Saturday, February 14, 2015

The first Movie mayhem of 2015: Kingsman : The Secret Sauce ... wait a minute


  Right about now, most of you have settled in after a night of candles, chocolates, romantic dinners at a fancy restaurant, holding in your farts and you probably finished off the night going to see 50 shades of grey so you can get in the mood to finish the night. But since I am single and I am a guy. I did not do any of that....No, instead I went to the movies with a bunch of bros to see Kingsman: The Secret Service.

   Kingsman: The Secret Service is based of the Mark Millar comics about a secret privately funded, expertly trained,  well dressed, super polite and mega Britishey  organization. In simple terms, it's like a more than meets the eye type of story. Where you think "ohh this guy is wearing a suit. He can't be that tough" and after you finish your though you get stunned in the face by an umbrella. The movie stars , Colin Firth who plays a veteran Kingsman and after recruiting Eggsy played by Taron Egerton to take the place of a fallen Kingsman. The Kingsman have to stop an evil genius played by Samuel L Jackson. So now, you'll see it's like the older spy movies. They do make it known that they are kind of playing in that world, but it's done very genuinely so it doesn't take away from the story.... AND that's all I am going to say ,except. Go see this movie.

Shit Went down 
  Look, this movie is fantastic. It's a lot of fun and I feel it is a well done movie. The fight scenes were well crafted and believable. The Acting from Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Sam Jackson, Mark Strong, and the rest of the cast was good. It was cheesy at parts but they played their parts well. Just a good, fun movie that reminds you of the Sean Connery James Bond films.

  There is a fight scene near the end of the movie that is absolutely insane.... In the figuratively of course . But  its sick. The whole fight is in one shot. Which is pretty fucking cool. Also  the sound track is very solid. Lot of deep tracks that are got me grooving in my seat... Well not really. But  still I was on youtube during work trying to find one of the songs.

  Also I have a weekly podcast with My buddy Matt where we talk about some movie and tv news along with a Movie review show and other stuff that interests us. We are still new and learning the curve. So check us out at The Movie Mayhem Podcast ( and if you don't have iTunes. Then this is your link)

PS-I found the Song.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WHOA! WE ARE BACK.... Kinda of

Hey everyone how have you been ? WE have been, well I don't know. Busy is a word I would use. But I feel like this whole start and stop and start and stop thing has been going on for too long. That's my fault. As the Editor and Chef, I should be able to bring you some pretty sick content as well as pretty awesome grilled cheese. You see the trick is to toast your bread before you put it in th frying pan to give it some crunch.

  So I just want to give you guys some updates on what we have been doing lately. Right now we have two podcasts going on two different channels. Andrew ( remember him?) he has started the Parks Department Podcast. Andrew does what Andrew does best. He's talking about music, video games and some wrestling. Give him a listen because he has a lot of interesting things to say, which he never got the chance to say them on the first podcast that we all tried. Secondly Matt and myself ( is that the proper way of saying that? Or is it Matt and I ) have started the Movie Mayhem Podcast. Which is a two part show. Part one is a weekly recap and wrap up of the weeks movie, tv, and all that news that we find interesting and really talk about it. The second part is a Movie review show. Where we have a guest ( friend, family, maybe a celbrity ) come in and talk about a movie they picked, we watch and then you guessed it we talk about it. The good, the bad, and the ugly about the movie...Actually I own that movie I think we might have an episode about it.  We have an email, so if you want to suggest any movies we should watch let us know. Or if you want to say Hi, that will also be very nice of you

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to fix Gotham... New segment called Doctor Bryan fixes stuff

    Well, it's been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that. Funny, it always feels like I am apologizing for not writing. But that's not why I am writing today. No, I am back because I am now a doctor. Well, theoretically a doctor. Well, theoretically a TV doctor. Well, not really a paid TV doctor, no just a dude who watched a half season of the meh show Gotham. There will be Spoilers ahead. So go at your own pace.
   Now don't get me wrong, I liked some parts of Gotham. As a Batman fan , I really saw it as a cool way of fleshing out the character of Jim Gordon.  By all means, the idea of seeing how corrupt the old pre Batman Gotham Pd was. But  it feels like something's a miss. I don't know if I am the only one who feels this way , but I just want to share my opinions on how this show could be better and maybe ease the stress of maybe another slightly disappointing half season. 

This is pretty much how I would have done it. 

1. Gordon is brand new to GCPD , instead of being partnered with Bullock so soon. Maybe in like Batman year one, he is partnered with an unsympathetic to the audience,corrupt cop who maybe set Gordon up , like the Penguin issue or another. Someone who try to make Gordon fall in line but put him on the righteous path. So then later down the line , when he meets Harvey. Who would be a beat down former take on the world bullheaded idealist After some back and forth of the " you can't beat city hall" type bullshit.  So there would be tensions between the two and there could be a few episodes of Gordon doubting Harvey's loyalties because he is so stubborn. 

2. Bruce needed to a bit older. Look I like young Bruce and Alfred's chemistry. It's a high point for the show. But if Bruce was maybe 16 or 18 so he is just angry and getting ready to leave. Gordon could have been given a cold case "the Wayne murders" as a way of keeping him away from uncovering so dirty dealings in the pd. So when Jim and Bruce meet they have an uneasy relationship because Gordon is bring up some bad memories. But what we don't know is that Bruce has been secretly doing his own investigations. So by the end of the season, Gordon could uncover Bruce's hidden motives which sends Bruce over the deep end and he takes off. But like I said Bruce and Alfred are very good in this. This is just because we know who Bruce is about to become, this would just be a starting line.

3. I am not a fan of Edward Nygma. I don't know if it's who his character was written or the actor. He comes off as a creepy wiener. We all know Eddy Nygma as someone who used to be an inventor not as a that fancy c word that means works with dead people for the police. Which is oddly close to what they have Barry Allen doing on the new flash show. But whatever, he isn't an important enough character yet. So why should we know his last name. His identity could have been exposed a little later. So every interaction with him, Gordon or Harvey could have addressed him as Ed or Eddy. Which could have irritated him slightly and at in a later episode we could have seen a small break in Ed where he says " My name is not Eddy! It's Edward Nygma. But don't worry soon you'll never forget my name again." 

4. Harvey Dent aka Two Face and Thomas Elliot aka Hush , should be Bruce's age. For years Batman fans knew both Harvey and Tommy as Bruce's childhood friends. But I the show we see Tommy as a school yard bully who is the biggest pussy and Dent as pretty much an established D.A . I know the show isn't really about Bruce and his overall journey.  Even though it kinda is. These two could be used as a conscious for Bruce. Harvey being the good side (with a hidden darker side) and Tommy being the bad side (but played very low key) like he says stuff that doesn't come off as bad but it has terrible consequences. 

5. The female roles needed to be written by a female. Barbra and Montoya are possibly the two worst characters on this show. It's like they have Skyler White  and Lori Grimes in a lesbian relationship. Which would sound super offensive. If they didn't have Barbra and Montoya in a lesbian relationship. I get that it's a progressive world and having same sex couples in prime times shows is actually pretty cool. But they way that it's handled was poor. It feels that it was just put there last second. It should have been a slow build. They make mention to a prior relationship in an earlier episode so it looks like Montoya's dislike of Gordon more personal then professional. But when the Penguin issue is resolved Montoya and Gordon seem to be fine.  So her going behind Gordon's back makes no sense and cuts out her morale high ground, which she has been throwing in our face all season.
  This is getting two paragraphs. The problem with Barbra, is that she is so paint by the numbers basic. If she was anymore basic , she would have on yoga pants, uggs and a pumpkin spice latte. Boom, take that seasonally relevant joke. But seriously  when her character was in slight peril, I knew exactly what she was about to do. This is the mother of Batgirl, she has to be headstrong and self aware. She isn't a damsel in distress. Actually that's all I want. I want someone who is strong enough to fight the good fight instead of a speed bump. I do like the actress, just clean up the story lines. Strong women make for better characters I.E Machoine, Harriet Winslow, and anyone that Keira Knightly plays. 

6. Future rouges should be handled very carefully. There is going to come a point in this show where someone min creative might be feeling the pressure from fox and might jump the gun with some of Batman's rouges to spike the ratings up. Well, I totally get that but some villains do not exist with out ... You know who I am talking about. Let's not play dumb. He's a pretty cool and captivating character. But he simply can't be there yet or in the way we know him. If they want to start the Red hood robberies next season. I would 100% be on bored. But handle with care. 
7.  I wouldn't mind seeing a Victor  and Nora Freese  story line in the show. Victor could be an old Army buddy of Gordon. Let's play this out a tad. So Gordon and Barbra make up their diffs and Gordon gets a call from an old pal who has just moved to town to work for Gothcorp. He'll could be Gordon's morale compass. So when the shit gets too much. Old Vic will give Jim a solid pep talk and get his head right. Then later Barbra can set up Victor with Nora and they can do their shit off camera. But just to show that they exist, that's all I want. Heart of ice is the best Batman animated series episode.

8. More Alfred and Bullock interactions. If you saw the mid season finale you'd know what I mean. Sean Pentwee and Donal Logue are really good in their roles so having them work together more and have a small relationship would keep the lines between the Wayne estate and GCPD's resident good guys would be nice. 

 Umm. So I think that's it. These are just my opinion for a show I see tremendous potential in. I want to hear what you guys think of the show, what you like / dislike and if there is anything you'd want to see. I do live tweet this show every week. But since it's off until January it looks like I will be live tweeting Monday night football or my boredom. I am @Bpmcc17 if you want to follow.
Just dance baby.... Just dance !

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some How I managed to make a top 10 list ... It only took me 10 days

  It's been a while since I have done one of these. But we are living in exciting times.  There is / was (depending on what day you read this) a  12 day 24 hour Simpson Marathon. What does that mean? Well, that's 552 episodes + a movie.

 When I first heard that this... monuments, historic, time consuming, insane event was going to take place. I went through the normal 3 stages of fan boy-dum. 1. Squealing, 2. Telling my friends , and 3. Canceling social obligations like work or going out. I spent the first few days just glued to my couch and I don't think I put on pants for 3 days.
  So now how do I complete this daunting task of taking 552 episodes and compressing it into a top 10 list? I will tell you, I started this on day 2 and it's now day 9 or  10 depending on how far I make it tonight.
 I do have some rules. Unfortunately I will not use specialty Episodes like the Tree house of horrors or the clip episodes even though I do Love the Wiggum P.I spin off segment. This is just straight up and down regular episodes.
OK lets get this going. 

10. Bart After Dark-Season 9, This is the one where Bart works at the "witch's house" which turns out  to be the historic Burlesque house. Homer and Bart try to hide this from Marge, but she finds out after returning home from cleaning up an oil spill with Lisa and she is not happy. She gathers up the towns uptight citizens to get rid of the house. But this leads to a fantastic musical number.  Alot of their problems are ended with a musical number.... This might be a theme.

9. That 90's show-Season 19. This is a flashback episode. The kids discover that Marge went to College. It plays out that Marge becomes infatuated with a college Professor and Homer becomes a hit musician in a Nirvana style bad called sadism. I like the episodes where they expand in the " 10 year" history that Marge and Homer and it shows how much Homer loves Marge.  Also its pretty spot on , on just how douchey the 90's were. Throw in a Futurama and a back to the Future reference then I am all about it.

8.  To Cur with Love-Season 24, This is the one where we fid on of the root causes on why Homer resents his father. As Homer remembers that Grandpa Simpson gave away his dog for no reason and when he ran away to save his dog, Homer saw that his dog Bongo was happy in his new home. Later we find out that Grandpa was actually saving Bongo by giving him away , and gave Homer a photo that showed Bongo still loved him. Look I am a huge dog person and have a soft spot for stories about Dogs. Plus they use the Harry Nilsson song Me and my arrow in a well placed time to almost make me get all emotional.

7. Cape Feare - Season 5. This is the Simpsons  take on Cape Fear. Sideshow Bob is sending out death threats to Bart . The Simpsons get put into witness protection on a house boat. Bob finds the Simpsons and plans to kill them but is out witted by Bart when he asks Bob to sing the entire score of the H.M.S Pinafore. I am a big Kelsey Grammar guy and I think he is a tremendous talent, and hearing him sing maybe for 30 seconds . Is incredibly enjoyable.

6. The City of New York Vs Homer Simpson-Season 9.  Barney loses a game so he has to become the Designated Driver . Barney  is going through some withdrawals and then takes Homer's car on a month long bender.  Homer receive notice from the city of New York to get his car which is parked in the middle of the World Trade Centers. Homer gives a hilarious back story on why he hates the Big Apple.  The gang persuades him to go back. As Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie tour the city and have a great time . Poor Homer is having a shitty time after eating Karvkalosh and drinking Crab soda. I like this episode because it doesn't hold back on how much of a character New York is. And Since I am from the state of New York, have visited some of the sites and share a common dislike for the hustle and bustle of the city. I can relate pretty easily . This episode was taken off the air for 5 years after the September 11th attacks. One of the producers said that it was a mistake to pull the episode but wanted to be respectful to everyone.

*** I love their take on Sid and Nancy. Using Chocolate as a metaphore a drugs and alcohol . Genius***

5. Hurricane Neddy- Season 8. A hurricane comes through Springfield and the only person who suffers any damage is Ned Flanders. After the towns folk do a slap dash job of fixing up his house, Ned has a mental break. Turns out that Old Neddy has been bottling up his rage for decades and it hit a breaking point. Ned was raised by two beatnik hippies who did not want to discipline their out of control son. So they let a Professor Dr. Foster use the new theory of "Spankalogical Protocol". It's a good episode because Flanders is one of those characters that says some crazy ass shit but you never pick it up the first time because he is so nice.

4. Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling grandson " In the curse of  the Flying Hellfish" Season 8 . I love Grandpa Simspon and his stories. After the funeral of Asa Phelps (one of the Hellfish) Grandpa and Mister Burns realize they are the last two Hellfish and as the story tells us the last surviving Hell fish wins the tontine of stolen Nazi Paintings. After a few failed assignation attempts by Mr. Burns. Grandpa has to bunk up with Bart. While Grandpa tries to convince Bart that he isn't a senile old coot , Burns steals his key (which is an important plot device). Bart and Grandpa end the episode with a stronger relationship. Like I said I love Grandpa Simpson stories and this is the best one.

3. Kamp Kursty and - Season 4-Season 4 is the start of a 5 straight season roll of fantastic episodes. The start of the run is Kamp Kursty, The Simpsons kids and most of their school yard chums go to a summer camp ran by their favorite Tv Clown Kursty. But it was run by corner cutting bullies. The campers took the camp back. The reason I like this episode is because it confirmed my opinions on sleep away camps. They are not what they are advertised and I was like 7 when it came out so I was very opinionated at the time.

2. You only Move twice - Season 8.A new plant is looking for an employee with some experience.  First choice , Waylon Smithers, he says no. So they go to the next most tenured employee. Homer who promptly says yes.  Though he never talked it out with his family and now they have to move to a brand new town that is too perfect. Everyone has a terrible time at their new  digs. Lisa is  allergic to all the flowers, Bart is put into a remedial class to learn cursive, Marge starts drinking because the new house cleans itself, but Homer is crushing it at his new job. Albert Brooks guest stars as Hank Scorpio as a super friendly, aggressively upbeat, and all around great boss... who happens to be a Super Villain. I love the twist and I love how even though Homer is successful he will give it all away for his family's happiness.

1. Homer at Bat - Season 3. Its time for the plant's softball team to start the season and Homer is looking to do some damage with his new hand made bat " WonderBat". The Team is one win away from becoming league Champions but Mr. Burns hires a whole bunch of ringers. Not just any ringers... Ken Griffey Jr, Don Mattingly, Darryl Strawberry, Steve Sax, Ozzie Smith, Wade Boggs, Rodger Clemens, Mike Sosica, and Jose Consesco.. That was from memory people.  But after a few unforeseen events the Ringers cannot make the Championship game. Well, everyone except Darryl Strawberry. If you love baseball, softball and the Simpsons like I do, this is the perfect episode.


 Well, this has been an adventure on its own. The Marathon is just to wrap up. I hope you enjoyed my list. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ooh ooh child, movie mayhem is back , ooh ohh child your day just got brighter

    I don't have a lot of time. But this is serious business. Like super ultra omega crazy information.



 Ok, now that I said that here's why. It's one of the best Marvel movies to date. It might not be the greatest. Sure it has it flaws. It's an origin story that introducing a whole universe of characters that the main stream non comic book reading public may not be aware of yet. So there is some cheesey , ham fisted, obvious dialogue that is noticeable but that doesn't take away from the heart, charm and fun of this movie.

  I am amazed on how all the actors involved stepped their game up to a different level in this quirky, offbeat, sci fi comedy. Chris Pratt proves he is a leading man and might be able to match barbs with one  Tony Stark of the two should ever meet, cough cough Avengers 3 cough. Zoe Saldana changed the game for female characters in comic book movies. She was a sweet blend of aggressive, intelligent,graceful, funny and green as in color not in experience.  Shockingly Dave Bautista who was going to kick ass anyway psychically but was a scene stealer with his comedic timing. Finally the Bromance of Rocket and Groot were the heart and conscience of the film. Now for the Bad guys , you'll have to forgive me but I am not fimilair with Lee Pace but I give him and Karen Gilian who should be my wife a lot of credit for committing to their roles and being in head to toe blue make up, prosthetics and being unrecognizable. The entire cast knocked it out to the park.

  Now I don't want to spoil anything more then my little coughing episode that happened earlier. But.... Some shit is going to go down in the  Marvel cinematic universe. Phase 2 is just about over and phase three is set up to be insane. Stay after the credits and don't freak out. Have fun with it. Yeah , i think that's good enough for now

P.s - the sound track was amazing ..... Seriously iTunes that sucker and jam out.  

P.p.s- I wrote this on my iPad getting ready for work so grade me on a curve of 80%. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the case of the Cleverly placed sonyproduct... I mean It's Movie Mayhem # 2 or whatever


   Well, good evening friends. Welcome back to the most mediocre review in the world. Welcome back to Movie Mayhem. It's been a while since I posted... Just about a month, also it's been a month since we did the podcast thing. Sorry things have picked up with everyone not being on the same schedules, people finishing up school, agents of shield picking up (lol jk that show is a garbage). I'm just saying the slow paced winter is done and now the go-go spring and summer have taken over. 
   This weeks feature is : The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - secret of the ooze ? Wait that's not right. There wasn't that much ooze in this one. The amazing Spider-Man 2 - the new vivo computer is available. No, that's not it ok it's just Amazing Spider-Man 2. All kidding aside. It was very good. You should absolutely  see this movie. 

  I'll be honest I went into this movie with very low expectations. I was not a fan for the first Amazing Spider-Man. I felt they sacrificed story to shove a mediocre love story with two young up in comers who one might be a crack addict. But this one was different. They really went for it on this. I'm still shocked by the last 25 minutes of the movie. If you're a Spider-Man comic book fan, you'll be able to piece together what will happen pretty quick but will be stunned with its execution. 

The Future is bright for this one. I feel it in my heart 

  Let's get into the performances. Andrew Garfield did a much better job this time around. I think he kicked his habit, he was speaking in almost full sentences as the voice over of spiderman. Emma Stone will forever be the girl next door. She was engaging and adorable, I'm pretty sure she is set up to have a great run a lead actress. Jamie Foxx came into Spider-Man under a lot of scrutiny and no one thought he could cross-over into the comic book movie world. Foxx has been in the zone with the critically acclaimed more serious roles like Django, Ray, New Year's Eve, and shit like that. But he created a Max Dillion/Electro that you almost felt for, until his point of no return. The makers of the movie didn't handcuff his powers. Which I thought was a nice touch, Because we are now only seeing a villain(s) who we all know and want to see their fun powers but we don't because the hero has to win. But they really gave him his due. This brings me to Dean Dehaan  ,I think that's his name. He played the Harry Osborn/Green Goblin and he was great. The way they had his character arch over the whole movie was like I said... Great. At first you could tell that he was struggling a little with the character he didn't know if he could be intense with his dialogue in scenes  with Peter Parker but as his story fleshed out he opened up and explored it. He gave by far one of the best performances in the movie. Coming in a close second is photoshopped Dennis Learhy. Ground breaking stuff from the Irish hammer. 

Take it easy buddy. I still love ya 
    This was not the quintessential (like that) Spider-Man movie. It was good but it had it's faults and goofy parts that could make you check out. I mean Cgi Paul Gamete face is tough to swallow and really he didn't need to be their but what ever you have to plant your squeal seeds. There were something's where I wished they gave a slight more attention to but whatever they had a time crunch. 

  In the end I give this movie a solid 7 out of 10. Not even close to Cap 2 but it was a good Spider-Man movie. Like the second best Spider-Man movie which goes Sam 2 Amazballs 2, Sam 1,Amazballs1 and that is it. See you next time. 

(For some reason even when I tell spell check I want to leave Amazballs in, they replace it with assemble. I think I fixed it.)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Movie Mayhem 2014: Captain America Due the Winner Winner Chicken dinner


So here we are once again. It's that time of the year that I know you all have been waiting and as the natural showman that I am. So who am I to keep this boring first three sentence going and I should just get to my point.... But While I have you here I did try the Waffle taco... It was blahhh. Maybe I had one that didn't put its best Waffle foot forward because it doesn't travel well. But any who , It's time for


 Yes, your favorite day late and dollar short movie review blog posts are back. And Still with in opening weekend. This week The gang and I hit up Captain America 2 The Winter Solider and on a quick review I would say that.... This was a great .

    You automatically give the Avengers the top slot of best Marvel movies because it was an eye orgy of awesome. But Cap 2 is strongly taking the #3 and maybe the #2 spot. I haven't been that impressed by a solo movie since Iron Man.

    All the actors brought a new level to their roles. Sam Jackson was a boss and really exploring theonion that is Nick Fury, Chris Evans shined as Cap, Scar Jo was super Hot and actually belonged in this movie, Anthony Mackie was a solid addition as The Falcon. The whole cast did a great job and they worked well in this world that marvel has made

  I don't want to go too deep into this movie because I think you should go and see it because it is worth every penny. Just maybe not 3d. Which is what we did, while I don't regret seeing it in the third dimension. It was not a game changer. It had some cool spots but there are other movies that use 3d better like Spider-Man, the hobbit or the oogiloves .There is a whole bunch of things that will make you grunt with joy while you see Cap kill it with his rag tag team of highly trained friends.Ohhhhh so much awesome.

   Sorry bout the limited Mayhem. I just think you should see this movie for your self. It's fun full of action and goodies.  Also stay for the atleast one of the after credits. If you know who the Winter Solider is you should stay for both and you will understand why that is another basket full of puppies , marshmallows and winning lottery tickets.