Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Tweeters Tweetin'

For today's scintillating post, I've decided to share something about myself. I follow some people on Twitter. Not many - I mean who has the time to sort through all those twidiots and figure out which posts I'd like to scroll past on a daily basis?

Anyways, I've picked three contestants whose posts I usually skim. Come explore the inner workings of my mind. 

In no particular order (drum roll please)

The New York Times @nytimes

Yeah, okay. This first choice is zZzZz, but hear me out. I often find myself in situations (i.e. work) where I need to make awkward small talk with strangers. It's delightful for everyone involved. Since I've already perfected my weather speech ("I heard it's supposed to rain tomorrow!" or "It's so nice out today, have you been outside yet?") and my days of the week spiel ("Oh, it's definitely a Monday!" or "Is it Friday yet?!?!?"), I need some new material. The NYT oh-so-cleverly tweets its headlines. I'll just skim those suckers and click on a whatever one grabs me to view the summary. Hell, if I'm interested (or stuck in line or on the train or pretending not to see someone) I'll even read the damn article. There's a catch: you can only read 10 free articles a month due to the paywall, but whatevs, if I'm really interested I'll read it on my computer.

Do you get what I'm saying here people? I can kill time while still seeming informed. Being informed is important, but if you can't muster the enthusiam, you can read the article summary and fake it 'til you make it. Stuck in an elevator with your boss? Ask 'em if they've heard the latest about the Cannibal Cop! That's a surefire way to A) get promoted or B) Kill the conversation. Boom. Pun intended. You're welcome.

I also follow the WSJ on Twitter, but wouldn't recommend then because they retweet old headlines and links to videos. Hey WSJ, I'm not dumb. I remember you tweeted that shit last week. Get some new material. Also, videos? No.

Special shoutout to the NYT Green Blog (@nytimesgreen) because I am an alleged recycling Nazi. Now, moving on.

Richard Lawson @rilaws

Once upon a time I stumbled onto a website called Gawker and thought it was actually pretty funny (not really anymore, but I'll get to that). I keep noticing that the posts by one 'Richard Lawson' really cracked me up. My oh my, he really tickled my pickle. He gave me a funny boner. He was the reason I looked like a crazy person laughing to myself in my cubicle (unfortunately that didn't deter anyone from talking to me). Who was this guy, I wondered, and how'd he get so funny? Well, I have no idea, but I can tell from hisTwitter picture that he probably lives in Brooklyn. I bet he's over in Williamsburg or Greenpoint or maybe even HipsterHeightz (a place so trendy and on the up that the NYT hasn't even had a chance to write a trend piece on it), drinking an Americana, wearing vintage plaid, wandering a farmer's market or brunching with friends at this very moment. Maybe he's sitting at home, so very alone, watching TV "for work" with his cat named Boyfriend. "Oh," he'll tell people, "I can't tonight. I've got to get home to my boyfriend. We're having dinner together. Maybe another time." And then he dies a little inside. I don't know and I don't want to ask a lot of questions.

Well Gawker sucks recently and I jussstttttt figured out that he no longer works there. Yeah, a little behind on that one, but I do have a life yaknow. He writes entertainment reviews or "articles" for The Atlantic Wire, which frankly I had never heard of and didn't even care to investigate. It looks like every other online publication - The Huffington Post or Mashable came to mind. Look into it for me and let me know if it's an actual newspaper. So now I follow him on Twitter so I can read his hilarious TV recaps and whatever other thoughts he gets paid to think. Here's something recent he co-wrote with a 90-year-old lady (I'm sure she's totally heard that one before) on 2013 fall TV pilots. I love reviews! I love humor! Most of the time, he combines the two. Check it out.

The Cut @thecut

The Cut is New York Magazine's fashion blog. What? I recreationally (read: when I'm bored) follow fashion, and it's nice to see how the other half lives. $2500 coat? HAHAHA YEAH OK but doesn't that 16-year-old Russian look great in it? Some people call fashion art, and that's what I call it too, because just like a painting in a musuem, it ain't coming home with me. I can't read too much of this kind of stuff though - it gets old fast.

That's all for this time! Let me know if I'm missing anything good on the Twittersphere, and if you need something new to clutter up your Twitter feed, follow me @Marb_Reds.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

Good evening Underrated Heroes. I write this introduction as I sit at my desk, patiently waiting to press play on this record and spill my thoughts onto this paper for you all. Today I will be reviewing Bring Me The Horizon's latest album "Sempiternal", and I cannot think of  more appropriate album for my first review on this site. The word Sempiternal derives from Latin origins and refers to the concept of "everlasting time" which can never come to pass. For BMTH this album is everlasting, it it their mark on this world and how they will be remembered. Before I begin I just want to thank everyone who reads this site, everyone who writes for this site, everyone who loves it, everyone who hates it, and every person in between.  We have managed over 3000 views in our first month alone and none of this would be possible without you. This is our mark on this world, this is Sempiternal.

Before I get into this article I thought I should explain my reviewing process for you all, as if to give you an understanding of how my music reviews will be done on this site.

  1. Besides any released singles, I have not heard the album yet. I write this as I hear it for the first time, my pen hits the paper as the music hits my ears. 
  2. I try to avoid any music by the Artist/Band or the same genre during the day until my review, in order to avoid preconceptions.
  3. I go track by track, breaking down the album to help those who prefer to purchase individual songs as opposed to the entire album.
So without any further adieu, I present to you...

Bring Me the Horizon - Sempiternal

It was late 2011, and British Metalcore quintet Bring Me The Horizon was wrapping up a tour with Parkway Drive & Architects, in support of their 3rd release "There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven, Lets Keep It a Secret". The band was in the works to release a reissue of the album, filled with electronic remixes (Similair to the Suicide Season Reissue), aiming for an early 2012 release. This eventually fell through as Bring Me The Horizon left their record label, Visible Noise, in search of a Major Label. BMTH felt as if an independent label lacked the resources and support they required at this stage of the bands life. In July of 2012, it was announced that RCA Records had signed Bring Me The Horizon to release their fourth album, stating "Signing you is as important as signing Metallica". The RCA signing shows that Bring Me The Horizon has evolved into a bigger beast, and "Sempiternal"  is the result and Major label debut for the band. 

Sempiternal is a word that denotes from the concept of "Everlasting Time" that can never come to pass, and stems from the Latin root word of "Sempiternal". The Cover art depicts the Flower of Life, and the clear message is that there is a new life for this band, a fresh start, and through these songs Bring Me The Horizon plan to live on forever. It is clear that they are here to stay.

1. Can You Feel My Heart
"Can you fix the broken? Can you feel my heart?"

An electronic opening. 10 seconds in and it is clear that BMTH have evolved their sound. "Can you hear the silence? Can you see the dark?" vocalist Olyver Sykes howls over the Anberlin-esque synthesizer. It is clear that his vocal range has grown since 2011's "There is a Hell..". Halfway through a melodic, ambient guitar breaks through the synth. The most powerful line yet "I'm scared  to get close, I hate being alone. I long for that feeling, to not feel at all. The higher I get, the lower I sink, I cant drown my demos, they've learned how to swim." is repeated. This line will be all over sad 15 year old girls Facebook status's. A light electronic pulse signifies the end of track one, and leads right into...

2. The House of Wolves
"I'll Bow for your King When He Shows Himself"

Not all has changed, as a crunchy opening guitar friendly reminds us of the BMTH we have all grown to love. This song has the fast circle-pit tempo and the anthemic chorus we have learned to expect from BMTH. This is clearly a jab at religion, with such lines as "And when you die, the only kingdom you'll see is 2ft wide and 6ft deep." which leads into a nicely done breakdown. This song has a bit of lyrical repetition, but the fast pace and sing along chorus signifies it is absolutely perfect for a live crowd.

3.Empire (Let Them Sing)
" They came like moths to a flame, you live like a house in a hurricane."

A guitar fades in behind Oli's vocal chord ripping vocals, building to a great intro reminiscent of 2011's "There is a Hell..". So far Lee Malia's guitars have been so clean, yet so heavy, and it really stands out to me. It may be the Long Island in me, but the vocals remind me a lot of Stray From the Path's Drew York at times, which is not bad at all. This song is a bit slower paced, but what lacks in speed if made up for in aggressiveness. 

4. Sleepwalking
"Time stands still, the way it did before. It's like I'm sleepwalking"

Another electronic opening here. It goes really well with the guitar and my god, Oli Sykes vocals are absolutely phenominal. This song has another chorus in "Its like I'm sleepwalking" that was designed for a live crowd. Around 2:25 things get a bit soft, providing a nice break from the brutality. It's nice to hear a Metalcore band not rely on breakdowns for every track. Breakdowns, like most things, are best in moderation. So far this track is my favorite, and I can definitely see this track being an early single.

5. Go to Hell, For Heavens Sake
"When did the diamonds leave your bones?"

Heavy guitars over ambient backing sounds are the gist of this album, and it is working really, really well. This track stands out to me, as it's a bit musically different and being the 5th song, makes for a good "Halfway point". Ever song is getting better than the last, and it looks like the middle songs are the best part of the album.

6. Shadow Moses
"This is Sempiternal"

The first single released from Sempiternal, this track perfectly exemplifies what the album contains. Huge chorus's, fast paced aggression, and oh so heavy breakdowns. While I've been writing this review, I keep finding it hard to write because I keep drifting off into intense air drumming with my pen (good thing I have 2 on me), and that's what good Rock/Metal music should make you want to do.

7. And The Snakes Start To Sing
"Don't say I'm better off dead, because Heavens full and Hell won't have me"

A piano opening? I approve of this. So far tracks 4-6 have been killer and this song seems to be a bit of an interlude into the last 4 songs on the album. I don't like calling it an "Interlude" exactly because that makes it sound like it is worth skipping, and it is still a great track in its own right. This track seems like it will provide a rest to the live crowd before everyone starts beating the crap out of one another again.

8.Seen It All Before
" I don't want to live like a broken record."

The slow intro provides a perfect segway from "Snakes" into the later part of the album. Nothing about this track really stands out to me until the last 45 seconds, but the first 7 songs were so great that I'm not even mad. I hope these last 3 songs deliver, because this album has been fantastic.

9. Anti-Vist
"There will be no peaceful revolution, no war without blood.
You can say I'm just a fool who stands for nothing, well for that, I say you're a cunt"

Another single that was released, this song brings back the boredom that starts sinking in on the last track. This track reminds me of old BMTH, and its always icing on the cake to me when a band doesn't forget their roots. Plain and simple, this track is badass. I'm lightly moshing to myself in my room, imaginary crowd killing for the win.

10. Crooked Young
"Fuck your faith, no ones gonna save you."

The lyrics indicate that this song is another jab at religion. There are bands that just have a winning formula, and Bring Me the Horizon has it. Every track including this one follows similar patterns, yet each track stands out on its own. This track keeps up the aggressivness and has me excited for the conclusion.

11. Hospital For Souls 
"Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die,
I can’t fear death no longer, I’ve died a thousand times

"And then I found out how hard it is to really change, even hell can get comfy once you've settled in. I just wanted the numb inside me to leave. No matter how fucked you get, the sun will return and you come back down. The funny thing is, all I've ever wanted, I already had. There's glimpses of heaven in every day. In the friends that I have, the music I make, the love that I feel. I just had to start again." 

- Oliver Sykes

That is the quote that begins this song, and the music that follows is just as beautiful. This track transcends seamlessly between beautiful soft vocal hooks and gut wrenching screams that are bound to steal your voice when attempted. The ending builds up slowly, "Hold me close, don't let me go, watch me burn." screams Oli at the top of his lungs as the track fades away and the album comes to a powerful end.

In Conclusion
Now that the album has finished, I have a confession. I have never been much of a Bring Me the Horizon fan. I liked my share of songs but I was never able to get into them much, and was unsure how I would react to this album. Now that its done, I'm sitting here, both amazed by this album and saddened that it's over.  This is not only a great album, it is the best that Bring Me the Horizon has ever put out. Oli's vocals are insanely good, Lee's guitars and Matt K's Bass are both heavy and beautiful, and Matt N. hits the drums the hardest he ever has, and lays down some mesmerizing fills. Sempiternal has guaranteed that I will spending an extra 30 minutes at the Vans Warped Tour Main Stage this year to see BMTH, and I absolutely cannot wait to see these songs play out live.

I give this album a 10 out of 10, and I recommend it if you like Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, or Norma Jean. 

Sempiternal will be released internationally on April 29th 2013. I highly recommend you Pre-order this album here. Please always support artist and buy music, I know I will be buying this album and I hope you will to.

As always I thank you for reading the ramblings of a boy who likes metal, zombies and wrestling. I am forever gratteful for your support towards myself and this site. You can follow me on Twitter @ParksXcore and be sure to "Like" us at the Underrated Heroes Facebook Page

Until next time

The Walking Dead Roundtable Episode 3

Mike, Nick, Andrew, Bryback, and first timer Jimmy, talk about Episode 11 of Season 3 "I Ain't a Judas". Andrew lets his success on the website go to his head, and Mike mostly contains his racism....but still hates Carol.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Robot Combat League: I Just Want Gundams

        One Day This Will Be Reality
I'll show you some real steal, bub.
This is going to be a short blog, short doesn't mean bad but it does mean that I a quick thought on something that bothered me.  Tonight was the debut of Robot Combat League, it was horrible.  In a world that lacks Giant Fighting Robots or Mechs or whatever you want to call it I thought this show would maybe give me my dream of a Gundam or Knightmare.  Instead I got something that closely resembled that shit movie Real Steel. I am just so disappointed.

Maybe I set my expectations too high, maybe I wasn't being "realistic", and maybe you are right, but quite frankly I don't give a damn.  It has been a dream of mine to live in a world were we have Giant Robots that beat the fuck out of each other in competition, which spawned my short story that I really want to continue,  my first taste of such a concept came in the form of ZOIDS and Mobile Fighter G Gundam.  I would watch ZOIDS at 6:00 AM before school and watch G Gundam on the old Toonami block after I finished my homework.   It was a simpler time, a better time, so when I heard of Robot Combat League I thought we were in for some serious progress in the whole; build a robot to crush Iran game.  I was wrong, instead I got to see two robots with zero coordination try to smack each other for around 7 minutes while I dream of what could of been.

So I hate this show only because my mind has been opened up to what I think should be possible and in due time it will happen, I just need to be patient.  OK so there was my little tirade, filled with hate, in closing I will leave a video (SPOILERS WITHIN) of what will probably be going on in the whole robot scene long after my death, a death that I will try to postpone by freezing myself like Walt Disney.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

My favorite YouTubers

Hey bitches! So as some of you may have (I doubt it, ya'll got taste) read in a previous post on this site by my dear sweet, pain in my ass cousin Mike (@desquatro); he posted a blog on what podcasts or vlogs you should be watching. And I'm here to say, umm really??? Now, to get to things I know my classy readers (who should read what those guys and girl posts, its some good shit) would actually watch. So I'm here to tell you about three of the vloggers on YouTube that I am obessed with and just cannot get enough of.

The first YouTuber that I just can not get enough of is DailyGrace. Grace Helbig vlogs Monday-Friday (ya' know daily), each day giving you something different to digest in that fabulous brain of yours. So she has names for each day; Monday has no name (love that), Tuesday is Commenting on Comments, where she hazes the crap put of new users screen names (one day she will pick me!!), Wednesday she reviews something for you; which can be anything from a music video(with hysterical puns) to some event going on in pop culture. Thursday DailyGrace is gonna teach you how to do something, in her own special and funny way. Once she taught you how to make bacon vodka (which is funny bc she vegetarian) to her most recent thursday a One Direction nail tutorial (where she wraps a pair of panties around her fingers in honor of one of the members). Then there is friday, Sexy Friday, Sexy Friday, Seexxxyyy Friday, where she talks sex in an almost completely none sexual way. I'm totally not doing her justice, you need to check her out.

Next, is the extremely famous and popular Jenna Marbles. Jenna is the first YouTuber I started following, back when I discovered that you can follow people on YouTube Jenna basically gives you her brand of advice in her own way. She has done many different vlogs on topics that effect people in their mid twenties to thirties. She has videos basically making fun of the way men and women think about the same topic. You will laugh your ass off, but in the end they have a moral and you learn something you really had no idea you were learning. She also ends every video with her two cute ass dogs and a picture or cut out of Spiderman, which is so cute and I am guilty of missing it when she doesn't do it. LOL

The finally vloggers I want to talk about is Will and RJ of Shep689. This inspirational gay couple are daily vloggers as well, and they vlog Monday-Sunday. I found this vlog by chance when it popped up on one of the side menus on YouTube, while watching another video while I was home sick for a week with the flu. I then procedded to watch every single vlog they have ever made. The reason I love this vlog so much is the fact that they show their viewers that even though they are gay men, who are crazy in love with each other, they have normal lives and live like everyother straight couple in the world, only fabulous. Showing people that Gay people are the same as everyone else (OMG TOTALLY SHOCKING RIGHT!!) Plus, they have an addiction that I share as well, (no its not the dick) CHIPOTLE. They pretty much go there every day.  And to top it off one of my tweets was mentioned in RJ's videos!!!

So that is truly just a small sampling of YouTubers I follow. I hope to one day be as famous as they are on the Youtube. One of these days I'm going to start vlogging, maybe as part of this team?? Hey you never know!

So thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes . 
Later Bitches!!!!

I wear Yellow and Blue spandex to work. Bub

   Who here didn't grow up and play X-men? I am not talking video games or with toys I am talking about getting a group of your buddies or family members and just started beating the shit out of the imaginary Sentinels that you pointed to in  your backyard or school yard depending on where ever imaginary  Professor X told you and your team to go and you were either X-men Gold which was the  team of  Colossus Jean Grey, Storm, Bishop, Iceman and Arch Angel or you were X-men Blue which was the team of Cyclops, Gambit, Jubilee, Beast, Rouge and Wolverine.

  It didn't matter if you put on those cheap plastic neon Gordy Le'Forge (This isn't the clip I wanted but still works) it glasses you got at your friends birthday party to pretend you were shooting optic blasts from your face , hung upside down from the monkey bars with out your shoes on quoting the only Shakespeare you know at the age of 9 ( To be or not to be) , grabbing the headless broom handle while throwing playing cards, putting 3 white plastic knifes in between your fingers calling everyone bub , or just using your hands to point at stuff and making sounds with your mouth. The X-men shaped your child hood.  The best part about the X-men is that they related to the outcasts. No matter who you are , you were always accepted by the X-men and I think thats why people my age really took to the X-men because we didn't have something to define our generation. Even though the X-men came out in the 60's we took to it because we are a generation of outcasts. Well it was either X-men or Pepsi Points.

   As a child of the 90's. Look I was born in 85 so I wasn't even a human through out the tail end of the 80's and according to Vh1 I didn't miss too much. But I got to grow up in the hay day of accessible violence, mild cussing, and pixy sticks that where just test tubes of colored sugar. But my point is the X-men cartoon along with Marvels Action hours( Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk , Sliver Surfer, and Fantastic 4) Batman the Animated Series, Spiderman, and Rugrats really locked up the weekend.  Wait this paragraph doesn't make too much sense. Just know that only Batman and Rugrats hold up. Plus Jimmy and I had almost all the X-men figures.

    I just wanted to talk about why I have really no faith in the new X-men movie and I go off and talk about how I used to play like when I a kid/ teenager. But back to my point of the X-men movies, after X2 the next two have sucked ass. X3 and X-men first class were just terrible  lets not mention the poorly guided Wolverine movie that never really answered any questions.  Before you go on the whole " But Bryan Singer is back and he did X-men and X2 . He knows how to direct this type of movie." and to answer you ( really my self because I get the least page views on this team) Bryan Singer stopped being a good director after Superman Returns. Are you telling me that Valkyrie is a good movie or are you going to go see Jack and and the Beanstalk ... I mean Jack the Giant Slayer? The answer is a big old no.

Seriously What the Fuck was this about
    Now with this new X-men movie they are talking about time traveling and First class X-men meeting modern leather clad X-men? So not only do we have to forget that the real X-men first class was Beast , Cyclops, Marvel girl , Iceman and Angel. Not Havoc, Banshee, Mystique, Lenny Kravitz daughter who just spit fire balls out of her mouth like an idiot, and some poor guy who had pretty cool powers gots  blowed up .  Also they want us to forget that Alex Summers is going to meet his grown up brother or are they not going to go deep into their characters backstory unless It's Fassbender , McCoy, and Lawrence  because that where the money is.Having it end with no real reason for why the characters made their choices because they were at a bind for time. What will the new movie tell us though.  Are we going to see the start of the MRDC because Peter Dinklage is might be playing the creator of the Sentinels?How are they going to interact with the future X-men when Sentinels were never really brought into the first 3, are we going to see how young Scott Summers and young Jean Grey met and became the #4 power couple in all of comic books, or are we going to sit for 2 hours following Hugh Jackman  around and then find out in the last 20 minutes that the movie is really about someone else... again.  Who knows all I know is that this movie will be package like it's something we've never seen before and we'll all line up to witness a movie that you'll have a better time debating then actually watching.  They need to stop trying to make these movies live in the real world and just have fun with it. The X-men fans don't want to see leather bound mutants. WE WANT YELLOW AND BLUE SPANDEX!  I know that sounds odd but you know it to be true.

 Well that's that. I'm done and Just like the last two X-men movies. I started out Strong ,got lazy in the middle and finished disappointing the masses.  Now I have to go back to work my boss is giving me the stink eye.

PS4: Pros and Cons

As you are all well aware on Wednesday Sony announced the Playstation 4.  I do not say reveal because the system itself was not shown at the press conference.  I also noted the lack of female developers, the conference was a total sausage fest.  With a new console generation on the way Sony decided to be the first ones out of the gate with a big reveal.  For the most part they did a pretty great job, but as always there are somethings to love and hate about the debut of a new system.  I will give my opinion on several of the new features for the PS4 both good and bad.


Gaikai Cloud Gaming

Time to go the way of Barbaro
This is probably one of the smartest things Sony could of done for their next console.  In my opinion it almost future proofs it.  With the inclusion of the GCG system you can watch your friends play, jump right into a demo of any game in the PS Store, and eventually, if Sony is to be believed, PS1-3 games will be streamed and available.  You can also continue playing a game on your PSP if you have to go mobile but, of course this requires for you to own a PSP, Sony won't just give it to you.  This is however some real ground breaking stuff. It would be great to be able to play all my favorite childhood games like Crash Bandicoot and Destruction Derby Arenas on my PS4, it would also allow me to finally bury my PS2 which at this point has about 10+ years of service.

Downloading Games While Playing A Game

Something as simple as downloading a games while playing a game should of been on the last Playstation, it is just something that should not of been overlooked and this was a common complaint for most people with a PS3.

Cross Game Chat

Hell this is a big addition for me personally because nothing pained me more than not be able to talk to just my friends in a game like Red Dead Redemption or a Call Of Duty Team Death Match.  I also hate having to communicate with fellow members of a community that can at times be downright awful. Not as bad as the garbage that is spread by people on the XBOX but it is bad at times.  Granted I feel Sony dun' goofed by not putting Cross Game Chat in PS3 I will say it is better late than never.

Video Sharing

This is part of the Gaikai system but it deserves its own section.  We all have those bad ass moments in games that we tell our friends about it, now though we will be able to show them.  PS4 will have an easy to use video sharing system so the next time you get a no scope headshot or have an epic battle with a dragon that includes bandits helping you bring it down you don't have to painstakingly describe it you can just show them the video.  Also if you have any hopes of being famous on the internet this is a huge addition that can move some units

Visual Graphics

The PS4 makes some good looking games but that should be a given in this day and age.  Obviously no next gen system is going to look like hot garbage but I loved the things that I saw at the press conference even if some of the stuff was Pre-rendered.


New Controller Design
Seems About Right

I am a big fan of the if it ain't broke don't fix it saying. The new Playstation controller looks like a mess.  A light bar identification and a track pad are simply not needed.  The share button and it being a little bit bigger however in my eyes is not a problem.  The old controller was a bit small and you would need child like hands to not feel like Andre The Giant when holding a PS3 controller.  Maybe I find this to be a mixed bag but, I just hate the gimmicky track pad.  It is possibly the worst feature on the PS Vita and to see it implemented again but this time on a controller makes me think they are just pushing this down our throats.

Friends Can Beat A Game For You

Needless is the only word that comes to mind.  If you can't beat the game by yourself either lower the difficulty or keep playing till you beat the boss/level.  I feel like with this feature some new generation gamers will never feel that sense of accomplishment that I had when I beat a incredibly difficult boss/level.  I failed a lot in a game like Dark Souls but never did I give up on myself.  I grinded, got better at dodging, got new weapons, got better timing, and would defeat the opponent that was set in front of me.  This new addition would let people skimp out on something like that.  Part of gaming is having that frustration and then overcoming it, it's a great feeling and to think that some people would rather take the easy way out rubs me the wrong way.

Not Backwards Compatible

Self explanatory.  It is going to be a real shame if my PS3 dies and I have about 20 games collecting dust on my shelf.  Fact is Sony will not have a system for you to reclaim and download a PS3 game for your PS4 you would have to buy it all over again.  I am no Warren Buffett and can't afford to do that and keep up my double life which for legal reasons I can't discuss here.

Launch Titles

I was expecting a lot more fresh Intellectual Properties to be shown at this press conference and that wasn't the case. While it is great to hear about Watch Dogs being available at launch I am sick and tired of Space Marine games and whatever number Final Fantasy is being released.  They are great games but this could of been a huge chance to show 5 new IPs at this conference to get people talking instead of the same old faces.

Can't Wait For This Game
So those were my thoughts on the PS4 and its big reveal.  I hope you enjoyed reading and could sympathize with some of my silly cons.  If you want to talk about Video Games, MMA, Anime/Cartoons, Wrestling, Music, ways to skin a human,and more you can contact me at my twitter @Nick_Willy , Good Day Sirs.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Podcasts to Listen/Watch

So here is the thing, I really only care about like 5 things in my life. Video games, movies, music, wrestling...and podcasts. I am a very big fan of people who sit in a room and just talk about a random jumble of subjects. I have a few groups of people I actively listen to as often as I can, which is hard because without the use of itunes I have to manually check up on each website on select days hoping that it is posting, forgetting that most of them air live and I missed it. Here are just a few that I listen to, not a ranking of sorts because I am a really big fan of all of them.

1. The Nerdist Podcast.

Now I know that he has been around forever, but I first saw Chris Hardwick on Attack of the Show! back on the old G4, he would update the viewers on new tech toys coming out, or reviewing newly just released products on the cleverly named portion of the show, "Gadget Pr0n" (or Gadget Porn for all you not internetly inclined). His website Nerdist is a very interesting site where everything from Art to tech, to health. The site has multiple subjects for podcasts but the ones that I am personally into are the one on one interviews he has with big names with in the nerd world. He has had on people from Mel Brooks, to Kevin Smith, Tom Hanks, and even CM Punk (My personal favorite episode, due to getting to know CM Punks nerdy side, rather then the wrestling side everyone knows). This is one podcast I have to suggest.

2. Mega64

                                                         Garret, Shawn, Rocco, Derek
The first people I have seen do a video podcast, these people are some of the funniest people on the internet. Rocco (who was voted one of the most influential people in gaming that's not developer) is the head honcho in this quartet of comedic geniuses. From talking about games that they have been playing, promoting their hilarious video game parody videos on youtube, referencing in full detail about a random episode of a tv show back in the 90s, and even breaking out in song, these guys are a major influence on my sense of humor and a lot of my knowledge on video games. Please check these guys out at Mega64

3.Rooster Teeth
                                             Gus, Gavin, Jack, Barbara, Joe the Cat, Burnie
Now everyone should know by now that I am a huge fan of Rooster Teeth, and pretty much everything they released. So much so that if you watched last weeks Walking Dead podcast with us, they criticized me for plugging them all the my retaliation? Talk about them some more. Now I have listen to the first episode the day it came out, and the 2nd episode 3 months later before they started doing it weekly. I think of the 200+ weeks that the podcast has been running, I have missed about 10 episodes, until I had time to listen to it. Burnie Burns who is the creator of Rooster Teeth, does a fantastic job running a company with such interesting, funny and cool people I wish I was friends with. Rooster Teeth does a great job bringing HD live video podcasts and bring up updates on what they are working on, office drama, and nonsense fights on set to keep the views interested. Its a video game/comedy subject that also touches base on horrible misinformation in space and science. It is really something I look forward to on Tuesday nights, enough for me to mute myself on Xbox and still kick ass in Call of Duty while Andrew and Nick get mad at me for not talking.

4. Internet Box Podcast

After a plug from Burnie from RT, I check out the podcast that holds Michael, Ray and Barbara from Rooster Teeths fame, which turned into one of the funnest uncensored podcasts in the world. It won an award for best general podcast from the PCPA , which is pretty cool because it is ran by kids that are between the ages of 17-25. Constant insults, making fun, and weird moments in which it seemed like someone was a psychopathic murderer (Mike). My Little Pony fans, and video game players, their topics range all over the place, but nothing beats a Sunday night and reading Rays "INTERNET BOX, ASSEMBLE" tweet...knowing your in for a hilarious Monday night. This podcast can been the weirdest thing you have ever listened to, or the funniest. I don't know what more to say then to listen to them. it really is great, check it out here.

That's all I have for tonight, check back tomorrow night for a few new posts from Nick and Bryan, Tuesday I will be posting again about something I haven't thought about yet. Follow me on Twitter, and like us on Facebook!

The Parker Power Ranking 2/24/13

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, and probably all of /r/squaredcircle because you guys gave me over half a thousand views on my last post (You guys rule). It's your favorite blogger and #1 Parkaholic, the 145 lbs. of Muscle, Steel, and Sex appeal coming at you with another edition of my world renowned Parker Power Rankings. Today we'll be taking a look at the week that was in the WWE from 2/17 - 2/23 and bring you the top 10 wrestlers of the week, so put on your Brodus Clay dancing shoes, twirl your mustache, and stop driving under the influence, because we're kicking things off with number 1!

1. Jack Swagger

Before we get into this, I would like to say that I do not agree with what Swagger has done, he has earned this spot because love him or hate him, he is being talked about and that is what matters.
Jack Swagger has been the talk of the town lately in the WWE. Paired with his mouthpiece Zeb Colter, the two have been delivering some good old racist promo's on Immigration.

Promos like this caused Glenn Beck on his show "The Blaze" to reference the WWE and its fans as "Stupid wrestling people". 

This is exactly what WWE wanted, as it is giving them a lot of mainstream press heading into Wrestlemania. WWE responded to Glenn Beck by inviting him to Monday Night Raw this Monday in Dallas.

On top of all of this, Swagger was arrested on Tuesday night leaving a Smackdown! taping for reckless driving and as it turns out, was actually drunk and received a DUI along with being caught in possession of weed. There was much controversy over Swaggers current position and if he would be fired, but it looks like it will take more than a DUI to get WWE to pull the plug on this much talked about, controversial gimmick. As I mentioned before, love him or hate him, Swagger is the most talked about superstar right now and that earns him this weeks #1 spot.

2. The Rock
This week The Rock successfully retained his WWE championship against CM Punk at the Elimination Chamber PPV, and then debuted the heavily rumored new WWE championship belt.
It's....It's beautiful :')
I think this is the perfect time to debut a new title. The old Spinner title is simply outdated, and its known as John Cena's belt. It's pretty much set in stone that The Rock and John Cena will square off once again in the main event of Wrestlemania, so why have The Rock defend the belt Cena debuted? It's a simply, yet powerful looking title and Im excited for this change. Thank you Rock.

3.The Undertaker
This one barely made the list, as it happened last night, but.....The Deadman is back.
This happened last night at a house show in Texas, and I can only imagine being in that crowd. Who would have thought you would see The Undertaker at a house show? That video alone gave me goosebumps and I cannot wait to see The Deadman return, which will most likely happen tomorrow night on Raw.

4.Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo saved the day this past Monday, as it looked like Dolph Ziggler was going to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo stole the breifcase and proved that sometimes the sidekick can save the hero!

5. CM Punk
Punk may have lost to The Rock this past Sunday, but the next night he talked John Cena into putting his Wrestlemania title match on the line in a match tomorrow night on Raw. Later on in the show he sent a strong message not only to John Cena, but to The Rock, that he is coming back for the title.

6. The Shield
Not only did The Shield beat the Super Friends once, they did it twice. They beat Cena, Sheamus and Ryback on Sunday and Sheamus, Ryback, and Jericho on Monday. These guys are the future off the WWE and everyone had better take notice.

7. Mark Henry 
Mark was kind enough to grace us with his presence this past Monday night, slam a Mexican jumping bean into his grave, and anger the not so Great Khali. Just another Monday in the life of the Worlds Strongest Man. After all, that is what he does.

8. Team Hell No!

The Bromance between Kane and Daniel Bryan has been falling apart for weeks, this was not helped by Daniel costing Kane yet another victory to Randy Orton this past Monday. I really hope these 2 get a match against one another at Wrestlemania, it could steal the show.

9.John Cena
As you saw before, he lost to The Shield, and CM Punk not only conned Cena into putting his title shot on the line, but he also laid him out and put his spinner title out to pasture beside him. It was a rough week to be Super Cena but he will most likely bounce back next week. If I had to give John a grade this week it would be a D, I would be a little more generous but I cant C him.


When I first saw this guy in November, I thought this gimmick was laughably horrible. Four months and numerous vignettes later, I find myself interested in this character. I hope we see the Fandango debut soon, and I hope he can live up to the months of hype!

Well as we come to the conclusion of another exciting week in the world of wrestling, a big thank you to all that have read this. As always follow and talk graps with me on Twitter, be my friend on Facebook, and check out the UH Facebook Page for all the latest posts on your favorite entertainment. Until next time, this has been your favorite Parkaholic, Underrated Hero, Blog stealer, and the best damn thing to happen to Sports-entertainment blogging since that guy who wrote an article about WWE video games telling you to scratch and claw your way to the top, I blog all night long and I will never stop, Parkaholics like to do it loud, in front of a crowd, and blogging is like the thing...I do.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Readers Help me get my game up .


    Readers I have a confession that I believe I already made like 40 posts ago. I am not a big video gamer  , is that the proper term ? Or is it Gamer ? Whatever I am not that big into video games , I mainly stick to games like Madden or Mlb the show because I can turn my brain off and watch a movie without missing any real story lines.  But I am very tempted to get a subscription to Gamefly and play some games that I normally wouldn't even think of because of the whole having to shell out $60 for something that might suck ( Amazing Spiderman). I just don't know what I should  look for. So I am asking those of you who are into the video game scene.

   It's not like I am totally oblivious to the video game scene. I just don't know what to buy. Frankly when I walk into Gamestop and there isn't a game that I am keyed up on I am shopping blind and thats why I go to Gamestop once a year. Here is a list of games I have played and liked.

I rocked the O.G NES
Games like excite bike, Duck hunt, SuperMario 3 , Battle Toads & Double Dragons, Master Blaster and Metroid. I would say all the Mario's but I had more fun with Mario 3 because of you got to do more.  I shared it with my brother because we only had one t.v in the house. But I would go over to my friends houses to play sega games like NHL 94, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2 and Streets of Rage 2.  I went as Ryu for 3 consecutive Halloweens. Now I can go a E Honda but that's not the point.

I long hauled with a PS-1 from 7th grade until 12th. This was the first system that was all mine. We just got the house extended so Jimmy and I got our own rooms and this was all mine.
Games like WWF WarZone,Attitude, SmackDown, SmackDown: Know your role, Resident Evil 2 , WarHawk, Army Men 3d ( yes I played that game. I am the only one), Nuclear Strike,Star Wars :Rebel Assault 2 , Masters of Teras Kasi, Tekken 2  and all the Twisted Metals. It brought me into a gamer mode that I held on because back when I was a young kid the internet was still going through the phone lines and the family computer was being used

I held on to my PS2 until I got some real money. My brother Jimmy got me a PS2 for my high school graduation. I held on to that work horse of a machine until maybe 3 years ago.
Games like GTA 3, Vice City, Marvel V Capcom2 , Marvel Ultimate  alliance, Punisher , Resident Evil OutBreak  Street Fighter and Tekken 4. Besides Sports games I kinda fell out of the gamer scene because I was working , going to school full time, playing baseball on the weekends and I managed to fool people and make them think I was really great to be around.  I remember when I first got the PS2 the next day we had my grad party the next day. I had it set up on the big t.v  in the living room and I had a Marvel V Capcom 2 tournament going on for hours. Needless to say the girl I was crushing on who came to the party was super pissed at me because I wasn't fawning all over her. I am sorry but When my team of Captain America, Jill Valentine, and Megaman is challenged in my house I must defend my family name.

  Then I got a very nice tax return and broke down ,turned in the work horse and bought a PS3.
Like I've said embarrassingly before I love the Arkham series. But other games I have enjoy. Sadly I really liked the Ghostbusters game only because I still want to be a ghostbuster. Also I enjoyed Uncharted 2 which was the first game I got into on the new system. So I wasn't used to the incredible detail that was put into this game. There was a cut scene that was so fluid that I got so invested on to what was going on I didn't realize the gameplay started and died because I still thought it was the cut scent.I actually said out loud " Well how does this play into the story ?"  I tried to play games like InFamous and Crysis 2 but I got them during the summer which is busy time for me with both my jobs picking up steam and Softball shit going on I basically used my Ps3 to watch movies.

I do have an Ipad so I can check out the tablet games. Right now I playing Simpsons Tap out, Middle Manager of Justice, Ghostbusters, and Temple Runner.

   So help me readers! I love to hear  your suggestions. Because I am one of these guys who wants to understand why people are into these games, movies, or whatever. I am a curious fella when it comes media formats. Let me know what I should look into video game wise , because in a few weeks I will probably ask what T.V show on Netflix or HULU plus I should check out. You can hit me up at the Facebook page or you can get at me on Twitter.

House of Cards; The Best Show NOT on T.V

Netflix decided to be a bunch of geniuses and release their own TV show, which was the coolest thing for them because they don't have to worry about what they decide to show. Nobody can dictate what they are allowed to feature on the show since they are the ones directing, producing and releasing this amazing show called "House of Cards"

                                                                 Watch This Show

Kevin Spacey has gone above and beyond to impress me with in this show. I tend to lean against the people that play bad guys in movies, which is his usual role (21,Horrible Bosses) but he really plays a kind of mixed character. He can be a real asshole, but then again be the nicest guy. He has his moments where only you know that he is being fake or two faced, or if he was actually being sincere to a character.
Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood, who is a congressman as well as someone who is trying to do anything he can to rise up the ranks in the U.S government. One thing I really enjoy about this T.V show is the side bar conversations that Frank has with the camera. Its really hard to explain the fact that mid conversation between him and another character he would turn away as if time stopped, and talk to the viewers watching the show. It reminds me of The whole Jay and Silent Bob thing where they say something and then look at the camera obvious making the joke on us. Here is my favorite scene involving this type of sidebar that I find hilarious.
                                                          Go to :42 seconds in to the video

Frank makes a deal with a reporter who shows that she is very interested not only in politics but also doing what she can to bring her self to be better and well known in the news and journalism world. Zoe Barnes, who is played by the wonderful and amazing Kate Mara makes this role a standout. She is a tough girl who knows what she needs to do to for the best of the Washington Harold. Zoe promises to not write about Frank in the paper if he chooses to feed her unreleased news under the table as an anonymous source. These interactions instantly because something to look forward to during the episodes because of how good their chemistry is together.
So amazing.

The last thing I would like to comment that really caught my eye, is something no other T.V show that I watch has ever done. When showing two characters text, its not the typical over the shoulder looking down at the phone type of frame, but instead it shows the text messages popping up from the phone without even seeing the screen. I don't know why but it caught me so off guard and I thought it was a really new and clever way to get passed something that normally is boring and not interesting between two characters.

Overall I have only watched four episodes but as soon as the first scene was over (He kills a dog that got ran over) I was instantly hooked. There are other great actors and actresses who I would have liked to get more into detail with,but these two are my favorites as well as the fact that I am beyond exhausted. In order to watch this show, which I highly recommend  you need to have Netflix streaming and search for it under "New to TV". This is an amazing show that deserves to have everyone watch it. I now suddenly want to become a politician just for fun because of this show.

Follow me on twitter and ask me some questions or give me something to talk about at @desquatro, sometime this weekend I will be posting about some new games I started playing, as well as some other internet things I suggest you checkout. Thanks!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The joys of being a single gay man in NY

Hey Bitches, its your favorite friendly neighborhood homo fatty, LOL, and I here today to talk to you about a plague that sweeps across the sexuality lines. (or so people believe) It's being single.  This blog is going to give you some of the view points of the dreaded "single person".

Now, lets get it straight, we are all looking for the ever popular "Mr. Right".  But where the fuck is he??  All of you that have found him, congrat-u- fucking- lations.  For the rest of us we have to go around either to bars, parties, or the ever popular dating web sites and or apps on them damn smart phones.  So, I'm not sure about the straight world, but I don't think you guys are lucky enough to have the joys of the "dating/hook up" apps.  Trust me, you really are not missing out.  hahaha  Even though I am talking crap about them of course, I am a member to a few of them.  Im not mentioning names bc I have enough issues with stalkers as it is.  Thank you social media (and me for putting myself out there).  So these apps, like dating sites, basically have you fill out a profile and ask you all of your stats (lies) a CURRENT picture (lies), and what you are looking for in a possible mate/ bed fellow/ life partner.

So once you have accomplished those steps you can go about it in one of two ways, sit and wait or go on the hunt.  So  I have a feeling a signal goes out that says "Hey look guys its fresh meat!!"  And everyone looks at your profile, but says nothing to you.  You are able to tell this because the ever loving creators of these apps put view histories, so everyone who looks at you pops up on another page.  Plus some of them can tell you how far away someone is from you.

So not only can you see a "current' "picture", you can see how far away they are to go and talk to them right?  Wrong, people using these apps have become so accustomed to just messaging people on it, that they will send a message saying "Hey are you at ______ bar?"  Which to my response is always, "I'm not sure let me see where I checked in!".  This is usually followed by a LOL, which of course just signifies to me that, I'm moving on.  I actually was standing next to a guy who was messaging me on the app, and he never spoke a verbal word to me.  Guys, if your in a bar and you see someone you like, come over and say HI.  You don't need an app to do that, you learned how to speak the language for more than trash talking your friends.

So, now to get off my soap box, being single is not horrible.  Its actually not that bad.  I have been single now for almost a year.  (OMG SPINSTER STATUS)  Am I looking to find "mr. right" of course, but its not my life.  Being single in a city like NY, isn't the worst thing you can do.  There is so much to do here.  Bars, parties, events, and my favorite place on earth Fire Island (to quote one of my favorite queen Porsche "Fire Island, the cruise ship that doesn't move!").  I have a great group of friends.  We have a great time going out and acting a fool.  My friend Christian and I have gone to different areas, and always say "If we lived there we would be married too, did you see them?"  That is probably just our evil bitchy sides coming out to bite us in the ass.

So one of the other joys of being single in NY, is we can get married here.  I know this has been more of a YAY I'm single blog, but in all honesty, eventually, I would like to get married.  So me being single is less about me being unable to find "Mr. Right" in a sea of "Mr. Right nows" and even more "Mr. Wrongs" (you know who you are. LOL).  But for now, I'm gonna live my life for me not some hypothetical guy thats "Just around the corner".  Plus "If you stop looking he will find you!" Or whatever other ploy people in relationships tell their poor single friends.  Seems counter intuitive if I stop looking and he stops looking, how the fuck are we supposed to meet? (Digest that and shit it out!!  Oh I schooled you)

So thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  As usual don't forget you can follow me on twitter @bigq1118 on instgram @bigq1118 and  vine once again @bigq1118.  Don't forget to like on Facebook underrated heroes
Later Bitches!!!!