Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Taste of My Taste 2/12/13

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I have two loves in my life. One of those is watching grown men fake wrestle in spandex while lathered in baby oil, and the other is my passion for modern Metalcore, Hardcore, and Pop-Punk music. Lucky for you this post is about the latter.

Imagine explaining this to your non-wrestling friends...

If you have never heard of any of these bands I talk about don't feel intimidated or timorous, most people have no idea who they are, and that's OK!  I only hope some of my music based blogs can help some folks stray from their musical comfort zone and discover an entirely new, lesser known side of music; or at the very least discover that what some immaturely call "Angry screaming music" actually has a lot of emotion and creativity to it.
Within the past week there have been a lot of great new tunes from all different ends of the spectrum and I aim to cover all of them, giving you my personal favorites and my not-so favorites.

First up on my list is Metalcore quintet Tear Out The Heart. I first heard about these guys a few months ago when they released a killer cover of "Like a G6" and I was hooked. Their seamless blend of aggressive, fast paced hardcore and infectious chorus's that will stay in your head for days are what keeps me coming back to this band. After signing to Victory Records in August 2012, the band has released two singles off of their highly anticipated label debut album "Violence" produced by Caleb Shomo (Beartooth, Attack Attack!).

  1. Infamous Last Words

This song is a great first track to draw interest to this album. It hits on all the bands strong points and delivers an addicting chorus filled with gang vocals that you are sure to be singing to yourself in the shower tonight. Those familiar with Attack Attack! will recognize the Caleb Shomo influence almost immediately, in an intro that sounds like it could be straight off of an AA! track. In my opinion, this is the stronger of 2 awesome tracks.

     2.  Undead Anthem

The first single off of the album, Undead Anthem is a hard hitting track that is sure to open up the pits at the next TOTH show. Starting off very similar to Of Mice & Men's "The Depths" Undead Anthem grows into its own with another fantastic chorus and vicious breakdown, lead by none other than the producer himself Caleb Shomo.

While TOTH does little to reinvent the wheel, they stick to the old saying "If it aint broke dont fix it". I highly recommend this two track EP to anyone who enjoys A Day To Remember, Attack Attack! or A Skylit Drive. Do not sleep on this band and consider buying their album "Violence" when it drops March 19th

Transit - Nothing Lasts Forever
Next is a band from Massachusetts named Transit who released their first single "Nothing Lasts Forever" yesterday from their upcoming album Young New England out on April 2nd on Rise Records.

I wont lie, when I first heard this track I was a bit confused. I didn't understand how a band who released this 2 years ago could release something that as one YouTube user states "Sounds like a Wiggles song covered by a group of really talented musicians". The more I listened to it, the more it has grown on me. Transit brings a really unique, beautiful sound to their music and have once again taken their music to the next level, instead of making "Listen & Forgive Part 2". This song has got me excited for a new Transit record that you can find blasting out of my car stereo all summer long.

If you dig what you hear, Pre-order Young New England due out April 2nd.

The Color Morale - Learned Behavior

Learned Behavior is the first single off of The Color Morale's 3rd album "Know Hope" dropping on March 26th via Rise Records. The Color Morale has been a band floating around the "Midcard" of Rise Records and with these release they look to join such labelmates as Memphis May Fire and Sleeping With Sirens in their success, and move to the top tier of Rise. With relate able lyrics such as "Aren't you sick of knowing that you could truly be something that stays around and makes a difference before it leaves" there is no denying that The Color Morale are here to make an impact, and I hope this record propels this band to the level of popularity they deserve.

If you dig this, you can pro order Know Hope here.

I hope you are interested in any of these bands and check them out in the future. If you have any requests, questions or just want to discuss music or graps you can contact me at ParksXCore@Gmail.com or you can send me a tweet @ParksXcore. As always, thank you for even taking the time to read this, and remember to support your favorite artists by buying their music and merchandise. Have a good night and a better tomorrow!


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