexual , Harley Quinn being the poster child for spousal abuse and other things like drug addiction, obsession, manic behavior, corrupt government officials, and oh yeah fucking MURDER.  

    The Arkham  series is just the best example of what Batman is. Playing both of these game to the end you feel the absolute desire to stop every villain that tries  to fuck with your shit. Arkham Asylum was crazy because it's just you against an entire island of criminals that you've put in the slammer. The writers and game designers managed to work it so that every boss fight fit into the story line without it being rushed or force in without the loss of story. Arkham  City was by far the largest game ever made. It was nuts. Basically It was a world that was the size of Manhattan and you have to Batman all around it. These games play like movies and I feel that the Arkhams were the scripts for the Dark Knight Rises" because it starts with you taking the Joker to jail. So there is that to think about. If you got 2 hours check out these links. Some genius made the Video games into movies so check it out. It's pretty fucking cool : Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I cannot wait for Arkham 3. 

   The reason I feel that if new Batman movies were more like A.T.S and Arkham is because their about   Batman and not about Bruce Wayne. Sounds dumb but some of you get it and plus those fight scenes will be hard as fuck . I can only take so much of a whiny rich guy but Batman being Batman is what I'll pay out the nose for. We all know the back story , we understand the Gotham may in fact be the worst place on earth outside of Walmart, and the world of Batman is never really discussed.  Why does every Batman movie have the feeling like Bruce is going to hang it up or fly the Batwing out in the middle of Gotham bay and let it blow up? That's not Batman, Batman is obsessed with being Batman. To him it's a burden to be Bruce Wayne not Batman. I think they slightly mention that in The Dark Knight Rises. But If you focus a movie on just Batman , his villains and his obsession with justice and what his obsession makes other people do would be possibly the best Batman movie ever.  I feel like I am saying Batman too many times and it's not making sense . 

 Movie people here is a Key phrase you can use while you think about making a new Batman movie. Batman will never quit , Batman will never stop, Batman will fight to his last breath then fight some more and Batman will never stop dancing

P.S - If this doesn't make too much sense of seems really weird just know that I had a bowl of big bowl Cheerios  right before this and I am buzzing right now. 

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